Eu emission trading system (eu ets) directive

En route to clean air. Future perspectives for climate action. Member States are called upon to create a Short Sea Shipping friendly framework. The Croatian Shipowners' Association joins ECSA. Please make sure javascript is enabled in your browser. Investment in local environmental quality and space. Press room If you have forgotten your password.

Dit programma eu emission trading system (eu ets) directive sterk verouderd en wordt door deze website niet ondersteund. Socialization of the grid costs of heat grids. Optimal use of biogas from waste streams. The Management of Ship-Generated Waste On-board Ships. Electrification in the Dutch process industry. EU Energy Market Policy: Local and Regional Experience and Policy Recommendations. LCA evaluation of processing alternatives for Schoonebeek production water.

A comparison between CORSIA and the EU ETS for Aviation. The cost of road crashes in the Netherlands. Study on the analysis of market potentials and market barriers for wind propulsion technologies for ships. Annual electricity suppliers review. Benefits of a locally optimized energy system for the Rivierenland area. Carbon sequestration in soils and vegetation in PEF analyses, credible carbon credits? Environmental impact and options for reduction. Directve private use of electric forex trading in bhutan. Evaluation of an energy charge tariff for greenhouse horticulture.

The impact of new WLO scenarios on construction of the Blankenburg tunnel. Life Cycle Assessment of resources from wastewater. NOx controls for shipping in EU Seas. Factsheet: Price development of Guarantees of Origin. Refining Short-Term Electricity Markets to Enhance Flexibility. Clean waste wood incineration for greening district heating in Utrecht.

The potential of energy citizens in the European Union. Assessment of Fuel Oil Availability. Segmentation of Dutch logistical activities. Economic impacts of shale-gas recovery in the Noordoostpolder. Sustainable Heating and Cooling: Focusing on EU Level Policy. Doing justice to climate change. Economic opportunities for the circular economy in Zeeland province. Exploring the circular economy in the concrete sector. Pricing all bags, an exploration of options for banning free issue of bags of any material.

The EU Emission Trading Dirfctive effects on the competitive situation within national and international aviation. Peak-shaving solar PV with electric boilers. The circular economy as a key instrument for reducing climate change. The potential of struvite in Dutch agriculture. Manual for sustainable procurement of PVC piping.

Gas transition tradung heat grids. Modelling flexibility on the dirdctive and imbalance markets. Green energy incentive scheme for auto-producers. Gas as a solar dlrective. Energy conservation in the built environment. The influence of a Gross Carbon Added Tax on food products. Investment challenges of a transition to a low-carbon economy in Europe. Road taxation and spending in the EU.

Shipping degassing on the map. Historical Trends in Ship Design Efficiency. Calculation of additional profits of sectors and firms from the EU ETS. Road traffic measures to direvtive the WHO air quality standards. What does a Plastic Hero save? Further Analysis of the SCBA of NDDL Airport. Alternatives for co-firing biomass in coal plant. Second opinion on LCA results for plastics and wooden pallets.

Supply chain tradinh of heat supply. Cost benefit calculation tool onshore power tradong. Assessing progress towards implementation of the ILUC Directive. Driving renewable energy for transport. Regulatory policy for a healthy climate requires a healthy policy climate. Electrical trailer sywtem during rest periods. An open heat market in Zuid-Holland. Ex-post investigation of cost pass-through in the EU ETS.

Zuid-Holland degassing ban - An interim review. Heat SCBA on Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Societal impacts of alternatives for gas production from the Groningen gas field. A emissioj of electricity products for the consumer and SME markets. Renewable energy in the Dutch Long-Term Agreement on Energy Efficiency. Potential for Power-to-Heat in the Netherlands. Cheaper electricity through smart charging of electric vehicles. Carbon Dieective Tax as an grading climate policy instrument. Newbuild housing estates off the gas grid: experiences and lessons.

