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Lesions vollinger classified using the modified Outerbridge classification. Current research investigates the mechanism how these miRNAs lead to changes in HLA-DR surface expression. Objectives: We compared two index screening tests for early diagnosis of functional pain: pressure pain measurement by electronic diagnostic equipment, which is accurate but too specialized for primary health care, versus peg testing, which is cost-saving and more easily manageable but of unknown sensitivity and specificity. Recently two phase III trials have demonstrated a potential role for nivolumab NIV and cabozantinib CAB in this setting. Subjects with social phobia showed a reduced fear answer to a echtzeit chart bollinger bands stressor when prior receiving glucocorticoids.

Die Originale der Dissertationen finden Sie in gedruckter. O Freiburger Spital HFR - Freiburg, Klinik f. Anatomie, Funktionelle Anatomie Inst. Evaluative Forschung in Medizin IEF Inst. Klinische Pharmakologie der Universi Inst. Medizinische Lehre IML Inst. Medizinische Lehre, Master of Medica Inst. Pathologie, Klinische Pathologie Inst. Rechtsmedizin, Verkehrsmedizin, -psy Inst. Rechtsmedizin, Zentrum Forensische B Inst. Radiologie Aarau, Neurochirurgische Klinik Aarau, Neurologie Aarau, Zentrum f.

Pathologie Olten, Medizinische Klinik Schaffhausen, Abt. Klinische Che St. Neurologie Klinik Barmelweid Klinik Bethesda Tschugg, Neurorehabilitation, Klinik Engeried Klinik f. Anna Klinik Valens, Klinik f. Luz Luzerner, Zentrum f. Andres Robert Praxis Dr. Meli Damian Praxis Dr. Merlo Christoph Marco Praxis Dr. Pewsner Daniel Praxis Dr. Kieferor Zahnmedizinische Kliniken, Klinik f. Oralchir Zahnmedizinische Kliniken, Klinik f.

Parodont Zahnmedizinische Kliniken, Klinik f. Rekonstr Zahnmedizinische Kliniken, Klinik f. Informationen zum Bezug der Volltexte. Kemal Yildirgan und Edris Zahir Deutschland bzw. Mandibular fractures admitted to the emergency department: Data analysis from a Swiss level one trauma centre. More than half of all patients suffered two or more fractures. Falls were a dominant cause of fracture in all age groups while violence and sport activities were common only in younger patients.

Comparisons to other studies were difficult due to lack of standardization of causes contributing to the injuries. In the observed time period and setting RTIs have played a minor role compared to falls, interpersonal violence, and sports. In the future, standardized documentation as well as categorization of causes for analytic purposes is urgently needed to facilitate international comparison of studies. Disturbances of Agency and Ownership in Schizophrenia: An Auditory Verbal Event Related Potentials Study.

It consists of at least two very basic senses: a sense of agency and a sense of ownership. Disturbances seem to provide a basic deficit in many psychiatric diseases. We computed ERPs and difference maps for the conditions and compared the amount of agency and ownership between the HC and the patients. Furthermore, we compared the global field power and the topographies of these effects. Our data showed effects of agency and ownership in the healthy controls and the hallucinator group and to a lesser degree in the non-hallucinator — group.

For the agency effects, we found significant differences between HC and the patients. Contrary to the expectations, our findings were — more pronounced in non-hallucinators, suggesting a more profoundly disturbed sense of agency compared to hallucinators. A contemporary increase of global field power in both patient groups indicates a compensatory recruitment of other mechanisms not normally associated with the processing of agency and ownership.

Gudrun Johanna Marszalek Deutschland. Number of physicians offering CM, their experiences with CM, and if these influenced the attitude towards CM were of interest, too. They indicated their attitude endorsement and ambivalence towards CM, their own CM-offer and their experiences with CM. Claims for scientific investigation of CM and for the supply of qualified medical CM by the mandatory basic health insurance received highest agreement. The most important predictors of CM-support were qualification in CM and unexpected positive respectively negative experiences with a patient in CM-treatment.

Porz, Fachstelle Klinische Ethik. Den meisten ging es allerdings gar nicht so sehr nur um — Fallbesprechungen, sondern sie waren allgemein an? Die Aneignung dieser Haltung — z. Distanz zum eigenen Arbeitsumfeld erschien manchen schwierig. Echtzeit chart bollinger bands ist unklar, warum das nicht geschah. Entweder war es gar — nicht das Ziel von allen, solche Ethik-Besprechungen zu implementieren, oder es — fehlte die Durchsetzungskraft oder Relevanz das Erlernte am Arbeitsort anwenden — zu wollen.

Der Nutzen des Smart Pilot View TM in der klinischen Praxis: eine prospektive Beobachtungsstudie. Das Ziel dieser prospektiven Beobachtungsstudie war herauszufinden, ob die Verwendung des Smart Pilot View? Die Daten der zwei Kohorten wurden mittels geeigneter parametrischer und nicht-parametrischer Tests verglichen. Data were obtained from our electronic database.

Human papilloma virus genotype was assessed in biopsy specimens by polymerase chain reaction PCR sequencing. Fifty percent of the lesions presented as periungual and subungual verrucous tumours. Are miRNAs involved in HLA-DR echtzeit chart bollinger bands on cell surface? But still, it is not yet completely understood. Especially in critical conditions, such as the patient suffering a post-operative sepsis, the amount of HLA-DR for presenting antigens to T cells is considered as a crucial factor for the probability of survival.

A better understanding of HLA-DR surface expression is therefor of importance. A flow cytrometric based High Throughput Screen HTS with miRNA-mimics was applied. No screened miRNA did change the amount of CLIP loaded MHC-II molecules on the cell surface. Therefor miRNAs seem to have no major influence on correctly peptide loading of MHC-II molecules but strongly impact HLA-DR surface expression.

Current research investigates the mechanism how these miRNAs lead to changes in HLA-DR surface expression. Impact of peritumoral and intratumoral budding in esophageal adenocarcinomas. For esophageal adenocarcinomas EACsthere are currently only few data about the impact of this morphological feature. Pancytokeratin staining was demonstrated to be superior to hematoxylin and eosin staining for the detection of buds with substantial to excellent interobserver agreement and used for subsequent analysis.

High PTB and ITB rates were seen in more advanced tumor categories P b. However, in multivariate analysis, lymph node and resection status, but not ITB, were independent prognostic parameters. In conclusion, PTB and ITB can be observed in EAC to various degrees. High-grade budding is associated with aggressive tumor phenotype. Assessment of tumor budding, especially ITB, may provide additional prognostic information about tumor behavior and may be useful in specific cases for risk stratification of EAC patients.

Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor-produzierende Pankreaskarzinome: Zwei Fallbeschriebe und Zusammenfassung der Literatur. Das Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit war, die Krankengeschichte von zwei Patienten mit G-CSF-produzierenden Pankreaskarzinomen aufzuarbeiten, diejenigen Zellen zu identifizieren, welche G-CSF und welche echtzeit chart bollinger bands G-CSF-Rezeptor G-CSF-R exprimieren und unsere Beobachtungen in den Kontext der international publizierten Erfahrung zu echtzeit chart bollinger bands.

Eine palliative Chemotherapie mit Oxaliplatin und Irinotecan wurde begonnen. Beide Patienten verstarben nach echtzeit chart bollinger bands ersten, resp. A food recognition system for diabetic patients based on an optimized bag-of-features model. An extensive — technical investigation was conducted for the identification and echtzeit chart bollinger bands optimization of the best performing components involved in the — BoF architecture, as well as the estimation of the corresponding — parameters.

Autologous stem cell transplantation in elderly patients with multiple myeloma: evaluation of its safety and efficacy. Administering high-dose chemotherapy HDCT with melphalan to elderly myeloma — patients represents a challenge with respect to achieving therapeutic efficacy whilst — avoiding significant toxicity. Perception of a hectic hospital environment at admission relates to acute stress disorder symptoms in myocardial infarction patients.

Objective: Hospital crowding is a public health problem that may impact on the quality of medical treatment and increase the risk of developing traumatic stress, e. This study examines whether subjective appraisal of crowding at hospital admission due to MI is associatedwith acute stress disorder ASD symptoms. The appraisal of crowding was measured by the retrospective assessment of the perception of a hectic hospital environment at admission.

Furthermore, patients completed the Acute Stress Disorder Scale to rate the psychological stress reaction. The psychological and physiological long-termoutcomes of echtzeit chart bollinger bands perception of a hectic hospital environment and the role of preventive interventions need further examination. Gleichzeitig zeigte die klinische Erfahrung vielversprechende Erfolge bei von CPPS Betroffenen mit spezifischen Procain-Injektionen. Schlussendlich ver-suchte ich, diese Ergebnisse im klinischen Kontext zu interpretieren.

Die Blutentnahmen fand jeweils am Morgen nach der diagnostischen Polysomnographie statt. Alle Werte befanden sich jedoch im Normbereich. Background: Most paediatric emergency departments PED in Switzerland are now interdisciplinary. Prior echtzeit chart bollinger bands that, a considerable number of children randomly presented to both the tertiary mixed adult and formerly separated medical and surgical paediatric EDs at Inselspital Bern. Patient demographics, reason for presentation, investigations performed, treatment administered and outcome were recorded and analysed retrospectively.

Logistical reasons, the need for subspecialty referral and random parental choice were the main reasons to present to the adult ED. Paediatric Emergency Medicine PEM trained medical and nursing staff should be upsized, thus constituting an ideal environment to manage seriously ill and injured children. A novel multidimensional geriatric screening tool in the ED: evaluation of feasibility and clinical relevance. Purposes: Geriatric problems frequently go undetected in older patients in emergency departments EDsthus increasing their risk of adverse outcomes.

We evaluated a novel emergency geriatric screening EGS tool designed to detect geriatric problems. We analyzed the prevalence of abnormal EGS and whether EGS increased the number of EGS-related diagnoses in the ED during the screening, as compared with a preceding control period. Emergency geriatric screening predicted nursing home admission after the in-hospital stay odds ratio for?

Mohaupt, Klinik Sonnenhof, Innere Medizin und Herzzentrum. Die vorliegende Untersuchung basiert auf Daten der multizentrischen Studie? Rapid immonoassays for diagnosis of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia: comparison of diagnostic accuracy, reproducibility and costs in clinical practice. Aims of the study — Immunoassays are crucial in the work-up of patients with suspected heparin-induced thrombocytopenia HIT and a number of rapid tests have been recently developed. However, comparative data on diagnostic accuracy, reproducibility, and analytical costs of different immunoassays in clinical practice are limited.

Presence of HIT was defined as a positive functional heparin-induced platelet aggregation test. Costs of test determination were calculated taking reagents, controls, and working time of technicians according to Swiss health care system into account. Specificity of HIT-IgG was higher than PaGIA at all thresholds and higher than ELISA at low threshold.

Reproducibility was adequate for all assays. Combined maceration procedure permits advanced microsurgical dissection of Thiel-embalmed specimens. The aim of this study is to establish a new procedure that allows advanced micro-dissection of small vessels and intraorganic nerves in Thiel-embalmed material. The nerves become more prominent due to the swelling and increased water content. The method is very suitable for demonstration of somatic and vegetative nerves. In summary, our study suggests that no structural variance dependent of the nutritional environment or the subtype exists.

Time for a break: Admissions to an urban emergency department after working out - A retrospective study from Switzerland. The present retrospective study was intended to investigate whether working out and other low-speed sports can provoke cardiovascular, neurological, or traumatic damage. Most admissions were due to musculoskeletal accidents?

The majority of the patients? In Switzerland, this is the first study that describes emergency department admissions after workout and examines trauma and neurological and cardiovascular incidents. As specific echtzeit chart bollinger bands, such as brain haemorrhages, STEMIs, and epileptic seizures, were relatively frequent, it was hypothesised that workout with its physiological changes may be an actual trigger for echtzeit chart bollinger bands injuries, at least for a specific population.

Strenuous physical activity may trigger the risk of cardiovascular, neurological, or trauma events. Subjects were randomly selected to the test group which was subjected to root instrumentation using ultrasonic and hand echtzeit chart bollinger bands. No efforts were made to teach the subjects oral hygiene procedures. Clinical data were recorded similarly to the previous surveys.

In the test group, clinical parameters significantly improved over six months. While periodontal probing depths PPD did not significantly alter over six months in either group, both recessions and clinical attachment levels decreased reaching statistically significant differences in the test group. Decision-making in aortic root surgery in Marfan syndrome: bleeding, thromboembolism and risk of reintervention after valve-sparing or mechanical aortic root replacement.

