Japanese temple candlesticks

VICTORIAN MAHOGANY POT CUPBOARD. Suzi Stone, Immediate Past President. BOX - WOODEN ANIMAL FIGURES, CERAMIC FIGURINES, DESK CALENDARS, ETC. This is again very interesting because it falls into place perfectly with the. Very good vintage condition. SET OF SIX SHEFFIELD SILVER COFFEE SPOONS IN CASE, TOGETHER WITH A CHESTER SILVER FLOWER TUBE.

Asian and Occidental Collectibles. Inquire for a listing of our stock. We also offer Chinese, Japanese, and Korean vintage collectibles, and one of a kind pieces from respected artists such as Satoru Abe. Detailed japanese temple candlesticks or descriptions provided upon request. Original Ming's Honolulu Jewelry Display Cabinet. See japanese temple candlesticks work and biography at oparty.ru. Huge Iron or Bronze Japanese statue of Hotei Shichifukujin or Seven Gods of Fortune with detachable iron fan.

Estate purchase from the Barbara Cox Anthony Estate. Please inquire for stand. Local Pick up Preferred. Good Vintage condition with open piece backside. Huge Antique Chinese Blackwood Gong. Reclining Chinese Carved Buddha. Large Pair of Vintage Glazed Ceramic Chinese Fu Dog Lions. Taisho era Kamakura Bori Plate Wall Decor. Substantial Antique Chinese Four Panel Silk Wall Screen.

Gold with Black landscape detail. Dragon boat - with detachable oars and removable spikes. Japanese temple candlesticks drawer under neck for storage. Beautiful hard wood hand carved construction. Midcentury Pair of Matched Chinese Cloisonne Vases. Midcentury Pair of matched cloisonne vases. Predominately turquoise, green, and black cloisonne detail with large floral scene on front and back. Chinese Blackwood Mother of Pearl Mirror. Antique Chinese Blackwood Mirror with inlaid mother of pearl.

Stunning vanity item in good vintage condition. Huge Chinese Immortals scene on stand. Substantial polychrome or celluloid focal piece with makers mark. Close up, Chinese immortals scene on stand. Vintage Chinese Handcarved Wall Scene. Good condition, commensurate with age. Unusual rounded lid with plaited rattan circular handle. Does not include shipping. Antique Pair of Chinese Ginger Jars with Fu Dog Lion.

Large antique matched pair of Chinese Porcelain Ginger Jars featuring Fu Dog lion Detail. Large Red and Gold Traditional Chinese Wedding Box. Vintage Red and Black traditional Chinese Wedding Box with gilt edging. Good vintage condition, no cracks, some scuffing to the surface, as expected for a piece of this age. Vintage Raku Ikebana Vessel Vase. Raku Vessel Vase for the purposes of Ikebana.

Vintage Raku Wish Vessel. Raku Wish Vessel with intricate fish detail design lid. One of a kind custom ceramic vessel. Stunning piece showing chiseled construction and signed by artist. Very good vintage condition. A statement piece indoor or out. Hand painted Chinese Soapstone Scholars Screen in Rooster Stand. Tabletop Chinese Scholars screen with mountain scene hand painted onto carved Soapstone rectangle. Fits into custom carved rooster stand. Approximately the size of a deck of cards and signed by the artist.

Beautiful miniature art piece. Melamine Ikebana container with Autumn leaves detail. Black japanese temple candlesticks with Autumn leaves detail. Antique Japanese Chanoyu Hanaire Two tiered Ikebana vase vessel. Thai Black Glazed Ceramic Urn with Silver Rim. From oparty.ru beautiful handmade ceramic vessel with black glaze and silver trim on rim and footed bottom. Antique Japanese Iron Candlesticks: Meiji Period.

Authentic, heavy, impressive pieces. Vintage condition with top pieces separate at the candle joint. Vivid Japanese red lacquer Sakura design serving tray with gold detail. Japanese Ikebana basket from Tokyo. Vintage signed Japanese Ikebana baskets. Antique two-toned bamboo ikebana vessel. Midcentury Cinnabar Vase with Blue Cloisonne Inner. Chinese Cinnabar Vase, richly carved with blue cloisonne inner.

