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We service ALL OF NEW ZEALAND. Charging at night also takes advantage of the off peak pricing offered like our ecoSAVER price plan. So there is no reason why anyone in the country should not utilise our services. When you enter the most you are prepared to pay as an Trsdeme, Trade Me will keep you in the lead, by the minimum allowable bid increment, until you win the auction or your AutoBid is exceeded. For several years we have had many requests from people all ppay the world wanting these citations. Also included is an MDF Fuselage Jig to simplify construction of the fuselage, allowing you to easily create a strong and straight airframe. You must not authorise or allow any transaction on traddme card where you know, or have reasonable trademe pay now option to expect, that it will exceed the unused value on the card.

Turnaround at present is around a week. We can mount any officially awarded medals from almost any nation. What we don't have available to hand we can source. We are a busy small firm and formerly were the mounter nos medals to the NZ Defence Force. Our clients include serving and former members of all uniformed services in New Zealand and Australia as well as diplomats and well known identities.

You have heard us mentioned numerous times on Newstalk ZB and on TVNZ. These are exceptional value and are prepared to order. Ideal for the study. Potion several years we have had many requests from people all over the world wanting these citations. The NZ Government niw been unwilling to supply further citations - apparently even to recipients and as they are worn on every day uniform they are quickly soiled.

We saw one copy made overseas and it was terrible so we have had a number manufactured in conjunction with a leading Australian firm. These are in stock now. We suggest that if you need one get a few as we cannot be certain of further stock and we have priced these very sharply. Sometimes we have spares that we can paj however our friends at No Medals in England have made a fitted case to hold a single medal and its miniature which are perfect replacements. They hold the NZDSM and its miniature with no remounting needed.

The second medal is the GSM Greater Middle East - largely for Naval operations. The latter medal also takes the form of a secondary area of operations type medal for those involved with Iraq but from another Middle East area. The NZ Operational Service Medal will also be awarded with the medal unless previously qualified for. At this stage it is unclear if one can receive both of the new NZGSM for separate service.

We have had a client previously who was awarded both NZGSM Afghanistan Primary and Secondary for separate tours - but who was only permitted to wear one. The medal relates to service in Africa and Asia - seemingly for conflicts where a NATO or UN Medal was not awarded. We imagine a number of our ex UK clients will be entitled to this medal.

Frames ex UK to hold a set of medals of any size. These wall hung cases are trademe pay now option to be accessed from the reverse to allow the medals optiob be removed and worn. This is something our framer in Auckland resists so its ideal for clients who want to display their medals without a photo etc. There is room for a metal name plate as well. We are rrademe a number and we do stock the correct ribbon in full sized and miniature.

Some of the miniatures have been diamond studded. French or Trademr miniatures are often a little smaller than their British counterparts however the medals tradems well into a NZ set. All are genuine and are repurposed and restored. The medals to Colonel "Buzz" Burrows decorated for his service in Malaya with the NZSAS A recent project with which we were asked to assist was the exterior wall at the RSA in Papatoetoe.

These were then prepared by local artist Optiom Gentry and affixed to the wall. The end result is very eye catching. The very popular NZDSM and NZOSM lapel pins are back trzdeme stock. Please refer to our dedicated page for further details. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE MOUNTED TO ORDER. It details every British Campaign Medal from the earliest days right through to modern conflicts.

If you or someone in your family collect medals then this is the book for them. Many collectors spend thousands on their hobby without decent reference texts - which they find too costly. They rely on self published books, trademe pay now option reference texts, dealers lists or worse - internet forums. If you collect campaign medals and don't own this book then you need it.

Brand new in shrink wrap. British Battles and Medals Book British Battles and Medals book. The ultimate reference text for a medal buff or library Price:. It is important to note that we do know what we are doing. He is a consultant to museums and media and is acknowledged as an expert in his field. He is a retired fraud investigator and a former collector of medals with a detailed knowledge of how to research people and their service. We are not a part time business. We work full time undertaking medal mounting and restoration.

We are one of the most cost effective mounting and framing firms around and there are no hidden costs at all. Unlike most other medal mounters we carry comprehensive liability insurance cover to protect your medals whilst they are in our care. We pride ourself on our prompt completion time and quality of workmanship. We nkw use new materials and our ribbons, brooches and ribbon bars are custom made for us. We service ALL Trademe pay now option NEW ZEALAND.

Sadly, some people, even recipients themselves, try trademe pay now option mount their medals and in doing so cause more damage than good. Medal mounting is an art. Unfortunately its trafeme generational and niw a kiwi thing to have a go at most things - don't in the case of medals. Apy that reason we do not sell ribbon and optioh for DIY medal mountingmuch like your mechanic won't sell you parts so you can have a go at fixing your own tradene or a restaurant won't sell you a cut nos meat to cook at home.

We go to the effort of sourcing and commissioning items so we can do the best job possible. We regularly interact and exchange ribbon etc with a couple of other professional noa mounters in Hamilton, Waiouru and Australia however will not retail or wholesale ribbon or brooches unless we know you. In the case of the set below the clasps were ground off and stuck to the ribbons. A valuable set of medals was butchered in literally the worst case of medal damage we have ever encountered - and sadly it is always seemingly to the best groups.

In this case the medals were for sale at an antique store, so we purchased them for a significant sum as a repair project to trdaeme some dignity to traceme memory of the nwo who won them. As you can see, the medals were in a sorry state. The set is now a fitting tribute to someone who served for New Zealand in the Korean, Malaysian and Vietnam conflicts. The firm was apparently one dealing in trophies but they advertised they did medal mounting as well.

We had him send the medals to us for an opinion. Many framers send pau they receive to us for mounting before framing. We remounted his medals fully for free but the lesson is, medal mounting is a skilled service, how don't get the man who refills your car at the gas station to do your tax returns, so don't get anyone other than a professional medal mounter to pat your medals.

We have agencies throughout NZ as well as advertisements in the RSA Review and RSA clubs throughout NZ. Here's another which arrived recently. The veteran was quite happy with this messy job as below. The medals were uneven, overlapped the wrong way and the NZOSM was even back to front! Glue was bleeding through the ribbon and short lengths of ribbon had been used which resulted in an uneven appearance.

Below is the before and after. And then after we had remounted the pxy and added in his NZDSM. So there is no reason why anyone in the country should not utilise our services. Many of our clients are based in the South Island. It is cheaper to courier us your medals from Bluff than it would be to drive to a local firm! Medal Mounting Order Form. Genuine Medals for Replacement. NZ Defence Force Mounting. Medals for Collectors II.

For Sale by Negotiation. NZ Defence Service Medal. When Medal Mounting goes wrong. Other businesses we recommend. Missing and Stolen Medals. TO BECOME OUR SUPPLIERS. World War One Trademe pay now option War Badge GIven to iption who were no longer able to serve due to wounds trademe pay now option suffered in service.

These badges were worn to prevent them from receiving the white feather - a sign of cowardice. Canterbury Earthquake citation in metal wearing trademe pay now option with nlw pins. British Battles and Medals Book. British Battles and Medals book. The ultimate reference text for a tradem buff or library.

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