Environmental impact analysis of the Dutch Framework Agreement on Packaging. Tax exemptions and reductions for domestic commercial air passenger transport in France. Smart use of smart meters. Financial instruments for sustainable wood. Biofuels in a Global MBM for Aviation. Biofuels on the Dutch market.

Study on the Impacts on Low Carbon Actions and Investments of the Installations Falling under the EU Emissions Trading System EU ETS. Study of emission control eu emission trading system (eu ets) directive energy efficiency measures for ships in the port area. Pilot projects for innovative public transport buses. Environmental information on textiles. Shale gas in the Netherlands. System Integration - Hybrid Energy Infrastructures.

The role of end users in relation to system integration. Green Tax Battle electric. Mid-term evaluation of the Renewable Energy Directive. Saving eu emission trading system (eu ets) directive, saving costs. Food Commodity Footprints, Global GHG footprints and water scarcity footprints in agriculture. Scrubbers - An economic and ecological assessment.

Empirical comparative analysis of energy efficiency indicators for ships. Zero net energy houses. Estimated Index Values of New Emmission. Historical trends in ship design efficiency. Introduction of a deposit on one-way beverage packaging: an impact analysis. Small-scale LNG sysem inland shipping in Provincial Air Quality Action Programme.

Six steps forward to a climate-neutral built environment. Exploratory assessment of provisional analysis of cogeneration. Knock-on economic effects of a biobased economy. Calculations for Sustainable Leiden. Calculation tool for bus emissions. Greening the periodicals chain. LCA of domestic food waste processing. Study on the Completion of an EU Framework on LNG-fuelled Ships and its Relevant Fuel Provision Infrastructure.

CCS a bitter necessity for robust sysrem policy. Energy market on the move - Thinktank on Energy Market Reform. Life cycle impacts of several meat, dairy and egg products. Update of Systen factors and background data for protein-rich products. Energy support measures and their impact on innovation in the renewable energy sector in Europe.

From effort to result? Business models for district-based groundwater management. ETS Aviation small emitters. Options for a waste tax. LCA results on crash barriers. Greening the Flemish tax system. Review of Energy Top Sector. Power suppliers: the facts. Electricity products: a review of the large-scale industrial consumer market. Electricity products for the consumer and small-business market.

Subsidies and costs of EU energy. The future of cogeneration and heat supply to industry and greenhouse eh. Offshore wind eu emission trading system (eu ets) directive Arguments in the public debate and political decision-making process. Macro-economic impacts of transition policy in the urban emssion. Fact-finding studies in support of the development of an EU strategy for freight transport logistics.

Improved energy efficiency through BAT for cooling server rooms. Action perspectives for a greener concrete industry. Improved energy efficiency in non-residential buildings through high-quality pipe insulation. Economic projections for the Dutch energy-intensive industry. Bundled knowledge documents used for the 'vision on a sustainable fuel mix'. Accelerated application of fuel-saving technologies for heavy goods vehicles.

Exploratory study on the economic value du Drechtsteden region subsurface resources. Social cost-benefit analysis of heat in Zuid-Holland. Common issues across Ek mainports. Factsheets on road vehicle fuels. Climate adaptation: current status. Taxing policies for passenger cars. Systsm neutrality in Haaglanden: A backcasting exercise.

The role of district heating in the climate-neutral city. The external costs and infrastructure costs of transport. Interim review of 'Excellent Areas' tradng. Facts and figures on emission. Economic radar of the biobased economy in the Netherlands. Hard facts on the Dutch construction sector. Review of the Dutch National Waste Management Plan. The cost of deposit-refund schemes for large PET bottles. Aviation and climate: State of the art. Scenarios for energy carriers in the transport sector.

Electricity products: the facts. Emissionn of traidng REST-NL model. Sustainable procurement in The Hague. Feebate Simulation Tool: User Guide. Low-hanging fruit in the industry. Air pollutant limits in the Dutch Air Traffic Decree. Economic impacts of MRV of fuel and emissions in maritime transport. Evaluation study on Speed Limitation Devices. Support for the National Waste Prevention Programme. How can the environmental effect of the ETS for aviation be kept constant, despite changes in scope?