Pristine Vintage Kamakura-Bori Red Lacquer Jubako. Vintage Chinese Ceramic Covered Rice Vessel on Stand. Shipping is NOT included in price. Inquire for local pick up - preferred. Exquisite Antique Japanese Bamboo Plaque with Mt. Antique Japanese Okimono Iron Horses. Antique Wood Tibetan Buddha with gilt detail. Japanese temple candlesticks Japanese Ceramic Wall decor featuring glazed snowcapped Mount Fuji and surrounding valley. Beautifully rendered with hand pinched edging, glazed detailing, and handset hanger backside.

Prominent makers mark pressed into back. Vintage Japanese Carved Japanese temple candlesticks Futaoki. Exceptionally fine piece with carving detail of bow and arrow throughout. Used to hold tea pot cover during the Tea Ceremony. Futaoki were commonly made of pottery or bamboo. This is a superb and unusual collectors piece in excellent condition. Large Tabletop Chinoise Rosewood Rickshaw. Exquisite, large handcarved Chinese Rosewood Rickshaw in pristine condition. Red and black staining.

Japanese Lacquer Bowl with Scenic Detail. Japanese Tabako set japanese temple candlesticks of covered tobacco vessel, match safe, and other paraphranelia. Vintage Japanese Samurai Figure with Double Katana in Scottrade options account approval Case. Vintage Japanese Samurai Figure in silk brocade obi robes with Double Katana and sword at hip, enclosed in Glass Case. Please inquire for detailed information and photos.

Occupied Japan Celluloid Geisha Forex ema indicator download. Occupied Japan Celluloid Geisha on Bridge with Pagoda. Miniature, tinted celluloid figures. Made in Occupied Japan. Occupied Japan Celluloid Geisha in Rickshaw. Occupied Japan Celluloid Geisha Theatre Production.

Occupied Japan Celluloid Geisha Theatre production under lantern filled pagoda. One dancing Geisha accompanied by two others playing instruments. Miniature, tinted, celluloid figures. Made in Occupied Japan. Signed Korean Mask YangBan Tal Lariat. Chinese Miniature Handcarved Rickshaw. Huge Vintage Ceramic Daruma bank. In older Chinese culture, it was customary to use these figurines as a tool for a male physicians to treat female patients. Chinese society dictated that a well bred female patient would point out the location of her medical problems on the figurine for a male doctor to diagnose, rather than disrobe.

Japanese Bamboo Root ikebana vessel with copper lining. Set of Six Red Lacquer Makie Cups with Gold Interior. Good vintage condition with minor flaking consistent with age. Antique Japanese Tabako with iron fittings. Mid Century Elephant Opium Weight Set. Substantial rare iron pieces in excellent condition. Antique Japanese Iron Temple Bell. Substantial antique Japanese Iron or possibly Bronze Temple Bell. Local pick up preferred - please inquire. Large Vintage Japanese Bamboo Gathering basket.

Antique Ikebana vessel - good vintage condition with inner vessel. Antique Gunbai Sumo Fan made of wood and lacquered red with gold kanji and characters. Used for officiating at Sumo Matches. Beautiful vintage Chinese Carved Horn lamp with brass fittings. Horns depict dragons with red eyes. Red Makie Lacquer Sake Tea Set. Beautiful vintage set in wonderful condition. Red lacquer surface embellished with gold sakura branches. Antique Chinese porcelain Brush pot.

Large Indonesian Rice Basket. Large Indonesian Covered Rice Basket with an attached wood platform. Lightweight, sturdy in good condition. Beautiful and useful home accent. Vintage Kamakura Bori Noh Mask detail wall decor - SOLD. Japanese Kamakura Bori Red Lacquer Plate Wall Decor of Okina Noh mask. Japanese Black Lacquer Makie Mt Fuji Teacup Set. Suitable for coffee or tea. This scaled down Koto is a child's toy and is constructed of kiri wood with celluloid findings and obi silk details.

Vintage condition, with age and water spots, consistent with age. Superb antique Chinese server. Hand painted red lacquer with inlaid mother of pearl and gilt detail. Opens fully to reveal two sections and handle. Large Glazed Ceramic Vintage Chinese Fu Dog Lions. Antique Chinese Wedding Basket. Large ornate hard wood piece with cover and metal findings. Deep Brown Hand Stained Chinese Export. Traditional Chinese matrimonial piece. Contact via email info oparty.ru Site secured by:.

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Revelation 11 ; REV 11:1 And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple.

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