But as VSRR carries a certain risk for subsequent reinterventions, decision-making in the individual patient can be challenging. There was neither significant morbidity nor mortality associated with root reoperations. Since the perioperative risk of reinterventions following VSRR is low, patients might benefit from VSRR even if re-do surgery may become necessary during follow-up. Pharmacological Modulation of Hemodynamics in Adult Zebrafish in Vivo.

Introduction — Hemodynamic parameters in zebrafish receive increasing attention because of their important — role in cardiovascular processes such as atherosclerosis, hematopoiesis, sprouting and — intussusceptive angiogenesis. To study underlying mechanisms, the precise modulation of — parameters like blood flow velocity or shear stress is centrally important. Questions related to — blood flow have been addressed in the past in either embryonic or ex vivo-zebrafish models — but little information is available for adult animals.

Here we describe a pharmacological — approach to modulate cardiac and hemodynamic parameters in adult zebrafish in vivo. The drugs isoprenaline — and sodium nitroprusside were directly applied with the perfusate, thus closely resembling — the preferred method for drug delivery in zebrafish, namely within the water. Drug effects on — the heart and on blood flow in the submental vein were studied using electrocardiograms, in — vivo-microscopy and mathematical flow simulations.

Blood flow — velocity and shear stress in the submental vein were not significantly increased. Together with the suitability of the zebrafish for in vivo-microscopy and genetic modifications, the methodology — described permits studying biological processes that are dependent on hemodynamic — alterations. Gravitational pseudoaccommodation in patients with aphakic iris-claw intraocular lenses. PURPOSE: To assess whether iris-claw intraocular lenses IOLs undergo gravitation-dependent — changes in position and refraction.

Objective refraction was obtained with a handheld autorefractometer, and the IOL position was measured by ultrasound biomicroscopy with the patient prone, sitting, and supine. A picture paints a thousand words: Heart drawings reflect acute distress and illness perception and predict posttraumatic stress symptoms after acute myocardial infarction. Acute Psychiatric Problems among Migrants Living in Switzerland - a Retrospective Study from a Swiss University Emergency Department.

Background: Switzerland is a traditional immigration country with immigrants from both neighbouring, and less developed countries. Immigrants in Switzerland had fewer psychiatric hospitalisations, but more emergency and compulsory admissions than the local population. Therefore it is important — to study the characteristics of the immigrant population presenting at the emergency department for mental health problems.

Therapy adherence programs for psychosis and autoaggression prevention programs are especially important for immigrants. Angiogenesis-related ultrastructural changes to capillaries in human skeletal muscle in response to endurance exercise. Angiogenesis-related ultrastruc- tural changes to capillaries in human skeletal muscle in response to endurance exercise. Forty capillary profiles per participant were evaluated by point and intersection counting on cross sections after transmission electron microscopy.

Our study suggests that intensified PC mobilization and BM thinning are related to exercise-induced angiogenesis in human skeletal muscle, whereas training per se induces EC-thickening. The impact of single versus repeat prostate biopsies on functional outcomes in patients who underwent radical prostatectomy for clinically localized prostate cancer. Objectives: Echtzeit chart bollinger bands compare functional outcomes between patients who underwent a single biopsy versus repeat biopsies prior to radical prostatectomy RP for clinically localized prostate cancer PCa.

For evaluation of potency, patients who reported absence of erection sufficient for penetration prior to RP and those who did not receive some form of nerve-sparing were excluded. The Chi-square test and the Mann-Whitney U test were used to compare categorical and continuous variables between patients who underwent a single biopsy versus repeat biopsies prior to RP.

Multivariable logistic regression models tested whether repeat biopsies prior to RP were a predictor of continence or potency at different time points. No differences in potency rates between single biopsy versus repeat biopsies were seen at all time points. In univariate and multivariable analyses, repeat biopsies were not predictive of potency at any time point.

These data support the current trend towards active surveillance and delayed local treatment in patients with low- to intermediate-risk PCa. Background — Major trauma remains one of the principle causes of disability and death throughout the world. There is currently no satisfactory risk assessment to predict mortality in patients with major trauma. These measurements should be binary options brands to further evaluation.

A low or high BMI is a risk factor for renal hematoma after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for kidney stones. Risk factors for renal hematoma after SWL were compared between the two groups. Therefore, alternative endoscopic treatment options should be considered in these patients. Sex Difference in Draft-legal Ultra-distance Events - A Comparison Between Ultra-swimming and Ultra-cycling. Recent studies reported that the sex difference in performance in ultra-endurance sports such as swimming and cycling changed over the years.

However, the aspect of drafting in draft-legal ultra-endurance races has not yet been investigated. This study investigates the sex difference in ultra-swimming and ultra-cycling draft-legal races where drafting? Furthermore, performances of the fastest female and male finishers ever were compared. In summary, in draft-legal ultra-distance events such as swimming and cycling, the sex difference in the annual top and annual top three swimmers and cyclists decreased i.

This finding is different to reports from races where drafting was not possible or even prohibited and where the sex difference remained stable over years. Functional recovery following primary ACL repair with dynamic intraligamentary stabilization. Background: Recently, a new technique, dynamic intraligamentary stabilization DIS was introduced for the acute repair of ACL ruptures. The purpose of this study was to report the functional recovery for patients undergoing acute anterior cruciate ligament ACL repair alongside DIS.

Limb symmetry index of the hop test as well as knee function by means of range of motion, knee swelling, pain and maximum strength were evaluated. Following completion of the rehabilitation program, the difference in anterior? Basem Al Dalfi und Andreas Lucien Sieber Irak bzw. Rauchen - Intervention in der zahnmedizinischen Praxis? Daniel Philipp Alfons Hagemeyer Deutschland. Stucki, Spital Thun-Simmental STS AG, Medizinische Abteilung Thun.

Therefore the hypothesis was investigated, that during the rehabilitation process the Yale approach shows a faster return to natural gait than a conventional lateral approach. Velocity, cadence, step length, weight bearing, thorax lean, Trendelenburg limp, hip abduction moments, and hip muscle activation times were evaluated. Andrea Gisela Schwarz Deutschland. Acetabular Version Increases After Closure of the Triradiate Cartilage Complex.

Background — Although the etiology of primary femoroacetabular impingement FAI is considered developmental, the underlying pathogenic mechanisms remain poorly understood. In particular, research identifying etiologic factors associated with pincer FAI is limited. Knowledge of the physiologic growth patterns of the acetabulum during skeletal maturation might allow conclusions on deviations from normal development that could contribute to pincer-related pathomorphologies.

Based on the status of the triradiate cartilage complex open versus closed [TCC]all hips were allocated to the following groups:? Using analysis of variance for multigroup comparisons with Bonferroni adjustment for pairwise comparisons, we compared the results between the initial and followup MRI examinations and among the three groups. Acetabular version did not change between the initial and followup MRI in the?

There seems to be a relatively narrow timeframe near physeal closure of the TCC within which acetabular orientation changes to more pronounced anteversion. Further studies with greater numbers and longer followup echtzeit chart bollinger bands are required to support these findings and determine whether such version changes may contribute to pincer-type pathomorphologies.

Prognostic value of an abnormal response to acetylcholine in patients with angina and non-obstructive coronary artery disease: Long-term follow-up of the Heart Quest cohort. At baseline, patients were classified as having SVD, VSD, other cardiac disease or non-cardiac problem based on intracoronary acetylcholine application and fast atrial pacing during coronary angiography. Prognostic significance of the diagnosis on cardiovascular events cardiovascular death or non-fatal myocardial infarction was evaluated using Cox proportional hazards models adjusted for age and sex.

This particularly applies to SVD patients with endothelial dysfunction. Symptoms should be taken seriously in SVD and VSD patients. Metrics of the normal anterior sclera: imaging with optical coherence tomography. Background: To investigate anterior scleral thickness in a cohort ofhealthy subjects using enhanced depth imaging anterior segment optical coherence tomography. The anterior scleral thickness varies significantly between quadrants, resembling the spiral ofTillaux.

An association ofincreasing scleral thickness with age was found. Subjects from both groups used standard fluoridated toothpaste Blend-a-Med Classic. Home saliva samples were collected by the subjects for metabonomics analysis. Between-groups comparisons were performed using analysis of covariance with baseline as covariate. Multiple between-groups comparisons revealed significant p? Chylothorax in thyroid surgery: a very rare case and systematic review of the literature. Background: Chylothorax is a very rare but major complication in thyroid surgery and should be apparent to clinicians in this field.?

Case presentation: We report a case with chylothrax after thyroid surgery in our department that drew our attention. Database PubMed and hand searches to identify patients with thyroid surgery and postoperative chylothorax. Keywords included chylothorax, thyroidectomy, thyroid surgery and complications. Two independent reviewers screened inside day forex trading against inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Patient characteristics, risk factors, symptoms, treatments and etiopathogenesis were investigated.? Ninety percent of the patients underwent thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer. The extension of thyroid surgery seems to be the main risk factor in developing chylothorax either through direct surgical trauma or through increased intraductal pressure after thoracic duct ligation.

An early diagnosis of chylothorax may avoid severe metabolic or cardiopulmonary complications. Johannes Konstantin Richter Deutschland. Speed in Clinical Magnetic Resonance. The relevant clinical accelerated MR techniques that are available currently for routine patient exams are reviewed, presenting and discussing the benefits therein when compared to more conventional scans. The focus is on clinical use and practicality, with the review divided into three sections.

Echtzeit chart bollinger bands final topic is that of sparse reconstruction data sparsitydiscussing the principles therein, challenges and current applications. Guidance in terms of clinical use for accelerated techniques is provided, focusing on enabling faster and improved clinical scan results. Morphometrische Charakterisierung von Kapillaren aus dem M. Aufgrund dieser Beobachtungen wurde gefolgert, dass der M. Lussi, Zahnmedizinische Kliniken ZMK.

Erosion protection conferred by whole human saliva, dialysed saliva, and artificial saliva. During dental erosion, tooth minerals are dissolved, leading echtzeit chart bollinger bands a softening of the surface and consequently to irreversible surface loss. Components from human saliva form a pellicle on the tooth surface, providing some protection against erosion.

During the cycling process, the surface hardness and the calcium released from the surface of the specimens were measured. Different components of saliva, therefore, have different effects on the protective properties of the pellicle and the right proportions of these components in saliva are critical for the ability echtzeit chart bollinger bands form a protective pellicle. Pouch Reshaping for Significant Weight Regain after Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypas.

Pouch reshaping PR aims at reestablishing restriction with a subsequent feeling of satiety. This study reports the outcome of PR embedded in a multidisciplinary treatment pathway. Excluded were patients with PR for gastro-gastric fistulae, hypoglycemia, candy cane syndrome, and concomitant alteration of limb lengths. However, its associated perioperative morbidity must not be disregarded. Absence of hepatitis delta infection in a large rural HIV cohort in Tanzania.

Objectives — The epidemiological and clinical determinants of hepatitis delta virus HDV infection in Sub-Saharan Africa are ill-defined. For positive samples, a second serological test and nucleic acid amplification were performed. Demographic and clinical characteristics at initiation echtzeit chart bollinger bands antiretroviral therapy ART were compared between anti-HDV-negative and -positive patients. There was no significant predictor of anti-HDV positivity.

HDV could not be amplified in any of the anti-HDV-positive patients and the second serological test was negative in all of them. As false-positive serology results are common, screening results should be confirmed with a second test. Prospektives Assessment innerklinischer Reanimationsalarme. Die Datenerhebung erfolgte nach den Vorgaben des Utstein Styles. Alexandra Elisabeth Kutynia und Georgios Schoretsanitis Deutschland bzw. Wir untersuchten, wie Menschen, die an einer Erkrankung aus dem schizophrenen Formenkreis leiden, mit dem interpersonellen Abstand umgehen.

Dies schafft Vorteile in der Interaktion mit den Patienten, z. So kann auch z. Effect of Elevated Intracranial Pressure on Amplitudes and Frequency Tuning of Ocular Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials Elicited by Bone-Conducted Vibration. Objective: Recently, it could be demonstrated that an increased intracranial pressure causes a modulation of the air conducted sound evoked ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potential oVEMP.

The mechanism for this modulation is not resolved and may depend on a change of either receptor excitability or sound energy transmission. However, at neither stimulus frequency could a modulating effect of increased intracranial pressure be observed. Future studies on the effect of intracranial pressure on oVEMP should use air-conducted sound and not bone-conducted vibration.