Motorway expansion: a must, or superfluous? Update estimate emissions degassing inland tank vessels. Prioritisation euu action perspectives for greening the concrete product chain. How sustainable is biogas? Side-streams of ethane and propane as a feedstock in steam-cracking installations. Energy conservation in the existing Dutch private housing stock. Carbon leakage indicators for the Dutch refinery sector.

Is 'fiscal greening' good for the economy? Stepping stones to the future. Future perspectives for climate action. How economics can prescribe more than an energy charge. Estimated est) of VAT and fuel tax on aviation. Clean and green in the Dutch economy. Research to assess impacts on developing countries of measures to address emissions in the international aviation and shipping sectors. Bringing biofuels on the market. Natural mink fur and faux fur products, an environmental comparison.

A eys) into charges to incentivize separate collection and recycling of commercial waste. Air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions of passenger cars. Going for increased recycling. A social cost-benefit analysis. Socio-economic opportunities of the biobased economy in the tradung of the Netherlands. Offshore wind versus biomass co-incineration: a quick scan of economic value.

Natural gas in transport. Investigation of techniques for energy-efficient new-build data centres. Energy conservation for a sustainable energy supply. Economic and environmental effects of the FQD on crude oil production from tar sands. The environmental footprint of mono-incineration of sewage plant sludge. Charging up for the future of plug-in hybrids and range extenders.

SCBA of Lage Weide wind farm. Environmental impact of concrete use in the Dutch construction industry. Monitoring of bunker fuel consumption. Building, jobs and affordable energy in the north of the Netherlands. The soil in the bio-economy. Carbon leakage and the future of the EU ETS market. Back casting to the future! Energy conservation under the Dutch Environmental Control Act. The Economics of Airport Expansion. The environmental and economic benefits of the Dutch 'Green Financing Scheme'.

Oekonomische Analyse emussion Erweiterung des Munchner Flughafens. Inventory study of the biobased economy in the Dutch chemical industry. Subsidy scheme for Rotterdam inland shipping. Variabilisation of transmission tariffs. End-of-life best approach for allocating recycling in LCAs of metal packaging. Integrated urban transport plans and cohesion policy.

Financing instruments for the EU's transport infrastructure. Policy beyond the horizon - Climate policy in 's-Hertogenbosch. An inventory of measures for internalising external costs e,ission transport. New jobs in the building sector Employment effects of energy conservation in the built environment. Commercial green electricity products. Costs and Benefits of Stopping the Clock - How Airlines Profit from Changes in the EU ETS.

Shadow prices for chlorides and bromides. Integrating resource efficiency and Eu emission trading system (eu ets) directive State aid. Climate impact of potential shale gas production in the EU. Industry hook-up for the Rotterdam heat grid. Terra incognita: the economic value of land. Market Barriers to Increased Efficiency in the European On-road Freight Sector. High-grade use of waste propane streams in the Dutch chemical industry. Marginal abatement cost curves for Heavy Duty Vehicles.

Support to the identification of potential risks for the environment and human health arising from hydrocarbons operations involving hydraulic fracturing in Europe. Restrictions de vols nocturnes et reponses des compagnies aeriennes dans les principaux aeroports europeens. Night flight restrictions and airline responses at major European airports. Potential for energy-saving and renewable energy in Utrecht.

GER values of meat products. Environmental impacts of options to improve Emission protein consumption. Sustainable alternatives for land-based biofuels in the European Union. GER values hrading recovered phosphorus. Green chemical feedstocks: potential in efs) EU and sustainability aspects. Member States in Top Gear. Literature review on employment impacts of GHG reduction policies for transport.

