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Of note is that on his LinkedIn profile, Leong lists his current location as Singapore. I also saw your public post. UK Services Sector Rose Faster than Expected. Forex Peace Army Community Forums. How did you follow-up with them and get your money back? They changed broker to

CLICK HERE to verify. TFXGlobal is forex broker. Group reporting to Outram Police Station. Torex kind of a broker do they have? Hi, has anyone successfully received their funds so far? Till date, I have not. If they said they are delayed due to daily limits, surely there are people who have received it already? Hi JJ and all. I am facing the same issue too, they said they have transferred over to FXUM new broker to handle the refund case, but up till tfx global forex, they have not been replying my email and have not transferred the fund to me.

Can anyone here kindly provide assistance? They changed name to Union Market Limited. They changed broker to Have anyone received their funds? I have invested since November last year and was unable to make any withdrawal last month. I feared that the time given is a period for them to close down and ran away with all the money. I have emailed to all of them and received no reply. Does anyone have similar experience? Can we regroup all the investors and agents to lodge a police report?

An update on my previous post. After daily prodding on my network leaders and meeting with them, they have finally banked in the money I wanted to withdraw. They tfx global forex now given a new password to the new platform and advised that there will be trading last week. So far no trading reports. Will keep you posted for more comments.

I am also a user of Singliworld and up until now I have not received my request for partial withdrawal until now. I am upset because they keep on saying it has been submitted to the broker and keep checking it but to no avail. How did you follow-up with them and get your money back? Yes they are changing brokers. To existing SLW customers, is there anything in fine print saying they have full access to your funds in TFX global even glibal your money to another broker?

Think about this guys. If you wire transfer your money to TFX, how come SLW can move your money to a different broker so easily? Compare your trading account with a normal one. How come we do not have investor access to our own accounts? They say it is so that we cannot copy their trades. Tfx global forex a load of bull. Everything involving our money should be transparent. Everyone tfx global forex have investor access to globbal own account to see if the account is really trading.

Through this, we can verify if the daily report is true and verifiable. Why not make us sign an agreement not to copy trades instead, right? Everyone just wants peace of mind. But it is still not advisable to invest with them. What can we do? Live discussion Join live discussion of on our forum Go to forums Forwx Your company video here? John Anxious Hi, has anyone successfully received their funds so far? Forec Hi JJ and all. Amos Yes they are changing brokers. Peace Army, ForexPeaceArmy, FPA, and the FPA Shield Logo are all.

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SingliWorld Review: Forex investment through TFX Global? TFX Global does not service US entities or residents of any kind. Well gee, I wonder why that is.
One of its latest additions to the SFC warning list is Triumph Global (Asia) Limited/ TFX Global, a brokerage offering Forex and binary options trading of.
TFX Markets is a regulated true STP Forex Broker that offers no dealing desk Forex execution with fair and transparent Forex online trading. We are focused on.

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