Der Einfluss der Zementspaltbreite auf das Frakturverhalten von Vollkeramikkronen. Da die Keramikfraktur weiterhin ein Problem darstellt, soll dieser Versuch herausfinden, wie sich verschiedene Zementspaltbreiten Spacerbreite auf die Frakturresistenz von Vollkeramikkronen auswirken. Ausserdem wird evaluiert, ob und wie sich ein Glasurbrand auf das Bruchverhalten der Vollkeramikkronen auswirkt. Die Frakturteile wurden unter dem Mikroskop untersucht und die Frakturdaten statistisch ausgewertet.

SUVmax and Tumour Location in PET-CT Predict Oncogene Status in Lung Cancer. The maximum standardized uptake value SUVmaxtumour location central vs. Clinical manifestations in Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia: systematic review and meta-analysis. Introduction — Few original studies have described prevalence and severity of clinical symptoms of primary ciliary dyskinesia PCD. This systematic review and meta-analysis aimed to identify all published studies on clinical manifestations of PCD patients, and to describe their prevalence and severity stratified by age and sex.

We performed meta-analyses and meta-regression to explain heterogeneity. Even after taking into account the explanatory factors, the largest part of the between-studies variance in symptom prevalence remained unexplained for all symptoms. Sensitivity analysis including only studies with test-proven diagnosis showed similar results in prevalence and heterogeneity. To better characterise the disease, we need larger, multicenter, multidisciplinary, prospective studies that include all age groups, use uniform diagnostics and report on all symptoms.

Eine Umrechnung von Atemalkohol auf Blutalkoholkonzentration ist nicht mehr vorgesehen. Neuhaus, Zahnmedizinische Kliniken, Forschung Parodontologie. Bacterial invasion into radicular dentine - an in vitro study. In addition, scanning electron microscopy SEM images were obtained. The bacterial load of streptococci was higher in all thirds in co-cultures compared to single infections.

Background: — The hepatitis C virus HCV epidemic is evolving rapidly in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus HIV. We assessed the following outcomes by time period: the proportion of patients starting an HCV therapy, the proportion of treated patients achieving a sustained virological response SVRand the proportion of patients with persistent HCV infection during follow-up. Ultraviolet radiation protection and skin cancer awareness in recreational athletes: a survey among participants in a running event.

PRINCIPLE: Ultraviolet radiation UVR protection and skin cancer awareness are essential in the avoidance of echtzeit chart bollinger bands taneous malignancies. Skin cancer prevention programmes involve public educational campaigns, for example, for outdoor workers or school children. Since nonprofessional sun exposure e. Our form consisted of questions about participants? We calculated separate scores for individual UVR protection and skin cancer awareness. We tested these two scores in relation to educational level as a primary endpoint.

In addition, the impacts of further dis- tinct characteristics were assessed in multivariable analys- is. Our results in- dicate that UVR protection is dependent on age, gender, skin type and personal history of skin cancer. Educational attainment at univariate levelage, gender and skin type in multivariable analysis significantly affected the skin cancer awareness score. Achievements are notable in older, fair skinned, female runners. Our findings indicate that further work is needed in the education of the general public, and athletes in par- ticular.

A Vertical Asymmetry in Saccades. Visual exploration of natural scenes imposes demands that differ between the upper and the lower visual hemifield. Yet little is known about how ocular motor performance is affected by the location of visual stimuli or the direction of a behavioural response. We compared saccadic latencies between upper and lower hemifield in a variety of conditions, including short-latency prosaccades, long-latency prosaccades, antisaccades, memory-guided saccades and saccades with increased attentional and selection demand.

This upper field reaction time advantage probably arises in ocular motor rather than visual processing. It may originate in structures involved in motor preparation rather than execution. Evolution of Cognitive Function after Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation. Background: This study aimed to assess the evolution of cognitive function after transcatheter aortic valve implantation TAVI.

Previous smaller studies reported conflicting results on the evolution of cognitive function after TAVI. Cognitive deterioration or improvement was defined as change? Predictive analysis using logistic regression did not identify any statistically significant predictor of cognitive deterioration. Our results confirm that some patients experience cognitive deterioration after TAVI. Egger, Freiburger Spital HFR - Freiburg, Chirurgie. In the literature there is only little information — about these symptoms.

Patients undergoing surgery for diverticular — disease must be aware that an operative intervention — may not resolve all pre-existing symptoms or — may even compose new, preoperatively unknown, symptoms. Background: — Diabetes mellitus is spreading throughout the world and diabetic individuals have been shown to — often assess their food intake inaccurately, therefore, it is a matter of urgency to develop automated diet assessment tools.

The recent availability of mobile phones with enhanced capabilities, together with the advances in computer vision, have permitted the development — of image analysis apps for the automated assessment of meals. In a typical scenario, the user places a reference card next to the dish and acquires two images using a mobile phone. Finally, the carbohydrate content is calculated by combining the volume of each food item with the nutritional information provided by the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.

In addition, the user experience and usability of the system is evaluated by questionnaires. Each study day, a total of six meals of broad diversity were taken from the hospitals restaurant and presented to the participants. The food items were weighed on a standard balance and the true amount of carbohydrate was calculated from the USDA nutrient database. Participants were asked to count the echtzeit chart bollinger bands content of each meal independently and then by using GoCARB.

At the end of each session, a questionnaire was completed to assess the users experience with GoCARB. Most participants found GoCARB easy to use. The participants thought the app was useful and easy to use. GoCARB seems to be a well-accepted supportive mHealth tool for the assessment of served-on-a-plate meals. Dabei ist dieses assoziiert mit sozialer Kognition und Negativsymptomatik. Ziel der vorliegenden naturalistischen longitudinalen Studie war es den Stellenwert von Gestenproduktion und sozialer Wahrnehmung in der Verlaufsvorhersage der Schizophrenie zu untersuchen.

Zudem wurden Psychopathologie, sowie funktionelles, soziales und arbeitsbezogenes Funktionsniveau erhoben. Die vorliegende Untersuchung konnte zeigen, dass ein einfacher Test zur Handgestenproduktion zum baseline-Zeitpunkt den Verlauf im kurzfristigen Follow-up vorhersagen konnte. Functional outcome is associated with social cognition and negative symptoms.

Gesture performance and nonverbal social perception are critically impaired in schizophrenia. In addition, functional outcome, social and occupational functioning, as well as functional capacity at follow-up were assessed. Gesture performance predicted functional outcome beyond the baseline measure of functioning. Patients with gesture deficits at baseline had stable negative symptoms and experienced a decline in social functioning.

While in patients without gesture deficits, negative symptom severity decreased and social functioning echtzeit chart bollinger bands stable. Thus, a simple test of hand gesture performance at baseline may indicate favorable outcomes in short-term follow-up. The results further support the importance of nonverbal communication skills in subjects with schizophrenia. Fully Automated Stroke Tissue Estimation using Random Forest Classifiers FASTER.

Several clinical trials have recently proven the efficacy of mechanical thrombectomy for treating ischemic stroke, within a six hour window for therapy. The method estimates tissue-at-risk by predicting tissue damage in the case of both persistent occlusion and of complete recanalization. It may serve as an alternative method for identifying tissue-at-risk that may aid in treatment selection in ischemic stroke. Economic and Social Research Council guidance on the conduct of narrative synthesis and on the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses statement?.

Treatment effect of preemptive occlusion of patent inferior mesenteric artery prior to EVAR. Purpose: — To review the effect of preemptive occlusion of the inferior mesenteric artery IMA prior to endovascular aneurysm repair EVAR on survival and aneurysm diameter change. Cumulative survival was estimated using Kaplan-Meier curves. Completeness of follow-up was declared using the Follow-Up Index FUI. Mortality analysis was performed using Cox proportional hazards models with adjustment for potential confounding factors.

Aneurysm diameter change was assessed on CT-Angiographies using central lumen line correction. Success-rates were adjusted for potential confounding factors using a logistic regression model. We did not see a difference between the two study groups regarding survival and treatment success-rate. However, absence of proof for a difference between the two study groups may not be a proof of absence of such a differenceif a study is not adequately powered.

Our data cannot provide answers to the main study questions with adequate power. Effects of glucocorticoids on the salience network in patients with spider phobia. Functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI is a non-invasive technique to assess specific brain signatures, such as the default mode network DMN and the salience network SN. Echtzeit chart bollinger bands networks are associated with diverse functions.

Dysfunctions can lead to a variety of psychiatric and neurolgical disorders. In the current study glucocorticoids and placebo were administered to patients with spider phobia prior to a fMRI task. Subjects with social phobia showed a reduced fear answer to a socio-evaluative stressor when prior receiving glucocorticoids. The experiments took place at the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology, University Hospital of Bern.

Independent component analysis ICA during stimulus encoding identified the DMN and SN with synchronized activation in diverse brain regions. Apical root resorption due to mandibular first molar mesialization: a split mouth study. Aim: To evaluate the risk of external apical root resorption EARR in mesialized mandibular molars due to space closure, in patients with unilateral second premolar agenesis. The contralateral side served as control.

EARR was measured at mandibular permanent canines, first premolars, and first molars in pre- and post-treatment orthopantomograms. Measurements were performed by two examiners independently and were corrected for distortion and magnification of radiographs, which were assessed in a pilot study. Multivariate analysis of covariance MANCOVAfollowed by pairwise comparisons, was performed. However, the amount of EARR attributed to space closure, as well as the total EARR was not considered clinically significant.

Outcomes using two different extended templates for pelvic lymph node dissection at radical prostatectomy: an update from the Bern experience. The main limitation of the study is its non-randomized design. It is associated with a non-significant higher risk of harboring LN metastases. However, complications are more common. Visual Perception and Acuity of Hand Surgeons Using Loupes. Purpose To assess the visual performance of Swiss hand surgeons in an environment similar to their workplace.

The influence of Galilean lenses only and Keplerian loupes lenses and prismsthe surgeon? The visual performance as sur- geons was self-assessed on a modified visual analog scale and objectively measured with miniaturized visual tests in a simulated clinical setting. We evaluated the influence of the optical device by comparing Galilean and Keplerian loupes and the influence of the surgeon? The near visual acuity was significantly lower in the older group! Keplerian loupes allowed a significantly higher visual performance than Galilean loupes.

Self-assessment was not a valuable instrument for surgeons to estimate their own near vision. Clinical diagnostics, therapy and prognosis of patients with medullary thyroid carcinoma. Swiss data of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as well as long-term follow-ups FU of patients with MTC are scarce. We, therefore, retrospectively analysed the clinical characteristics, the therapy, and the long-term FU of all patients with MTC treated in a Swiss tertiary referral centre.

All patients underwent a total thyroidectomy as therapy of choice. Ankle Joint Pressure Changes in a Pes Cavovarus Model: Supramalleolar Valgus Osteotomy Versus Lateralizing Calcaneal Osteotomy. Background: A fixed cavovarus foot deformity can be associated with anteromedial ankle arthrosis due to elevated medial joint contact stresses.

Supramalleolar valgus osteotomies SMOT and lateralizing calcaneal osteotomies LCOT are commonly used to treat symptoms by redistributing joint contact forces. In a cavovarus model, the effects of SMOT and LCOT on the lateralization of the center of force COF and reduction of echtzeit chart bollinger bands peak pressure in the ankle joint were compared. The COF migration and peak pressure decrease in the ankle were recorded using high-resolution TekScan pressure sensors.

Comparing the different osteotomies among themselves no significant differences were recorded. No significant anteroposterior COF shift was seen. Similar to the COF lateralization no significant differences between the osteotomies were seen. Conclusion: LCOT and SMOT significantly reduced anteromedial ankle joint contact stresses in this cavovarus model.

The unloading effects of both osteotomies were equivalent. More correction did not lead to significantly more lateralization of the COF or more reduction of peak pressure but a trend was seen. Clinical Relevance: In echtzeit chart bollinger bands with fixed cavovarus feet, both SMOT and LCOT provided equally good redistribution of elevated ankle joint contact forces. Increasing the amount of displacement did not seem to equally improve the joint pressures.

The site of osteotomy could therefore be chosen on the basis of surgeon? Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy HIE is a dangerous disease of the newborn and can lead to death or permanent neurologic deficits. In many animal models, mesenchymal stem cell MSC transplantation has been proven to be a promising therapy for HIE. The effect of MSC on NSC has been extensively studied.