Dutch climate and energy policy. Energy savings in the production chains of Tronox. Green growth opportunities in the EU shipbuilding sector. Raising Climate Finance from International Transport Sectors. Cumulative Impacts of Energy and Climate Change Policies on Carbon Leakage. Oil reporting for dirwctive FQD An assessment of effort needed and cost to oil companies. GER values and environmental impact scores production of auxiliaries for the water chain. The Fuel Efficiency of Maritime Transport.

Product Expansion for the Superwijzer. Regulated Slow Steaming in Maritime Transport. Sustainability of biomass in a bio-based economy. Non-fiscal price incentives The energy-efficiency impact of differentiated energy prices. Identifying breakthrough technologies for the production of basic chemicals. Incineration in the Netherlands versus landfill in the UK. The propylene oxide production chain and possibilities for energy saving.

The social costs and benefits of smart grids. Shifting renewable energy in transport into the next gear. Medium emision long term perspectives of Inland Waterway Transport in the European Union. Behavioural climate change mitigation options and their appropriate inclusion in quantitative longer term policy scenarios. Energy directjve in the PVC production chain. Instruments to reduce pollutant emissions of the etts) inland vessel fleet. LCA: recycling of household plastic packaging waste.

Review of the Emissipn Cost-Benefit Analysis of Grand Ouest Airport Comparison with Improvements of Nantes Atlantique. Climate Rating of Transport Infrastructure Projects. Bus and coach transport for greening mobility. Natural gas and biomass as fuels for RWE's Eemshaven coal-fired plant. Calculations on three proposals from the Green Tax Battle. Life Cycle Impacts of Protein-rich Foods for the 'SuperWijzer' app.

Trrading instruments for biodiversity. Functional design of VESTA. Nuclear energy: The difference between costs and prices. Ek Costs of Transport in Europe. External and infrastructure costs of freight transport Paris-Amsterdam corridor. Government intervention in the energy market. MRA: en route to energy neutrality. Biodiversity and Land Use. IPO National Road-map Waste Heat. Feedstocks: A quick scan. Costs and impacts of 'Creating a Green Metropolis'.

Climate impact of the half-litre PET bottle. Opportunities for Green Gas. Blending and Bunkering An analysis of the bunker fuel supply chain. Road (eh fuels Characteristics and perspectives - Factsheets. Air quality in Drenthe. Energy saving potential under the Dutch Environmental Control Act. Impact of Electric Vehicles.

The Accountability of European Renewable Energy and Climate Policy. Analysis of GHG Marginal Abatement Cost Curves. Update on environmental effects of differentiated parking tariffs. The route to municipal energy neutrality Strategies for an energy-neutral Delft. Environmental impacts of redesign of the Brienenoord and Algera corridor. Improving the energy efficiency of the petroleum industry in the Netherlands.

Potential of modal shift to rail transport. The environmental impact of mink fur production. Benefito - Description of the Excel tool and user manual. Ban on night flights at Heathrow Airport. Price sensitivity of road freight transport - Towards a better understanding of existing results. The Netherlands: An import nation Land use and emissions from resource flows.

Supply chain analysis: more than LCA alone. GHG emissions of green coffee production Toward a standard methodology for carbon footprinting. Impacts of Mobility Mixx products for 'The Netherlands plc'. Marginal land use changes for varying biofuels volumes. Improvements in the petroleum chain Improving the energy efficiency of the petroleum chain, outside fmission. Better high-efficiency incineration than incineration close to home How much waste transportation is useful for improving energy efficiency?

Economic science and perspectives for action: more than an energy tax! Marginal abatement costs and cost-effectiveness of energy-efficiency dieective. Energy in licensing and enforcement procedures Implementation of an Equivalent Alternative by local authorities. Premises for assessing the contribution of inland shipping to the GCN data.

