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They are very eager to swap money from CC holder through incorrect billing. ICICI BANK is much better than HDFC BANK. The personal banking service can again be sub-divided into the heads:. They mailed me e-statement registration form. Nutan Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd. Top Brands in India.

Contact HDFC Bank: Find below customer care details of HDFC Bank, including phone and address. Besides contact details, the page also offers information on HDFC Bank services. HDFC Czrd Head Office. Reach the below numbers for enquiries on HDFC bank accounts, reporting loss of ATM card, or others. You can also use HDFC Phone Banking for checking your account balance, enquiring cheque status, ordering a new cheque book or account statement, stopping payment, opening a fixed deposit, transferring funds between accounts, paying your telephone or electricity bills, generating new ATM pin, or others.

Find below the customer care numbers for HDFC Bank Credit Card. Click here to locate a HDFC branch nearest to your address. HDFC has branches across all major best price action forex strategy in India. Hdfc forex card banking here to locate a HDFC ATM nearest to your address. To apply for personal loans or credit cards, click here.

For education loans, click here. For two wheeler loans, click here. For home loans, click here. On the website, one ndfc easily pay bills, make credit card payments, transfer funds, access net banking and much more. Aditya Puri last year won the Business Leader of the Year Award in the Economic Times Awards for Hdfc forex card banking Excellence, or ET Awards, as they are popularly known.

For queries, complaints or others, reach the HDFC Bank customer care through the details provided in this page. Hi, Kindly close HDFC Customer Care Service. Poor service and they make us wait for tokyo stock exchange trading system time with no response. Bro same thing happens with me also. Their executive collects the money from my home and again they cleared the same amount from my bank account through ECS.

I have shopped for Rs. I had communicated with HDFC executives regarding the delay several times and I am not satisfied with the response received, so I would like to cancel my request. Axis Bank is already having the Project Approval and so Bankjng propose to take loan from them. I kindly request you to refund the processing fee charged and return all the documents I have submitted for this purpose. Never ever deal with HDFC Bank.

And they keep promising next day but still no use. My commitments are gone. I could ve applied in any other bank but fell into the trap of HDFC. I am Amit from Mumbai having credit card of your bank hdfc forex card banking the same time I am the corporate customer of HDFC bank having salary account in HDFC Bank. I am holding the credit card from last more than a year and was regular with my payments every month, suddenly due to some personal reasons I was unable to make payment on time.

This year stuck in a lot of financial problems but the Agency guys do not understand the problem of the customer and whenever called were so rude and used such disgusting language I would even not prefer to say or write. I told them every problem but they were always very rude and said you have to make the payment any how. I do not understand why such guys are working in HDFC OR if HDFC encourages them to do these stuffs. Several times the agency guys called my home and tried to threaten my parents.

Without my permission they always looked into my account which fard associated with my salary account and forced me to make the payments. Then I called the customer care of HDFC Credit Hefc I asked the executive that I have been charged Finance Charges every month and this was not communicated to me he replied that if I dont clear the payment it will be charged every month. Never ever deal with HDFC Bank for personal loans.

It took one month and still I am unable to get the loan applied. They mailed me e-statement registration form. I had filled the form and sent by post to the address given. But now also i am getting statement by courier. The problem what i am facing is, once it bankingg my office, it will not get delivered to me in time. If i am not in seat, they will just keep it aside and never will reach me.

Due to all these complications only i requested for e-statement. Till today hdfc credit card division not bothered to accept my request and they are going on couriering monthly statement. How to find a solution for this. I have a Dmat account where I was hdfc forex card banking daily transaction of my own. Three years before I took an advice from the HDFC Shares Executive and she invested all my funds in wrong shares which returned in heavy losses till now. Also there is no follow up for the same.

No one is aware of the process involved and getting resolution is a dream. They blocked my credit card for the mistake of their own, though they own the responsibility, they make me run pillar to post for getting it re-activated. Hfc still waiting for the resolution. HDFC sucks big time. Never bank with them. Matter brought in notice even to Managing Director but no result. NEVER Ever Bank with them. They will rip you off at every opportunity, whether you are a big customer or a small one.

Their only motto hdfx life is to make money and increase the bottom line and make profits by their share price. You can publish email address of mine, a valued HDFC customer. A baniing is valued the way customer is handled when he has a problem due to HDFC bank system failure. Recently while vard was booking railway ticket my HDFC debit card blocked reason not specified, enough fund was available, data filled correct.

When reported to customer care they are making me run from pillar to pillar. Hdfc forex card banking APPLIED FOR CAR LOAN IN CHARKHI DADRI THROUGH ROHTAK BRANCH BUT THE RESPONSE IS BAD… HDFC Bank telephone support is really bad. They make us wait too long and give no proper solution. No amount received but debited. No reverse ATM withdrawal. Even i have also faced the same problem in Hyderabad.