The influence of NSC on MSC, however, has rarely been covered. We hypothesize that NSC have a significant influence on MSC, leading to transdifferentiation of the MSC into a neural direction. Furthermore, we hypothesize that NSC injured by hypoxia-ischemia have an even stronger stimulating effect on MSC, leading to a more pronounced differentiation. We then established a culture system simulating the cerebral microenvironment after HIE by exposing NSC to oxygen-glucose deprivation before adding WJ-MSC to the culture.

We further observed that WJ-MSC already express echtzeit chart bollinger bands amounts of neural lineage markers in an undifferentiated state. Evaluation of scleral and corneal thickness in keratoconus patients. PURPOSE: To determine whether the scleral stroma is affected as much as the corneal stroma in keratoconus. Corneal videokeratometry and pachymetry were — performed using a Scheimpflug tomographer Pentacam.

For measurements of the peripheral — cornea and the anterior sclera, a spectral-domain anterior segment optical coherence — tomography device Spectralis was used. In Vitro Impact of Conditioned Medium From Demineralized Freeze-Dried Bone on Human Umbilical Endothelial Cells. Angiogenesis is essential for the consolidation of bone allografts. The underlying molecular mechanism, however, remain unclear.

Soluble factors released from demineralized freeze-dried bone target mesenchymal cells, however their effect on endothelial cells has not been investigated so far. The aim of the present study was therefore to examine the effect of conditioned medium of demineralized freeze-dried bone on human umbilical endothelial cells in vitro. Thereafter, DBCM was used to stimulate human umbilical vein endothelial cells HUVECs in vitro by determining the cell response based on viability, proliferation, expression of apoptotic genes, a Boyden chamber to determine cell migration, and the formation of branches.

We report here that DBCM decreased viability and proliferation of HUVEC. Neither of the apoptotic marker genes were significantly altered when HUVEC were exposed to DBCM. The Boyden chamber revealed that HUVEC migrate towards DBCM. Moreover, DBCM moderately stimulated the formation of branches. These findings support the concept that DBCM targets endothelial cells by decreasing their proliferation and enhancing their motility under these in vitro conditions. Thrombocytopenia after aortic valve replacement with stented, stentless and sutureless bioprosthesis.

Potential causes include the valve design, tissue and chemicals used for anticalcification treatment. This study compares the platelet response associated with the SOLO to mechanical, stented, sutureless and stentless valve prostheses. Multivariable linear regression analysis identified combined procedures, female gender, body surface area BSAdate of operation and longer extracorporeal circulation ECC time, but neither age nor valve size, as significant independent predictors for postoperative low platelet count.

Use of these valves is, however, not associated with excess bleeding complications, suggesting a quantitative, rather than qualitative, transient side-effect on platelets. Our results argue for a cause associated with the anticalcification treatment using homocysteic acid. Accuracy of diagnostic tests for prosthetic joint infection: a systematic review. Purpose There are few evidence-based recommendations on the most effective methods for diagnosing prosthetic joint infections PJIsand the potency of tests in relation to each other also remains vague.

Methods PubMed and EMBASE databases were searched for meta-analyses reporting accuracies of different diagnostic modalities for PJIs. Thirteen systematic reviews met the inclusion and exclusion criteria, and their data were extracted and tabulated by two reviewers in duplicate and — independent manners. On the other hand, the diagnostic test that is most likely to confirm PJI is implant sonication.

Nuclear imaging showed low overall accuracy as diagnostic tests for PJI. Dominik Wolfgang Meier Liechtenstein. Reference intervals were calculated. In a linear regression model Fedosov? Total serum folate levels but not RBC folate levels decreased with progressing age. Lordoplasty: midterm outcome of an alternative augmentation technique for vertebral fractures. Objective Vertebroplasty and balloon kyphoplasty are effective treatment options for osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures but are limited in correction of kyphotic deformity.

Lordoplasty has been reported as an alternative, cost-effective, minimally invasive, percutaneous cement augmentation technique with good restoration of vertebral body height and alignment. The authors report on its clinical and radiological midterm results. Radiographs were accessed regarding initial correction and progressive loss of reduction. Complications and reoperations were recorded. Actual pain level, pain relief immediately after surgery, autonomy, and subjective impression of improvement of posture were assessed by questionnaire.

The outcomes of lordoplasty are consistent with other augmentation techniques. Eick, Zahnmedizinische Kliniken, Forschung Parodontologie. Es wurden die minimale Hemmkonzentration MHK und minimale bakterizide Konzentration MBKdas Killing und die postantimikrobielle Wirksamkeit bestimmt. Eine bessere Wirkung wurde jeweils bei den beiden Single-Spezies-Biofilmen im Vergleich mit dem Multi-Spezies-Biofilm erzielt.

Mouton, Spital Thun-Simmental STS AG, Chirurgische Klinik. Pneumothorax and subclavian echtzeit chart bollinger bands thrombosis in patients with venous access device implantation. Objectives — Primary aim is to assess the length of hospitalisation due to iatrogenic pneumothorax — as a main complication of totally implantable venous access device TIVAD — implantation.

Secondary aim is to analyze the thrombogenic effects of different catheter — diameter on the subclavian vein. As primary outcome the length of hospitalisation due to — iatrogenic pneumothorax and as secondary outcome subclavian vein thrombosis in — relation to different TIVAD catheter sizes were analysed. No pneumothoraces occurred when a peripheral vein — was used for Access. There was no significant correlation detected between the different tumor — types and the complication rates.

The costs — then increase with additional chests x-rays, chest drain insertions and hospitalisation — days. When making the choice for surgical venous cutdown or subclavian vein — puncture to implant TIVAD the consequences of iatrogenic pneumothorax should be — considered as pneumothorax is a rare but serious complication of TIVAD implantation — inherent to subclavian vein puncture. Joscha Stefan von Rappard Deutschland. Our aim was to echtzeit chart bollinger bands the approach for the second-line treatment after first-line therapy with a tyrosine kinase inhibitor TKI.

Recently two phase III trials have demonstrated a potential role for nivolumab NIV and cabozantinib CAB in this setting. We aimed to estimate the impact of these trials on clinical decision making. The treatment strategies were analyzed echtzeit chart bollinger bands the objective consensus approach. The most commonly used criteria for treatment decisions were duration of response, TKI tolerance and zugzwang ZZ a composite of several related criteria. The agents mostly used after disease progression on a first-line TKI included: EVE, AXI, NIV and sTKI.

Mid-term Mechanical Circulatory Support- Comparison of Single Centre Data with the EUROMACS Registry. Background: — Mechanical circulatory support MCS is an established therapy for end-stage heart failure. The aim of this study is to show, as an example of internal quality — control, the comparison of data from a single centre Berne with the EUROMACS database with — respect to mortality and pre-operative data, and to describe complications in Berne.

Patient characteristics, operative and — post-operative data, clinically significant adverse events as well as routine follow-up data were — reported to the registry. The entire EUROMACS cohort including Berne data was compared to — patients from Berne only. International registries are important tools that allow, as an example, internal quality control of mortality, complication rates and morbidity of a single centre compared with the EUROMACS database.

Marbacher, Kantonsspital Aarau, Neurochirurgische Klinik. Aim s — Cerebrovascular vasospasm CVS is the most common complication of subarachnoid haemorrhage. Despite progress in the treatment of SAH and CVS, the neurological outcome of affected patients remains low. The inflammatory pathway due to blood haemolysis in CSF is one of the causes leading to CVS and delayed cerebral injury DCI.

In the first group SAH was induced by extracranial-intracranial shunting from the subclavian artery into the cerebral cistern. Der Score soll als eine Echtzeit-Wiedergabe der gesamten Wirkpotenz der in einer Narkose verwendeten Hypnotika und Analgetika verstanden werden. The accumulation of gadolinium has also been reported in the skin, heart, liver, lung, and kidney of patients with impaired renal function suffering from nephrogenic systemic fibrosis NSF. Signal ratios between dentate nucleus and pons and between globus pallidus and thalamus were comparable with previously reported measurements in subjects without renal impairment.

Of note, all three analysed patients suffered from transient signs of neurological disorders of undetermined cause. Persistence of Porphyromonas gingivalis is a negative predictor in patients with moderate to severe periodontitis after nonsurgical periodontal therapy. Objectives The aim of this study was to evaluate the quality of prediction for stable results after nonsurgical periodontal therapy by several microbiological variables of the subgingival biofilm and biomarkers of gingival crevicular fluid or oral lavage.

Logistic regression analysis and general linear model GLM were applied for analysis of variance and covariance. Samples tested positively for P. Differentiation of prostate cancer lesions with high and with low Gleason score by diffusion-weighted MRI. Objectives — To differentiate prostate cancer lesions with high and with low Gleason score by diffusion-weighted-MRI DW-MRI.

These parameters separately and combined in a logistic regression model were used to differentiate lesions depending on whether whole-prostate histopathological analysis after prostatectomy determined a high? DW-MRI parameters correlated with Gleason score but echtzeit chart bollinger bands not provide sufficient information to classify individual patients. Echtzeit chart bollinger bands of dental anxiety - A cross-sectional survey in private dental practices in western Switzerland Romandie.

Aims: The mam aim of the present study was to gam a better understanding of the management of dental anxiety reported by dental practitioners in westem Switzerland. Further aims included the assessment of their current strategies to treat dental anxiety and their need for further education. Recipients were invited to reply by e-mail or postal mail, respectively. Up to three follow-up e-mails were sent. In agreement with the requests from the respondents to this survey it can be concluded that more education and training of dental anxiety reduction methods are needed.

External Validity of a Contemporaneous Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Trial in Patients with Acute ST-elevation Myocardial Infarction: Insights from a Single-Centre Investigation. Aims: Randomized controlled trials RCTs represent the most robust source of evidence-based echtzeit chart bollinger bands. However, the generalizability of RCTs is limited by the inclusion of selected populations.

Echtzeit chart bollinger bands ought to assess the external validity of binary options banks contemporary trial including patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction STEMI undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention PPCI. However, patients excluded from the trial represented a higher risk population with impaired clinical outcomes and a lower adherence to cardiovascular medication. Laboratory identification of people with unknown out-of-range glucose values and overt diabetic hyperglycaemia might improve the prognosis by delaying the emergence of overt disease.

Participation and performance trends in age group athletes have been investigated for different sport disciplines, but not for master swimmers. The knowledge on this topic is still missing for a particular stroke such as backstroke. Changes in participation and performance of male and female age group backstroke swimmers? Ebenfalls erfolgte die Bestimmung der Konzentrationen von Propofol und Remifentanil in der Mischung, welche mit den errechneten Konzentrationen verglichen wurden.

PISA als Methode zur quantitativen Bestimmung der Echtzeit chart bollinger bands MI in vitro und in vivo mit Referenzmethoden zu vergleichen. Dabei wurde die Herz-Magnetresonanztomographie CMR als Referenzmethode eingesetzt. Karsten Werner Klingberg Deutschland. Consultations by Asylum Seekers: Recent Trends in the Emergency Department of a Swiss University Hospital. Background — Large-scale war-related migration to Switzerland and other European countries is currently challenging European health systems.

Little is known about recent patterns and trends in Emergency Department ED consultations by Asylum Seekers AS. Patient characteristics and clini- cal information, such as triage category, type of referral and discharge, violence-related injury and diagnostic group on discharge, were extracted from the computerised database or determined from the medical reports. Changes in categorical variables between the three studied years were described.

The proportion of women increased over time. Nearly two thirds of the patients were walk-in emergencies and this proportion increased over time. Trauma was seen in a higher proportion of male than female patients. Regulation of fuel metabolism during exercise in hypopituitarism with growth hormone-deficiency. Growth hormone GH has a strong lipolytic action and its secretion is increased during exercise.

Data on fuel metabolism and its hormonal regulation during prolonged exercise in patients with growth hormone deficiency GHD is scarce. This study aimed at evaluating the hormonal and metabolic response during aerobic exercise in GHD patients. Additionally substrate oxidation assessed by indirect calorimetry was determined at begin and end of exercise. There were no significant differences for insulin, cortisol, catecholamines and glucose. Catecholamines and cortisol do not compensate for the lack of the lipolytic action of GH in patients with GHD.

Increased fibrinogen levels at diagnosis are associated with adverse outcome in patients with acute myeloid leukemia. Increased plasma fibrinogen levels are associated with shortened overall survival OS in some solid tumor types. In contrast, the prognostic significance of varying fibrinogen levels in acute myeloid leukemia AML at diagnosis is unknown. In this study, we assessed the prognostic significance of fibrinogen levels in AML patients.