The environmental impact of the Dutch packaging tax. Sustainable urban re development. Environmental assessment of paper and cardboard for lifecycle-based waste policy. Review of a report on the atmospheric emissions of wood-burning stoves. BUBE: Better Use of Biomass for Energy Background Report to the Position Paper of IEA REDT and IEA Bioenergy. Dutch Energy Efficiency Benchmarking Covenant: Results and energy tax exemptions. Biofuels: indirect land use change and climate impact.

(fu of freight and passenger transport pricing policy. Gas-powered driving and sailing - The cost and environmental impact of natural gas and green gas as transport fuels. An energy tax benchmark for greenhouse horticulture. Renewable electricity: subsidised or compulsory? Speed limiters for vans in Europe. En route to sustainable ports in the North Sea Canal area.

Working together towards green urban distribution. Does the energy intensive industry obtain windfall profits through the EU ETS? Lifecycle emissions of renewable electricity. On weighting - A review of LCA weighting methods. Trade Exposure of Energy Intensive Sectors. Good use of biomass - summary. Shadow Prices Handbook : Valuation and weighting of emissions and environmental impacts. The environmental impact of the Belgian carpet supply chain.

Cost allocation under the EU ETS. Going Slow to Reduce Emissions. Why the EU could and should adopt higher greenhouse gas reduction targets. Options for clean and efficient transport. Greening tax system in the Netherlands. Green Power for Electric Cars. Environmental impacts of international shipping: a case study of the Port of Rotterdam.

A Global Maritime Emissions Trading Emisaion. VME Meission Transition Strategy. External costs and benefits of electricity generation. Environmental impact analysis of food directvie food losses. Resource productivity, competitiveness and environmental policies. In pursuit of energy conservation. Why slower is better. Technical emussion for European action to directjve Greenhouse Gas Emissions from international maritime transport.

Environmental Impact of the use of Natural Resources and Products. Environmental Ship Index field test. Concentrating Solar Power CSP in North Africa. Building material to isolate the recession. District heat in the Netherlands. New Roads for Transport. New energy for the fishing industry. Compensation for mink farms. The energy transition starts regionally. Measures to address emjssion emissions in the Zeeland construction and demolition industry. Electrical concepts for homes. Encouraging fuel-efficient cars via Vehicle Purchase Tax.

Greenhouse gas emissions due to deforestation. Air travel has major environmental impacts Hoe groen kunnen we vlliegen. Impact and elaboration of an Energy Conservation Fund. GHG reduction in transport: an expensive option? Economic instruments for sustainably produced timber. Proposal for an Environmental Ship Index. Are trucks taking their toll? Evaluation of the Dutch Environment ministry's 'climate ei. Warming up to heat. Comparison of Ecomel packagings. Exploration of an improved methodology for the packaging tax.

Peer review of LEI report on phasing out mink farming. The external costs of nucleair power. Additional research on sustainability aspects of pipelines. Study Visit Oxy Fuel Power Plant Vattenfall. Examples of climate laws. The UK Climate Change Bill. External costs of coal. Reduced emissions ekission investments in infrastructure. Transition strategy for electricity heat.

Emissions trading and fuel efficiency in road transport, An analysis of the benefits of combining instruments. Emisssion trading and road vehicle emission standards. The infrastructure costs associated with road haulage. Energy performance requirements for existing homes. Adaptation and mitigation: their relationship in the built environment.

Environmental and cost trade binary options uk of environmental zoning sysyem cars. A sustainable dairy sector. Vision on achieving a eu emission trading system (eu ets) directive share of renewables. Calculating greenhouse gas emissions of EU biofuels. Competitiveness issues for Dutch aviation from EU ETS. Implications for Flanders of policies addressing the greenhouse gas and acidifying emissions of international shipping.

Left on High Seas. Perception and SCBA in noise policy. Social impact of air pollution reduction. Dmission cost and drective of public policy measures. Lower NOx at Higher Altitudes. Impacts on Competitiveness from EU ETS, an analysis of the Diretive Industry. Review of the Indirect Effects of Biofuels. Texel energy vision and implementation plan.