I am holding the Hdfc debit card. I have withdrawn amount from DCB bank ATM, as the server was down while withdrawing,i did not get money,but it seems money was deducted from my account. I could not understand what to do in this scenario. I had a credit card. I paid and settelled but I did not get no dues I need the certificate. I made so many phone I am sorry to foorex that no action has been taken from your I request a this if I do not get no dues certificate I will go to R.

So please be on my e mail id. A monthly installment goes on every Ist of the month from my account to Axis bank. I am really troubled by HDFC HSR Branch team. Its kind of harrassment and I am sure if no action is taken fast I have to go for consumer court. Vorex these many years are not enough for good relation with a bank, I am deeply saddened!! I had it but in September, I was levied with AQB charges. Its really crazy, I cannot understand why my account is not closed immediately and why AQB charges when I have mimimum balance.

Infact i have never done any Trading. Last month I hdfc forex card banking purchased a TATA car from National Garage Jammu and they are having the tie up with HDFC for loan. Now the issue is that HDFC has paid the loan amount bankimg some other dealer instead of National Garage. Now more than a month has gone and my temp registration number has expired and I have to apply for bankjng but the dealer has refused to give me the sale letter because they have not bankinh the payment of the car from HDFC.

This is my humble request to take the necessary action against the culprits and release the money to the hfc. Our business is being affected due to poor service. Your website is down since yesterday and shows error. This is not good for a reputed bank like yours. I have received monthly account statement through mail but did not get the password to open kindly send me my password. I have changed my mobile no. How can I update my mobile no.

I tried to explain to the person in charge, but he bluntly expressed ignorance, and asked me to report to HDFC. In the event of the above, please let me know what to do. No action is being done as of now. Could you investigate its status and revert to me at your earliest convenience. Regards I am using HDFC Forex prepaid card. I would like to confirm one thing that can i withdraw my remaing balance in prepaid forex plus card from India. In case yes then what is the procedure for the same?

I mean i can withdraw the money via ATM or i will have follow any other procedure. Currently i am daily forex trading volume in bangalore and native place is vijayawada. I flrex like to change my branch. Could you please let me know is it possible to change salary account branch from Hyd to Vijayawada. Online does not have that facility. If I request, will HDFC send me to my email?

I have HDFC credit card but started using it for the last few months only. I have cash withdrawal facility and used last month to take some money. When the HDFC care offered the card the bank persons were behind me till I say yes. They did not mention that if I withdraw money they will charge Rs. When I see my nov. That means for Rs. This is a loot. Hcfc they fool the public? I want to know what is the longest tenure for property loan. I had got a call from one of your executives if i am interested in applying for personal loan.

As i wanted to apply i readily agreed and submitted the documents they requested for. I had also signed the application form they had got to my work place. Iam not happy with what is happening. I had a credit card of your company. I had given the payment through recovery after two years am getting calls saying still bxnking is pending close my account asap.

Pleaes cancel the transaction and revert the entry. I talked to one of the bank representative today,however was told that local bank authorities will contact me. I am having a twowheeler loan from your bank. Now i want to know the total remaining loan amount. Can you please help me in this regard. I would like to have the contact details of country head for Chennai Branch. I am highly disappointed with the immune attitude of your investor service deptt.

The text of mail is being reproduced below. With due regards, why are you not calling the customer care for the same? Kindly guide me immediately. This letter is written to you in order to know the savings bank account rates and whether a zero balance student account can be opened with a debit card facility. I have booked a flat in Casa Rio, which is under construction, and I have availed a home loan from HDFC Ltd. My building is on the plinth stage so I want to know if I can avail loan for the whole amount whole hdf value of my flat and make the advance payment what would be the benefit of it for the same.

Your email address will not be published. Contact of HDFC Bank customer care. HDFC credit card billing team is not working properly. They are very eager to swap money from CC holder through incorrect billing. This makes most of the customer to swap to some other bank. There was no proper response from the shop as well as Bank Axis, which was used to swipe my HDFC debit card hdfc forex card banking. Is there any other alternative method to get my money back??

HDFC is really a poor service provider bank which always misguide the customers. ICICI BANK is much better than HDFC BANK. I APPLIED FOR CAR LOAN IN CHARKHI DADRI THROUGH ROHTAK BRANCH BUT THE RESPONSE IS BAD…. HDFC Bank telephone support is really bad. This is to inform about your staff is misleading the customers. I want to apply for new cheque book. Dear HDFC Bank team. Looking forward to your reply at the earliest!!! I want to get my noc whom to contact no body is answering.

What kind of Bank is it? I will not pay anything. I need my customer id no for bankimg banking purpose,and please reverse the registration fees of Rs. I am using HDFC Forex prepaid hdfc forex card banking. The credit card department has blocked my card despite payment being guide. Please let me know asap so that i can take necessary steps accordingly.

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Contact HDFC Bank: Find below customer care details of HDFC Bank, including phone and address. Reach the below contacts for queries on new banking accounts.
HDFC Bank – It was the first organization to be approved by Reserve Bank of India to establish a private sector bank in India. Know about it's banking services.

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