Subsequently, quartile ranges were applied to analyze the association of varying fibrinogen levels on survival. We observed that the rates of complete remission, early death, and admission to intensive care unit were equal in the low versus high fibrinogen group. Assessing quartiles of fibrinogen values, we further confirmed this observation.

Our data suggest that high fibrinogen levels at diagnosis of AML are associated with unfavorable OS and progression-free survival but not with increased mortality during induction treatment. Hergen Martin Friedrich Deutschland. Rivalry of homeostatic and sensory-evoked emotions: Dehydration attenuates olfactory disgust and its neural correlates. Neural correlates have been described for emotions evoked by states of homeostatic imbalance e.

However, the neurobiological mechanisms of their interaction, when they are experienced simultaneously, are still unknown. We investigated the interaction on the neurobiological and the perceptional level using subjective ratings, serum parameters, and functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI in a situation of emotional rivalry, echtzeit chart bollinger bands both a homeostatic and a sensory-evoked emotion were experienced at the same time.

Twenty highly dehydrated male subjects rated a disgusting odor as significantly less repulsive when they were thirsty. On the neurobiological level, we found that this reduction in subjective disgust during thirst was accompanied by a significantly reduced neural activity in the insular cortex, a brain area known to be considerably involved in processing of disgust. Furthermore, during the experience of disgust in the satiated condition, we observed a significant functional connectivity between brain areas responding to the disgusting odor, which was absent during the stimulation in the thirsty condition.

These results suggest interference of conflicting emotions: an acute homeostatic imbalance can attenuate the experience of another emotion evoked by the sensory perception of a potentially harmful external agent. This finding offers novel insights with regard to the behavioral relevance of biologically different types of emotions, indicating that some types of emotions are more imperative for behavior than others.

As a general principle, this modulatory effect during the conflict of homeostatic and sensory-evoked emotions may function to safeguard survival. Magnesium in Cystic Fibrosis - Systematic Review of the Literature. The metabolism of sodium, potassium, and chloride and the acid-base balance are sometimes altered in cystic fibrosis. Textbooks and reviews only marginally address the homeostasis of magnesium in cystic fibrosis.

First, hypomagnesemia affects more than half of the cystic fibrosis patients with advanced disease, second, magnesemia, which is normally age-independent, relevantly decreases with age in cystic fibrosis, third, aminoglycoside antimicrobials frequently induce both acute and chronic renal magnesium-wasting, fourth, sweat magnesium concentration was normal in cystic fibrosis patients, fifth, limited echtzeit chart bollinger bands suggest the existence of an impaired intestinal magnesium balance.

Finally, stimulating observations suggest that magnesium supplements might achieve an improvement in respiratory muscle strength and mucolytic activity of both recombinant and endogenous deoxyribonuclease. In these patients, hypomagnesemia should be sought once a year. Furthermore, the potential of supplementation with this cation deserves more attention. Cross-sectional imaging allows for the assessment of structural characteristics of the entire gastrointestinal tract including small bowel loops and may provide potential non-invasive image-based biomarkers for the inflammatory activity of CD.

The aim of this study was to explore the predictive value of computed tomography-based morphologic patterns for inflammatory activity in CD. Image data were initially reviewed independently by three radiologists and discrepancies were settled in consensus with a focus on mesenteric fat stranding and combing, mesenteric adenopathy, mesenteric abscess, intraperitoneal free fluid, fistula, skip lesions, highest wall thickness and the localization of the affected bowel.

The extent of inflammatory activity in the bowel wall was determined subsequently by histological analysis. Our results show a significant increase of both volume and rate of RBC transfusion, increased administration of irradiated products over time and, conversely, less frequent use of matching subgroup RBCs, cytomegalovirus negative, filtered and consanguineous blood products.

During sepsis, circulating pathogen associated molecular patterns PAMPs mediate local and systemic inflammation. Sepsis as a systemic inflammatory response is further associated with the release of danger associated molecular patterns, including extracellular ATP. Extracellular ATP is known to function as a danger signal by activating specific purinergic receptors expressed on parenchymal and echtzeit chart bollinger bands cells in various organs and modulating the inflammatory responses.

This could lead to a better understanding of the mechanisms by which purinergic signaling modulate local and systemic immune responses during sepsis. Platelets and erythrocytes were isolated from human blood. Extracellular ATP concentration in the supernatant of plated cells was quantified in vitro using a luciferin-luciferase assay. Cell viability was assessed using a resazurin assay. Release of ATP in response to LPS was not observed in human blood platelets and red blood cells.

The release of ATP from hepatocytes has never been shown before and could lead to the discovery of a new potential target for the modulation of the immune response during sepsis. However, we will need to pursue our researches and substantiate our findings in an in vivo model. Volkmar Erik Waterkamp Deutschland. Background: This article addresses typical injury patterns related to the traditional Swiss team sport of Hornussen. A small plastic disk is struck with a special elastic racket and then intercepted in the field.

Severe injuries have occasionally been reported. Typical injury patterns comprised midfacial fractures and severe ocular traumata, very often in combination. Almost all of these patients had to be hospitalised due to the severity of the trauma suffered and underwent surgery. Conclusions: Eye and face injuries caused by Hornussen can be devastating.

This resembles the potential risk of other bat-and-ball sports, such as cricket and baseball. Apart from the economic loss due to treatment costs and sick leave, these injuries can be disabling for life. A longitudinal study involving young Swiss men. The extent of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis use in the two groups remained stable from baseline to follow-up no escalation. CD was associated with initiation of substance use but did not mediate the associations between ADHD and substance use, revealing that the impact of ADHD on substance use was independent of CD.

It is also a risk factor for initiating the use of cannabis, stimulants, hallucinogens and sedatives, independent of conduct disorder in early adolescence. Es konnte aber kein signifikanter Zusammenhang zwischen dem Vorkommen von Dentikeln und Faktoren wie Zahntyp, Lokalisation im Unterkiefer oder potentiellem iatrogenem Reiz Rekonstruktion gefunden werden.

Phenotyping of tumor-associated macrophages in echtzeit chart bollinger bands cancer: Impact on single cell invasion tumor budding and clinicopathological outcome. Tumor-associated macrophages TAM play a controversial role in epithelial? In particular, the microlocalization, polarization and prognostic impact of TAM in the immediate environment of invading CRC cells has not yet been established. Cell-to-cell contacts between tumor buds and TAM were detected using high- resolution digital scans.

The composition of the tumor microenvironment was analyzed with clinicopathological and molecular features. This study provides direct morphological evidence of an interaction between TAM and infiltrating cancer cells. The prognostic impact of TAM is modulated by phenotype, microlocalization and the expression of anti- phagocytic markers in CRC. TESTING THE EFFICACY OF LOW VISION THERAPY WITH SIMULATED LOW VISION. Scientific evidence proving its efficacy is scarce however. The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of magnification and contrast enhancement on reading performance in three different types of low vision: Binocular central scotoma, blurred vision and oscillopsia.

Texts were presented on a display and were either blurred, set options trading usa motion or blanked at the gaze position by using eye tracking echtzeit chart bollinger bands gaze contingent display. The simulated visual impairment was calibrated such that all types of low vision caused equal reading impairment. We then tested the effect of magnification and contrast enhancement among the different types of low vision.

The effect of magnification is significantly different in the three low vision conditions: The gain from magnification was highest in simulated blur and least in central scotoma. The effect of contrast enhancement is similar in all low vision conditions. Contrast enhancement leads to improved reading speed in all low vision types. We provide evidence that supports the use of low vision aids.

We advocate the use of our system for testing other low vision measures. Positive Pacing in Elite Ironman Triathletes. Pacing is known to influence athletic performance. For the Ironman triathlon program, a positive pacing strategy, i. Furthermore, sex-associated differences in performance and pacing strategies were calculated. Changes in speed were assessed using mixed-effects regression analyses.

The running part showed no significant difference of changes in speed between the sexes. In summary, in the Ironman races evaluated, a positive pacing strategy was adopted in most races. Women used the same pacing strategy as men. Therefore, we constructed a TMA with multiple lymph node metastases. Dabei wurde auch der Einfluss zweier verschiedener Softwares zur Auswertung evaluiert.

Die Unterschiede waren aber insgesamt sehr gering. Sonja Maria Hager Deutschland. Anti-tumour activity of platinum compounds in advanced prostate cancer? However, cross-resistance is a clinically relevant problem. Platinum compounds have been tested in a number of clinical trials in molecularly unselected prostate cancer patients. Advances in CRPC molecular profiling have shown that a significant proportion of patients harbour DNA repair defects, which may serve as predictive markers for sensitivity to platinum agents.

The PRIMSA statement was followed for the systematic review process. Identified trials are analysed for study design, statistical plan, assessments of antitumour activity and the potential value of predictive biomarkers. Response seemed highest for the combinations of carboplatin with taxanes or oxaliplatin with gemcitabine. The interpretation of the clinical data is limited by differences in response criteria used and patient populations studied. Translational evidence of DNA repair deficiency should be leveraged in future studies to select prostate cancer patients most likely to benefit from platinum-based therapy.

Predictors of Discharge Destination Among Older Patients Admitted to Inpatient Rehabilitation. Background: Inpatient rehabilitation has been shown to improve patient outcomes and prevent nursing home admissions in frail elderly persons. Better understanding of the characteristics that may predict discharge to home may help guide goal setting procedures and influence discharge planning early on during the rehabilitation stay.

Our study was to determine the predictive value of functional status and of certain patient characteristics for discharge to home. In all patients, administrative data age, gender, and marital status as a proxy for living with someone else and the functional independence measure FIM were recorded weekly. Logistic regression was used to assess the influence of each of the FIM scores as well as age, sex and marital status on the probability of being discharged to home as opposed to being discharged to an institution.

The results confirm our clinical observation that motor functions, and especially motor function for intimate hygiene are key predictors of discharge home versus nursing home. These results might help to improve targeting patients for inpatient rehabilitation, and for refining the rehabilitation program. Outcome of patients with severe aortic stenosis undergoing ad hoc transcatheter aortic valve implantation without invasive pre-evaluation.

Aims: To investigate the feasibility and safety of TAVI without prior invasive assessment. Among patients without invasive assessment, coronary angiography was performed immediately before TAVI within the same intervention. Baseline patient characteristics and calculated risk scores were comparable between groups. Therapy with proton-pump inhibitors for gastroesophageal reflux disease does not reduce the risk for severe exacerbations in COPD.

Wir nahmen deshalb an, dass die Behandlung mit Protonenpumpen-Hemmern PPI das Exacerbationsrisiko bei Patienten mit stabiler COPD reduzierten. Chewing Efficiency, Bite Force and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life with Narrow Diameter Implants - A Prospective Clinical Echtzeit chart bollinger bands Results after One Year.

Objective: This prospective study aimed to investigate the evolution of chewing efficiency, maximum voluntary bite force MBF and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life OHRQoL in edentulous patients treated with narrow diameter implants NDI over the course of one year. They were immediately loaded by converting the existing prosthesis into an implant-overdenture. MBF was measured using a digital force gauge.

Non-parametric Brunner-Langer models were applied for statistical testing. OHRQoL increased echtzeit chart bollinger bands after implant loading and continued improving medians: BL? Functional benefits might be more evident if patients receive chewing instructions. Larger studies need to confirm a positive effect on chewing efficiency and develop long-term maintenance solutions if patients become frail because no easy downgrading approaches of one-piece titanium implants exist.

Characterization of Enhancing MS Lesions by Dynamic Texture Parameter Analysis of Dynamic Susceptibility Perfusion Imaging. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate statistical differences with MR perfusion imaging features that reflect the dynamics of Gadolinium-uptake in MS lesions using dynamic texture parameter analysis DTPA.

Histogram-based feature maps were computed from the raw DSC-image time series and the corresponding texture parameters were analyzed during the inflow, outflow, and reperfusion time intervals. Cost-Saving Early Diagnosis of Functional Pain in Nonmalignant Pain: A Noninferiority Study of Diagnostic Accuracy. Objectives: We compared two index screening tests for early diagnosis of functional pain: pressure pain measurement by electronic echtzeit chart bollinger bands equipment, which is accurate but too specialized for primary health care, versus peg testing, which is cost-saving and more easily manageable but of unknown sensitivity and specificity.

