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The AMF publishes a draft recommendation on the performance simulations offered to investors. For example, the section on the. Key dates: trade and. Sprint to the finish on financing projects. If you are having a problem with your financial intermediary or a company that issues securities you have invested in, the AMF Ombudsman and her mediation team are on hand to help you settle the problem amicably and in reasonable time.

The Central America Free Trade Agreement CAFTA is an expansion of NAFTA to five Central American nations Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaraguaand the Dominican Republic. House of Representatives by one vote in the middle of the dystem by the U. Visit our CAFTA Damage Report to see Public Citizen's analysis of some of the most unfortunate "Yes" votes that helped pass CAFTA.

CAFTA is based on the same failed neoliberal NAFTA model, which has displaced family farmers in trade partner countries, exacerbated the "race to the bottom" in labor and environmental standards and promoted privatization and deregulation of key public services. CAFTA proponents promised that the deal would bring prosperity to Central America, causing violence and immigration to the United States to decline. The opposite has happened. Central America is facing unprecedented levels of gang and drug-related violence, and immigration from Central America to the United States has surged.

Evidence suggests that CAFTA itself has contributed multilateral trade system definition the economic instabilityfeeding the region's increase in violence and forced migration. Non-commercial use of text and images in which Public Citizen holds the copyright is permitted, with attribution, under the terms and conditions of a Creative Commons License. This Web site is shared by Public Citizen Inc. Learn More about the distinction between these two components of Public Citizen.

You can support the fight for greater government and corporate accountability through a donation to either Public Citizen, Inc. Public Citizen lobbies Congress. When you make a contribution to Public. Citizen, you become a member of Public Citizen, showing your support definution entitling. Contributions rtade Public Citizen are not tax-deductible. Public Citizen Foundation focuses on research, multilateral trade system definition education, and litigation in support of our mission.

By law, the Foundation can engage in only very limited lobbying. Contributions to Public Citizen Foundation are tax-deductible. Home Contact Join Connect. Email Sign Rtade Donate Now. Ssystem America Free Muotilateral Agreement CAFTA. Find out more on the blog: Read the latest updates on CAFTA on Eyes on Trade. Chart: See all corporate investor-state cases launched definitiom U. Railroad Development Corporation RDC vs Guatemala. Pacific Rim Cayman LLC vs Republic of El Salvador.

Commerce Group Corporation vs Republic of El Salvador. Updated Factsheet:Job-Killing Trade Deficits Surge under FTAs: U. Updated Chart: Table of Foreign Investor-State Cases and Claims under NAFTA and Other U. Contributions to Public Citizen are definitioj tax-deductible.

WTO | Understanding the WTO - The Doha agenda

The role of the multilateral trading system on world food prices

UNDERSTANDING THE WTO: THE DOHA AGENDA The Doha agenda. The work programme lists 21 subjects. The original deadline of 1 January 2005 was missed.
Learn more about the Central America Free Trade Agreement, an expansion of NAFTA to five Central American countries and the Dominican Republic.
The official CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) web site. Contains the full-text of the CITES agreement, an on.

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