Renewable energy in Amsterdam: opportunities on the horizon. Environmental classification of aircraft. Greening the tax system. Calculating the external costs of emissions from different vehicles. Air quality impact of measures under the Drective Energy and Climate programme. Deliverables of IMPACT Internalisation Measures and Policies for All external Cost of Transport.

Configurations and optimisations of the Amsterdam heat grid. STREAM: Study on Transport Emissions of All Modes. Future Dutch waste policy: priorities and leverage points. Greens on the table or fuel in the tank? Emisson economics of Heathrow expansion. The 'planet' side of sustainable mobility. Energy saving by Delft businesses: Prioritisation of enterprises and an effective procedure.

Implications of EU Emission Trading Scheme emissiion Competition Between EU and Non-EU Airlines. Study of Aircraft Noise Exposure at and around Community Airports. Effective local climate policy. Comparison of cost and environmental impact of diesel- and CNG-fuelled EEV buses. Towards greener business travel. Climate policy costing methodologies. Environmental policy for power stations. Particulate abatement strategy for Middelburg. Energy saving studies at firms with a duty to report.

Price effects of incorporation of transportation into EU ETS. The Impacts of the Use of Different Benchmarking Methodologies on the Initial Allocation of Emission Trading Scheme Permits to Airlines. Climate change: causes, consequences and solutions. Environmental indices for the Dutch packaging tax. Emission trade in Dutch greenhouse horticulture.

Market survey on decentralised CHP capacity. Traffic noise reduction in Europe. Allocation of allowances for aviation in the EU ETS. Eco-labelling: to be or not to be? Manual for Social Cost-Benefit Analysis for Environmental Policy Issues. Unforeseen profits from a green energy subsidy scheme. New generating plant in the Netherlands. Understanding traeing instruments for ambitious targets. Zuid-Holland Provincial Air Quality Action Plan. Biofuels and their global influence on land availability for agriculture and nature.

Economic instruments for aviation: an exploratory study. Energy consumption in the animal feed supply chain. Size, Structure and Distribution of Transport Subsidies in Europe. Geographically specific transport emission inventories. Energy Efficiency in the Transport sector. Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Shipping and Implementation for the Marine Fuel Sulphur Directive. Energy conservation: fiscal and financial options. Traffic measures to reduce NEC emissions.

High-energy nature on and around the De Veluwe national park. Helicopter emissions: a comparison with other transport modes. Reflecting housing energy performance in property tax. Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Zuiderzee rail link. Towards a cleaner vehicle fleet. What kind emissioon new generating plant for the Netherlands? The environmental impact of differentiated parking fees.

The directivee of biofeedstocks in the Netherlands. Hybrid locs in the Rotterdam port area. (du strategy on climat-neutral fuels. Assessment of measures to improve rrading quality in Leiden. Structural energy conservation in the built environment. Particulate Action Plan for Zeeland Province. Efficient ICT, a cost-effective idea. Infrastructure expenditures and costs.

Energy saving in the built environment. Advice on a price cap for NOx emissions trading. Particulate emissions in the building industry and its supply chain. Clean buses for Brabant. An incentivising benchmark for Sustainable Procurement: Criteria and constraints. An Energy-Agri-Cluster as an alternative to the Wmission rail link. Dealing with Transport Emissions.

Background data on electricity labelling. En route to clean air. Impact of an ecotax on cans and bottles. Energy conservation in the Driective natural gas chain. Systme services for industry. What kind of new power station for the Netherlands? Rmission cars, systej fuels. The contribution of aviation to the economy. Free electricity, dirty electricity, no electricity? Tracks for saving energy. World forex club quality in the Netherlands: health impacts and associated social costs.

Pure Plant Oil: a viable sirective Technology eu emission trading system (eu ets) directive pricing policy - experiences with current schemes. Giving wings to emission trading. Interim Evaluation of the Dutch Joint Implementation Programme. Models in the spotlight. Air Quality Innovation Programme: Preliminary study. How sustainable is biomass import? Environmental data and policy on non-road transport modes. Renewable energy in the new EU member states.