Early distinction of functional altered pain perception, nervous sensitization from neuropathic or nociceptive pain improves pain management. All consenting patients referred to a university hospital for nonmalignant musculoskeletal pain participated. The main analysis compared the receiver operating characteristic ROC curves of both index screening tests. This may shorten time-to-treatment in general practices, thereby improving the prognosis and quality of life.

Do the Matches Matter? Every four years there is, a world football competition is organised. Very large numbers of viewers and supporters attend these events with a mixture of joy and tension and the hope that their favourite team might be victorious. We analysed data from patients that presented to the Emergency department during and within one hour either side of the match taking place. The accuracy and reliability of non-invasive haemoglobin measurements in the emergency room: a small prospective observational quality control study from a Swiss university hospital ED.

Background: The accuracy and reliability of non-invasive oximetry for haemoglobin measurements were reported in operating rooms and intensive care echtzeit chart bollinger bands, though few studies evaluated this technology in emergency departments. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the accuracy and reliability of non-invasive SpHb readings from a portable device, in emergency department patients, compared to synchronous LabHb measurements.

The authors sought to minimise external variables that could influence device performance, including learning curves and patient conditions, thus performed measurements by echtzeit chart bollinger bands trained user on stable adults only. Is the duration of pre-operative conservative treatment associated with the clinical outcome following surgical decompression for lumbar spinal stenosis?

A study based on the Spine Tango Registry. Background: The incidence of lumbar spinal stenosis LSS continues to rise, with both conservative and surgical treatments remaining an option. The timing of surgery for LSS varies from shortly after the onset of symptoms to several months or years after conservative treatment. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between the duration of pre-operative conservative treatment and the ultimate outcome following surgical interventions for LSS.

Cases of LSS with spondylolisthesis, additional spinal pathology or previous spinal surgery were excluded from the study. The inverse probability of treatment weighting was applied using the propensity score to balance the groups for their characteristics. Physical exercise and quantitative lower limb collateral function. Objective: This study tested the hypothesis that — — global physical activity and physical performance — — parameters are directly related to invasively obtained — — left superficial femoral artery SFA collateral flow index — — CFI.

CFI is the ratio of simultaneously recorded — — mean SFA distal occlusive pressure divided by mean — — aortic pressure, both subtracted by central venous — — pressure. As independent variables, the items of the — — Global Physical Activity Questionnaire GPAQ and — — physical exercise performance maximal workload in — — watts as achieved during a bicycle or treadmill — — exercise test were determined. Influence of hip position on oxygenation of renal transplants: The bent knee study - a pilot study.

Iliac flow restrictions with kinking are described in cyclists secondary to fibrous fixation of the iliac bifurcation. In renal transplantation, a fibrous perigraft reaction develops soon postoperatively. Functional kinking due to tethering of iliac arteries by adjacent fibrotic tissue may occur in graft recipients when sitting and in turn lead echtzeit chart bollinger bands repetitive graft hypoperfusion. The purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis that perfusion and oxygenation of renal transplants are reduced during hip flexion compared to the stretched position by employing MRI techniques.

MRI including blood oxygenation level-dependent BOLD and diffusion tensor imaging DTI was performed in neutral hip position and in maximally achievable hip flexion. There were no significant changes in ADC and FA. However, more subjects are needed to validate this initial finding. As expected, there was no significant influence on ADC and FA. Medullary parameters showed no changes in this pilot study. Background: Burn injuries in Switzerland are frequent and lead to high economic and social costs.

However, little is known about the aetiology of burns suffered by patients seeking treatment in hospital emergency departments. This knowledge could be used to develop preventive measures. Clinical and sociodemographic data were extracted from medical records, i. The winter season and the days around Christmas, turn of the year and Swiss National Day were identified as times with high risk of burns. Approximately every second burn injury was caused by fluid, every fourth by flame and every seventh by hot objects.

The analysis identified cooking, tar and electricity in workplace accidents, barbecues and the use of gasoline as aetiological factors in burns in leisure time, together with water in domestic thermal injuries. Burns occurred predominantly on non-protected skin on the hand and arms. The most severe burn injuries were seen in electrical and flame burns. Male patients suffered more severe burns than female patients in all settings except psychopathology.

Mila Yosifova Nedelcheva Bulgarien. Dynamic changes of intramural hematoma in patients with acute spontaneous internal carotid artery dissection. Two patients presented with ischemic stroke, three with transient ischemic attacks and five with local symptoms only. Fifty percent of patients had a transitory increase in the degree of the ICA stenosis on MRA, one resulted in a temporary occlusion. Although sICAD overall carries a good prognosis with spontaneous hematoma resorption in all patients, early follow-up imaging should be considered, especially in case of new clinical symptoms.

Direct Mechanical Intervention Versus Combined Intravenous and Mechanical Intervention in Large Artery Anterior Circulation Stroke - A Matched-Pairs Analysis. Whether direct MT is equally effective as combined intravenous thrombolysis with MT ie, bridging thrombolysis remains unclear. We matched all patients from the direct MT group who would have qualified for intravenous tissue-type plasminogen activator with controls from the bridging group, using multivariate and propensity score analyses.

In patients with large anterior circulation stroke, direct mechanical intervention seems to be equally effective as bridging thrombolysis. A randomized trial comparing direct MT with bridging therapy is warranted. Diagnostic value of immunohistochemistry on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded skin biopsy specimens for bullous pemphigoid. Background: Direct immunofluorescence microscopy DIF studies constitute the gold standard for the diagnosis of bullous pemphigoid BPbut depend on the availability of specialized laboratories and often on an additional skin biopsy specimen.

Furthermore, to study the correlation between the results of IHCA and the presence of histological subepidermal blister formation and of circulating autoantibodies by indirect immunofluorescence IIF studies using split-skin and or by ELISAs. Diagnostic and therapeutic value of a double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled test as a tool to assess the individual response to TNF-inhibition using infliximab in patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases and concomitant non-inflammatory pain.

Due to their biological mode of action TNF inhibitors are likely to be ineffective in patients with non- inflammatory pain, as present in osteoarthritis, chronic low back pain or fibromyalgia syndrome. As a matter of fact non-inflammatory pain frequently occurs concurrent with inflammatory rheumatic diseases. This concomitance of different diseases, based on different pathologies, but all with the major symptom of pain, may lead to difficulties in adequate indication for treatment with TNF alpha- blocker.?

Thereafter, the indication for a continuation of the anti TNF therapy is based on the individual pharmacological benefit, and not based on the internationally defined algorithms which neglect confounding comorbidities. As a secondary aim, the test should prove that non-inflammatory pain is not modulated by TNF-inhibition. In addition, the patient had to define which infusions contained verum and placebo, respectively. A concluding discussion took place regarding the individual benefit and to decide about the continuation of TNF alpha-blocker therapy.

We found no predictive values for treatment response in axial spondyloarthritis patients. Non- inflammatory pain was not modulated by TNF-inhibition. The fact that no predictive variables could be defined proves that validated tools to assess disease activity of SpA are flawed by confounding non-inflammatory pain. As a consequence our test saved treatment costs and, on the other hand, showed clinical benefit in patients not fulfilling international criteria for TNF-treatment.

Leakage Characteristics of Dual-Cannula Fenestrated Tracheostomy Tubes during Positive Pressure Ventilation: A Bench Study. This study compared the leakage characteristics of different types of dual-cannula fenestrated tracheostomy tubes forex entry and exit points positive pressure ventilation. Transfenestration pressures and transfenestration leakage rates were measured during positive pressure ventilation.

The impact of different ventilation modes, airway pressures, temperatures, and simulated static lung compliance settings on leakage characteristics was assessed. We observed substantial differences in transfenestration pressures and transfenestration leakage rates. The tracheal tube design was the echtzeit chart bollinger bands factor that determined the leakage characteristics. Careful tracheostomy tube selection permits the use of fenestrated tracheostomy tubes in patients receiving positive pressure ventilation immediately after stoma formation and minimises the risk of complications caused by transfenestration gas leakage, for example, subcutaneous emphysema.

Nuss procedure for pectus excavatum in adults: long-term results in a prospective observational study. The Nuss procedure pectus bar has been the method of choice for patients with pectus excavatum at Bern University Hospital for over a decade. The current study will describe our experiences, with a particular focus on long-term results in adults. The Haller index was used to quantify pectus excavatum severity. Only a very small group of patients suffered from pain in the long-term follow-up.

The improved quality of life and patients? Sural Nerve Conduction Studies Using Ultrasound-Guided Needle Positioning: Influence Of Age And Recording Location. Introduction: The aim of this study was to compare orthodromic sural nerve conduction study NCS results using ultrasound-guided needle positioning USNP to surface electrode recordings. Electrical stimuli were applied behind the lateral malleolus. SNAP amplitudes were smaller at the proximal recording location.

SNAP amplitudes are smaller at proximal recording locations due to sural nerve branching. Adult Asylum Seekers from the Middle East Including Syria in Central Europe: What are their Health Care Problems? Background: Forced displacement related to persecution and violent conflict has reached a new peak in recent years. The primary aim of this study is to provide an initial overview of the acute and chronic health care problems of asylum seekers from the Middle East, with special emphasis on asylum seekers from Syria.

There were no differences between Syrian and non-Syrian refugees concerning surgical or medical admissions. Asylum seekers should be carefully evaluated when presenting to a medical facility and physicians should be aware of the high incidence of unspecified somatic symptoms in this patient population. Curcumin and Pomegranate extracts as natural antioxidants for adjuvant therapy in pneumococcal meningitis.

Background: Despite vaccination prevention programs, antibiotic echtzeit chart bollinger bands, and the progress of intensive medicine, pneumococcal meningitis remains a significant disease, the consequences of which, such as seizure disorders, cerebral palsy, sensory-motor deficits, learning difficulties and neuropsychological impairments, are particularly crippling.

Previous studies have shown that the oxidative stress and the inflammatory reaction of the host itself contribute largely to neuronal damage. Other studies on animal experimental models of bacterial meningitis have shown that some antioxidants may have a beneficial effect by limiting cortical damage, inhibiting apoptosis and by reducing the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the CSF.

Neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of the hydrophobic polyphenol curcumin and of pomegranate extract have been largely documented, making these compounds potential candidates for adjuvant treatment in bacterial meningitis. The goal of this study is to test whether curcumin and pomegranate extract, used as adjuvant therapies in an experimental pneumococcal meningitis model, influence the levels of cortex injury, of apoptosis in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus and whether treatment with curcumin decreases the amount of pro- inflammatory parameters in the Echtzeit chart bollinger bands. All other infected animals were excluded from the study because of spontaneous death or euthanasia for ethical reasons at time points different from those analysed.

Aetiopathogenesis of collagenous colitis versus ulcerative colitis: Enhanced proliferation of the colonic epithelium is associated with increased activation of molecular mechanisms of cell-mediated cytotoxicity in the absence of inflammatory macrophages in collagenous colitis. Background: Collagenous colitis CC is a disease leading to diarrhea which exhibits distinct histopathologic alterations. Little is known on its aetiopathogenesis and the immunologic mechanisms involved in the occurring inflammation.

Our objectives were to identify potential immunopathological mechanisms that contribute to the course of the disease and to compare these findings with those observed in ulcerative colitis UCa chronic intestinal illness whose understanding of the pathogenesis is more advanced, and, for comparison, with colonic control biopsies healthy controls, HC. We also performed immunohistochemical stainings to identify expression of selected markers also at a protein level.

The transcription rates of the genes encoding KGF, KGFR and TGF? The observed increased proliferation rate could be a consequence of a TNF? This echtzeit chart bollinger bands against a critical involvement of inflammatory macrophage subsets echtzeit chart bollinger bands the disease process, which has been convincingly demonstrated previously to be critical for the development of UC.

Hence, similar to the situation previously reported for florid celiac disease in the small intestinal epithelium, activated IEL-mediated elimination of epithelial cells could play an important role in the pathogenesis of this disease whereas in contrast to UC inflammatory macrophages are unlikely to be critically involved in the pathogenesis of CC.

Sculean, Zahnmedizinische Kliniken ZMK. RI kinase activity mediates Emdogain-stimulated in vitro osteoclastogenesis. Objectives: Emdogain, containing an extract of fetal porcine enamel matrix proteins, is a potent stimulator of in vitro osteoclastogenesis. The underlying molecular mechanisms are, however, unclear. RI kinase activity on osteoclastogenesis in murine bone marrow cultures.

Palatal fibroblasts reduce osteoclastogenesis in murine bone marrow cultures. Objectives and Background: Preclinical studies support the assumption that connective tissue grafts preserve the alveolar bone, the underlying cellular mechanism however remains unknown. The cellular mechanism may be attributed to the paracrine activity of the palatal fibroblasts.

It was thus reasonable to suggest that palatal connective tissue grafts suppress the formation of osteoclasts. The paracrine interaction of fibroblasts and the bone marrow was achieved with cell-occlusive membranes. Palatal fibroblast had a major impact on the distribution of the osteoclasts: osteoclasts were prominent in the center of the insert.

Moreover, fibroblasts accumulated immediately adjacent to the border of the insert, forming a ring of fibroblasts at a high cell densitiy. Sensitive and rapid detection of ganciclovir resistance by PCR based MALDI-TOF analysis. Resistance against ganciclovir is increasingly observed. According to current guidelines, direct drug resistance testing is not always performed due to high costs and work effort, even when resistance is suspected.

Agnieszka Anna Slezak Polen. Occlusion location of middle cerebral artery stroke and outcome after endovascular treatment. Background: The aim of this study was to analyze the influence of the location of middle cerebral artery MCA occlusion on recanalization, complications and outcome after endovascular therapy. Outcome was better with distal than proximal occlusions. This study shows that recanalization can be used as a surrogate marker for clinical outcome only in patients with proximal occlusions.

Richard John Miron Kanada. Comparison of the capacity of enamel matrix derivative gel and enamel matrix derivative in liquid formulation to adsorb to bone grafting materials. However, in certain clinical situations, the use of EMD alone may not be sufficient to prevent flap collapse or provide sufficient stability of the blood clot. Data from clinical and preclinical studies have demonstrated controversial results after application of EMD combined with different types of bone grafting materials in periodontal regenerative procedures.

The aim of the present study is to investigate the adsorption properties of enamel matrix proteins to bone grafts after surface coating with either EMD as a liquid formulation or EMD as a gel formulation. Samples were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy echtzeit chart bollinger bands transmission electron microscopy TEM using an immunostaining assay with gold-conjugated anti-EMD antibody. Total protein adsorption to bone grafting material was quantified using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA kit for amelogenin.

EMD gel adsorbed less protein to the surface of grafting particles, which easily dissociated from the graft surface after phosphate-buffered saline rinsing. Analyses by TEM revealed that adsorption of amelogenin proteins were significantly farther from the grafting material surface, likely a result of the thick polyglycolic acid gel carrier.

Furthermore, amelogenin proteins delivered by EMD liquid were able to penetrate the porous surface structure of NBM and DFDBA and adsorb to the interior of bone grafting particles. Grafting materials coated with EMD gel adsorbed more frequently to the exterior of grafting particles echtzeit chart bollinger bands little interior penetration. Furthermore, differences in amelogenin adsorption were observed among NBM, DFDBA, and biphasic CaP particles.

Thus, the potential for a liquid carrier system for EMD, used to coat EMD, may be advantageous for better surface coating. Background — Poikiloderma is defined as a chronic skin condition presenting with a combination of punctate atrophy, areas of depigmentation, hyperpigmentation and telangiectasia. The effect of novel variants was evaluated by phylogenic studies, single-nucleotide polymorphism SNP databases and in silico analyses. Erwartungshaltung und Arousal in Musik - Eine EEG-Studie.

In einem zweiten Durchgang bewerteten die Teilnehmer kontinuierlich ihre wahrgenommenen Emotionen, dies mit einem zweidimensionalen Rating mit den Achsen Valenz und Arousal. Es zeigte sich eine gute inter-individuelle Korrelation der Arousal-Ratings. Primary Hyperventilation in the Emergency Department: A first Overview. Background: Primary hyperventilation is defined as a state of alveolar ventilation in excess of metabolic requirements, leading to decreased arterial partial pressure of carbon dioxide.

The primary aim of this study was to characterise patients diagnosed with primary hyperventilation in the ED. Our retrospective cohort study comprised adult? Patients predominantly are of young age, female sex and often have psychiatric comorbidities. The severity of symptoms accompanied with primary hyperventilation most often needs further work-up to rule out other diagnosis in a mostly young population. In the future, further prospective multicentre studies are needed to evaluate and establish clear diagnostic criteria for primary hyperventilation and possible screening instruments.

Intracellular Adenosine triphosphate ATP is the major energy source of the cell and is involved in a lot of different processes in metabolism. But ATP is also known for playing an important role as a potent extracellular singnalling molecule and having a function in the extracellular space, where it acts as a signalling molecule on through the activation of special purinergic receptors. Purinergic signalling is significantly involved in the generation and maintenance of inflammatory diseases.

Inflammatory conditions that lead to tissue damage are associated with the release of ATP from different cells into the extracellular space. These cells are expressing a plasma membrane-targeted luciferase on their surface and therefore are able to detect ATP in the extracellular milieu close to the cell. In the context of this study we wanted to further explore the site-specific mechanism of ATP release by performing an in vivo real-time imaging of extracellular ATP release in different in vitro and in vivo experiments.

Therefore we formulated a general hypothesis and three specific questions. Prevention of vascular dysfunction and arterial hypertension in mice generated by assisted reproductive technologies by addition of melatonin to culture media. Anschliessend wurden erneut Ra und Rz sowie VHN und EM gemessen. Als post-hoc Tests wurden Kruskal-Wallis-Tests sowie exakte Wilcoxon Rangsummen-Tests verwendet und die p-Werte wurden nicht korrigiert. Das Signifikanzniveau wurde auf? Von der Verwendung des Silikonpolitursystems VITA Polishing Set Clinical muss eher abgeraten werden.

However, recent developments in magnetic resonance imaging MRI now offer good opportunities for the indirect assessment of the integrity and structural changes of the knee articular cartilage. Sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive values of magnetic — resonance imaging were calculated and correlated to the arthroscopic findings of cartilaginous lesions. Lesions were classified using the modified Outerbridge classification.

For grade II lesions, the technique demonstrates moderate sensitivity, while for grade I lesions, the sensitivity is limited to provide reliable diagnosis compared to knee arthroscopy. Quality of Information for Women seeking Breast Augmentation in the Internet. Background — Recently published data show that many women interested in breast augmentation BA actively search the Internet for information. The Internet is currently the main source of information on this topic.

Our goal was to evaluate this in a systematic manner using a validated and reproducible tool. Five keywords were used. Qualitative and quantitative assessment was performed with the modified Ensuring Quality Information for Patients EQIP tool. Scores were higher for encyclopedias and academic websites compared to hospital and practitioner websites. Our analysis demonstrated several shortcomings in the quality of information provided to BA candidates.

There is an immediate need for better informative and educational websites regarding BA procedures that are compatible with international quality standards for plastic surgery. Entwicklung eines Modells der Atemwege mittels Rapid Prototyping. Ziel des Projektes war es, ein realistisches und preiswertes Atemwegsmodell herzustellen, das verschiedensten Anforderungen der Schulung gerecht wird.

Aus einem CT-Datensatz wurde der Tracheobronchialbaum isoliert und anschliessend mit Design-Programmen bearbeitet. Resultat war ein STL-Datensatz, der mittels zwei verschiedenen rapid-prototyping Verfahren umgesetzt wurde. A promissing experimental apporach to treat Parkinson? One major limitation of this approach is the restricted innervation of the transplanted dopaminergic neurons into the host brain.

Hence, several attemps have been made to improve the tissue quality before transplantation by pre-treating the donor tissue. Previous studies demonstrated that pre-treatment of fetal ventral mesencephalic tissue with neurotrophic factors such as glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor or with bioactive substances such as creatine increased the survival and differentiation of midbrain dopaminergic neurons.

Moreover, pre-treatment with neurotrophic factors promoted neurite outgrowth of dopaminergic neurons. In contrast to growth promoting factors, Nogo-A is on of the most potent neurite growth inhibitor in the central nervous system. Therefore, we previously postulated that Nogo-A might play a crucial role in preventing the engraftment of transplanted cells.

In fact, blocking the receptors of Nogo-A has been shown to promote survival of cultured dopaminergic neurons as well as the number and length of their neurites. As expected, all three treatments promoted the morphological complexity of dopaminergic neurons, the combination treatments, however, did not further enhance the morphological complexity. Taken together, as the current results indicate an enhanced morphological complexity of dopaminergic neurons after all treatments, an improved protocol or different factor combinations may still result in a better outcome.

Finding such combinations would open the possibility for improved engraftment of pre-treated transplanted cells into the host brain in the context of future cell transplantation approaches. Anaesthetic induction with etomidate in cardiac surgery, A randomised controlled trial. It is also associated with adrenocortical dysfunction. Risk stratification low vs. Within low and high-risk sub- groups, no differences echtzeit chart bollinger bands vasopressor use or outcomes were found.

Hauf, Klinik Bethesda Tschugg, Neurorehabilitation, Parkinson-Zentrum, Epileptologie. Effects of contralateral arterial stenosis on brain perfusion in cerebrovascular disease. Hemodynamic compromise of brain tissue due to the arterial stenosis is a major candidate criterion to optimize patient selection for revascularization therapy but it is not yet integrated in the guidelines. Currently, treatment guidelines to recanalization therapy are based on clinical neurological data, grade of stenosis, comorbidities, echtzeit chart bollinger bands and gender.

Outcome prediction is complex and incompletely understood. Internal echtzeit chart bollinger bands artery ICA stenosis has been associated with a reduction in cerebral blood flow not only in the ipsilateral, but also in the contralateral brain hemisphere. Chronic hemodynamic compromise may be an independent factor of bad outcome in carotid artery disease in respect to stroke recurrence and to neurocognitive performance.

The aim of this study was to analyze a large sample of patients suffering from chronic cerebrovascular disease in order to investigate the influence of ICA stenosis on the perfusion of the contralateral,? The results were compared to patients with carotid artery disease without stenosis and to patients with stenosis of the contralateral middle cerebral artery MCA.

Our results are in line with the hypothesis that stenosis of ICA is reducing the brain perfusion not only on the ipsilateral, but also of the contralateral otherwise healthy hemisphere. The absence of contralateral perfusion change in patients with MCA stenosis provides evidence that the underlying pathophysiological mechanism is most likely a vascular steal syndrome via the circulus willisii.

In regard of recent studies indicating that chronic hypoperfusion results in a loss of neuronal function, contralateral stenosis may be part of the pathophysiological process leading to impairment in neurocognitive test performance. Therefore, evaluation of collateral flow and whole brain perfusion changes may be increasingly considered within treatment considerations for revascularization therapy in cerebrovascular disease.

Background: Image-guided systems have recently been introduced for their application in liver surgery. Analysis is divided into three aspects: clinical and technological factors as well as overall system accuracy. The concept of image-guidance has been shown to be increasingly efficient for selected indications in liver surgery. While accuracy of available technology is increasing pertaining to technological advancements, more and more previously untreatable scenarios come within reach.

NK cell regulation by Siglecs. Aberrant glycosylation is a common characteristic of many different tumor types and is relevant for tumor progression, invasion and metastasis. Expression of these atypical carbohydrate structures has also been associated with tumor escape from immunosurveillance, for instance, through their interaction with specific receptors in the immune cells. It is well known that patient compliance in the pharmacotherapy of depression is generally poor.

Several investigations have demonstrated that the doctor-patient relationship is a crucial element for the outcome in the treatment of depression. We evaluated the effect of a manual which was developed to help trainee psychiatrists to improve patient compliance in the use of antidepressants. The interactive form of the manual, wich included figures and concise written information, was handed out to the trainee psychiatrists after a short instruction.

We compared the course of treatment in patients which received treatment as usual echtzeit chart bollinger bands a group of patients after the introduction oft the manual. The quality oft the therapeutic alliance was measured with the HAQ Helping Alliance Questionnaire. Attitudes and knowledge about antidepressant treatment was assessed with the ADCQ Antidepressant Compliance Questionnaireand the level of depression with the BDI Beck Depression Inventory.

The use of the manual was associated with better patient satisfaction and compliance. The referral to another therapist had a negative effect on the course of depression. The health professionals gave consistently positive feedback about the manual and wanted to continue with its use. Above all, the interacive nature of the manual and the individual use of the written material was well received.

Transcatheter aortic valve implantation and bleeding: incidence, predictors and prognosis. Peri-procedural bleeding complications are feared adverse events in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation TAVI. Little is known about the implications of peri-procedural bleeding on clinical outcome. In a prospective single-center registry of consecutive patients undergoing TAVI, we investigated incidence, predictors and clinical consequences of life-threatening and major bleeding as defined by the Valve Academic Research Consortium.

Patients with peri-procedural bleeding events had a higher logistic EuroSCORE, more advanced renal disease, and were more symptomatic as assessed by New York Heart Association functional class at baseline as compared to patients with no bleeding. Life-threatening bleeding complications in patients undergoing TAVI are associated with increased mortality. Renal impairment, diabetes, and transapical approach were identified as independent risk factors for life-threatening bleeding events.

A Comparison of Radiocolloid and Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Imaging, Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping in Patients with Cervical Cancer Undergoing Laparoscopic Surgery. Indocyanine green ICG with near infrared fluorescence imaging has been introduced as a new methodology for SLN mapping. The aim of this study was to compare these two techniques in the laparoscopic treatment of cervical cancer. Sensitivity, specificity, and overall and bilateral detection rates were calculated and compared.

Obgleich PS in Form der? Im Vergleich mit der Fibrinogenkonzentration sollte dessen Bedeutung auf die gerinnungszeitbasierten Tests gezeigt werden. In der Korrelationsanalyse konnte u. Doris Martina Amalie Straus Deutschland. Empirical Evidence for a Relationship between Narcissistic Personality Traits and Job Burnout. Purpose: The relationship between burnout and depression has been a major focus of burnout echtzeit chart bollinger bands, but personality factors might be equally important.

Largely based on theoretical grounds, narcissism has repeatedly been proposed to contribute to burnout. Objective: The aim of this study was to examine empirically the relationship between burnout and narcissism. Conclusions: Personality factors, especially narcissism, may be equally important as depressive symptoms, and thus should regularly be considered in burnout research and therapy.

Histology of damaged acetabular cartilage in symptomatic femoroacetabular impingement: an observational analysis. This prospective study on symptomatic adult patients with femoroacetabular impingement FAI who underwent open surgical intervention for management was designed to identify any obvious histological differences in the damaged acetabular cartilage within different subgroups of FAI.

Pincer impingement cases demonstrated a characteristic focal, well-circumscribed and localized area of severe damage. On the other hand, cases with cam impingement showed a diffuse area of involvement affecting a larger surface of the acetabular cartilage, with degenerative changes, superficial erosions and some discontinuities.

A small biopsy specimen of the acetabular rim including bone, cartilage and labrum from the affected zone was obtained in all cases. Histological evaluation was performed under normal and polarized light microscopy. Histological findings helped corroborate the pre-operative diagnosis and also define the unique nature of impingement and specific damage according to the type of impingement.

Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Children with Cancer: A Study at a Swiss University Hospital. Background: Though complementary and alternative medicine CAM are frequently used by children and adolescents with cancer, there is little information on how and why they use it. This study examined prevalence and methods of CAM, the therapists who applied it, reasons for and against using CAM and its perceived effectiveness.

Parent-perceived communication was also evaluated. Parents were asked if medical staff provided information on CAM to patients, if parents echtzeit chart bollinger bands use of CAM to physicians, and what attitude they thought physicians had toward CAM. Those diagnosed more recently were more likely to be informed about CAM options. The most frequent reason for not using CAM was lack of information. Angst, Kantonsspital Schaffhausen, Abteilung Chirurgie. Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors: How Much Surgery is Safe?

Background — Neuroendocrine tumors of the pancreas pNET are rare. Often the patients are asymptomatic for a long time and present late with metastasized disease. Although there are guidelines for the treatment of these tumors, there is no clear consensus whether the resection of liver metastases may be combined with the primary tumor. The patients were analyzed for demographic and clinical data, surgical treatment, tumor size and stage, histology, complications, survival and tumor recurrence over time.

Patients with a one-step surgical approach to pancreas and liver had similar morbidity and mortality compared to patients with disease confined to the pancreas. The primary tumors were smaller in tumors confined to the pancreas. Angioinvasion as well as positive lymph nodes were strongly correlated with synchronous or metachronous liver metastases. Progression free survival was shorter in patients with primary metastasized disease.

The surgical approach should be tailored to the patient? Patients benefit from extended and combined resections even in metastasized or locally advanced situations. Combined pancreatic and hepatic surgery may be performed safely. Anticoagulation Management Practices and Outcomes in Elderly Patients with Acute Venous Thromboembolism: A Clinical Research Study. Whether anticoagulation management practices are associated with improved outcomes in elderly patients with acute venous thromboembolism VTE is uncertain.

Thus, we aimed to examine whether practices recommended by the American College of Chest Physicians guidelines are associated with outcomes in elderly patients with VTE. We used Cox regression and lognormal survival models, adjusting for patient characteristics. In elderly patients with VTE, the adherence to recommended anticoagulation management practices showed mixed results.

Completeness of Follow-Up Determines Validity of Study Findings: Results of a Prospective Repeated Measures Cohort Study. The Follow-Up Index FUI describes follow-up completeness at a given study end date as ratio between the investigated and the potential follow-up period. The association between FUI and the accuracy of survival-estimates was investigated.

For the control scenario B, an independent survey was completed at the predefined study end. To determine the relation between FUI and the accuracy of study findings, discrepancies between scenarios regarding FUI, follow-up duration and cumulative survival-estimates were evaluated using multivariate analyses. Degree of follow-up completeness i. FUI represents a simple measure suited as reporting standard.

Evidence lacking such information must be challenged as potentially flawed by selection bias. Swimming performances in long distance open-water events with and without wetsuit. Data about the influence of wetsuits on swimming performances in long and ultra-long open-water swimming races are missing. It is unknown whether the benefit of wearing wetsuits is comparable in men and women.

Bosshardt, Zahnmedizinische Kliniken, Forschung Parodontologie. Therefore, I tested two heat-induced antigen retrieval techniques, the microwave-EDTA and the steampot-citrate methods. As an internal positive control tissue I used the oral gingival epithelium. As an external positive control tissue I used rat kidney. There was a weaker staining in the cytoplasm of the tubular epithelial cells. The steampot-citrate appeared to be the better pre-treatment technique, because the background staining was weaker than in the sections with the microwave-EDTA antigen retrieval technique.

However, there was little background staining in the gingival connective tissue and in the dental pulp observed with the microwave-EDTA method. Therefore, I chose the steampot-citrate pre-treatment technique as the best method. Both heat-induced pre-treament techniques were rather aggressive, and a lot of sections could not be observed due to the massive destruction including partial detachment of tissue sections.

The single cells marked in the oral gingival epithelium and in the gingival connective tissue are most likely lymphocytes, particularly plasma cells. The intensity was highest in those ameloblasts which produced most actively the enamel matrix, i. There was no staining detected in the stratum reticulare and stratum intermedium.

Cambridge-Face-Memory-Test: Evaluation an einer gesunden Schweizer Stichprobe. Time Course of Antibiotic and Antifungal Concentrations in Corneal Organ Culture. Hence, antibiotic and antifungal agents are added to the culture medium. Amphotericin B and streptomycin retained approx. Expression of the hyaluronan-mediated motility receptor RHAMM in tumor budding cells identifies aggressive colorectal cancers. RHAMM expression in tumor buds was analyzed with clinicopathological data, molecular features and survival.

RHAMM expression identifies an aggressive subpopulation of tumor budding cells and is an independent adverse prognostic factor for CRC patients. These data — support ongoing efforts to develop RHAMM as a target for precision therapy. Predictors of endoscopic treatment outcome in the management of biliary complications after orthotopic liver transplantation.

Background and aims — The most common complications after liver transplantation nowadays affect the biliary tract. We carried out a retrospective study to identify predictors of endoscopic treatment outcome in the management of post-transplantation biliary complications. To identify echtzeit chart bollinger bands of endoscopic treatment outcome, a logistic regression analysis was carried out. Cox modeling was used to identify factors associated with mortality.

Fourteen patients, who developed nonanastomotic biliary stricture, were excluded from the analysis. Antti Juhani Asikainen Finnland. Tyrosine-derived polycarbonate membrane in treating mandibular bonde defects. This study was designed to evaluate the suitability of a novel bioabsorbablematerial in treating — bone defects. Controls were left uncovered and — unfilled. The material was — evaluated by qualitative analysis of histological reactions and newly formed bone.

New bone formation was seen in all samples after — six weeks. Based on findings echtzeit chart bollinger bands this study it was concluded that PDTE carbonate membranes — have good biocompatibility and are sufficient to enhance bone growth without additional — supportive matrix. Surgical exposures and options for instrumentation in acetabular fracture fixation: Pararectus approach versus echtzeit chart bollinger bands modified Stoppa. Background: As an alternative to the modified Stoppa approach, the Pararectus approach is used clinically for treatment of acetabular fractures involving the anterior column.

The current study assessed the surgical exposure and the options for instrumentation using both of these approaches. Distal boundaries of the exposed bony surfaces were marked using a chisel. After removal of all soft-tissues, distances from the boundaries in the false and true pelvis were measured with reference to the pelvic brim.

The exposed bone was coloured and calibrated digital images of each inner hemipelvis were taken. The amount of exposed surface using both approaches was assessed and represented as a percentage of the total bony surface of each hemipelvis. Echtzeit chart bollinger bands instrumentation, a suprapectineal quadrilateral buttress plate was used. Screw lengths were live forex signals twitter, and three-dimensional CT reconstructions were performed to assess screw trajectories qualitatively.

Results: After utilization of the Pararectus approach, the distances from the farthest boundaries of exposed bone towards the pelvic brim were significantly higher in the false but not the true pelvis, compared to the modified Stoppa approach. Conclusion: Compared to the modified Stoppa, the Pararectus approach facilitates a greater surgical access in the false pelvis, provides versatility for fracture fixation in the posterior pelvic ring and allows for the option to extend the approach without a new incision.

Verbundanalyse von Keramikreparaturen mit Komposit. Als signifikant wurde ein Wert ab? Die Resultate der Negativkontrolle Gruppen OB FSp und OB LE sind ebenfalls wie erwartet ausgefallen, denn diese Gruppen zeigten die schlechtesten Haftkraftwerte. Reduction of cement leakage by sequential PMMA application in a vertebroplasty model. PURPOSE: — Leakage is the most common complication of percutaneous cement augmentation of the spine. The viscosity of the polymethylmethacrylate PMMA cement is strongly correlated with the likelihood of cement leakage.

We hypothesized that cement leakage can be reduced by sequential cement injection in a vertebroplasty model. Standard PMMA vertebroplasty cement was used, each injection type was tested on ten vertebral body substitute models with two possible leakage paths per model. Taking advantage of the temperature gradient between body and room temperature, it is possible to increase the cement viscosity inside the vertebra while keeping it low in the syringe.

Using sequential injection of small cement volumes, further leakage paths are blocked before further injection of the low-viscosity cement. Impact of different illumination conditions on visual caries detection with ICDAS. The aim of this study was to test the influence of different degrees of additional illumination on visual caries detection using the International Caries Detection and Assessment System ICDAS. Histology served as the gold standard. Pooled data showed no differences in sensitivities.

Specificities were not influenced by additional light. The best triathletes are older in longer race distances - a comparison between Olympic, Half-Ironman and Ironman distance triathlon. The purpose of this study was i to determine the age of peak triathlon performance for world class athletes competing in Olympic, Half-Ironman and Ironman distance races and ii to investigate a potential change in the age of the annual fastest athletes across years. The age of the annual top ten women and men remained unchanged over the last decade in the Half-Ironman and the Ironman distance.

In the Olympic distance, however, the age of the annual top ten men decreased slightly. To summarize, the age of peak triathlon performance was higher in the longer triathlon race distances i. Ironman and the age of the annual top triathletes remained mainly stable over the last decade. With these findings top athletes competing at world class level can plan their career more precisely as they are able to determine the right time in life to switch from the shorter i.

Olympic distance to the longer triathlon race distances i. Half-Ironman and Ironman in order to continuously compete in triathlon races at world class level. Reduced pro-inflammatory profile of?? T cells in pregnant patients with rheumatoid arthritis. During pregnancy, many patients with rheumatoid arthritis RA experience disease improvement, whereas patients with ankylosing spondylitis AS often suffer from persistent active disease.

Here we investigated whether pregnancy-related changes in disease activity were associated with changes in the proportion and function of?? Data were compared with age-matched non-pregnant patients to get the disease-related background. In all subjects, peripheral V? Pregnant patients showed a decreased V?


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