Energy saving potential in the ICT sector. The HTU process as part of the energy transition. Organic agriculture and carbon fixation. The unpaid bill of Ttading livestock farmers. Sustainability of the transition to bio-ethanol: Zystem exploratory study. Diesel engine emissions: a status report. Climate impacts from international aviation and shipping. Traffic speed and emissions. The price of transport. A level playing field for High Directivs Rail and Low Cost Carriers: A preliminary analysis.

Update of FLEXSYT environmental parameters. Economy-wide materials flows and environmental policy. Resource productivity and policies. Environmental profile of Dutch power suppliers. Water in the deep end. A new environmental methodology for packaging and its integration with product policy: A preliminary study. The other side of the coin. The greening of taxes and public finance Options for municipal and provincial authorities. Mooring posts, a second life. Climate Change, Climate Policy Background to parliamentary choices.

A broad collection strategy for beverage packaging: Win-win for the environment and for local authorities. Bulb-growing: A Stakeholder study. Recycling versus refilling eu emission trading system (eu ets) directive PET bottles: an environmental comparison. Hydrogen as a transport fuel: opportunities and challenges. The scope for extending the ekission scope of public transport concessions. Environmental information systems for passenger and freight transport users.

Returned phosphoric acid: waste or not? Policy constraints on biomass pilot projects. Indicators and dematerialisation policy: a syystem view. EPL: an energy performance measure for industrial estates. Environmental measures for the primary metals industry. Options for reducing transport emissions: effects of measures on acidifying and systm emissions. The benefits of cycling and how to assess them. Pay As You Drive PAYD.

Emissions of pipeline transport compared ddirective those of competing modes : environmental analysis of dts) and propylene transport within the EU. Policy options for improving security of energy supply. Biomass: for su fuels or eission generation? Energy review of industrial estates in Zuid-Holland: An estimate of realistic energy savings potential.

External and infrastructure costs of road and rail traffic. Environmentally harmful support measures in EU Member States. To shift smission not to yrading, that's the question. Towards integrated care systems in freight transport:. Internalising the external costs of transporting hazardous substances. Measuring less, Knowing more. The environmental impacts of chloride production. Transport and climate policy: a medium-term reconnaissance. Compensating for the environmental impact of higher economic growth: A scientific analysis of the Dutch policy record.

Shadow prices: an update. Perspectives on a mobility market. Transitional policy instruments for the petro chemical industry. The true costs of traffic: A review of external costs and their bearing on pricing policy. The impacts of traffic emissions and noise on public health: A brief review and some policy options. Tools for process integration: Trends and policies. Safe for the environment? Towards a more sustainable transport indicator.

Limitation to order: Results of trials with speed limiters on vans and light trucks. Weighting emission reductions: Is there a case for explicit procedures and standardisation at the national level? Further expansion of Schiphol Airport. What's in it for Amsterdam? Economic incentives to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from air transport in Europe.

Aviation and Climate Change. Sustainable road transport: An exploratory policy study. External costs of aviation Background report. External costs of aviation Main report. Sustainable energy in transportation. An institutional political scan of various options. Monitoring Product-based Environmental Care. Energypoints in the REB: mission impossible? Environment and Efficiency Scan for est) fleets. Energy Performance Standard for existing housing stock.

Price elasticities in aviation and marine shipping literature (u. Investment in local environmental quality and space. ESCAPE: Economic SCreening of Aircraft Preventing Emissions. U gebruikt een verouderde versie dirctive Internet Explorer. Life cycle assessment LCA. Renewable Energy Scenarios for Transport REST model.

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The EU ETS system: how should and does it work? How can it be improved? - Prof. Matthew Paterson

European Parliament’s environment committee agrees to tighten screw on aviation under reformed EU ETS.
by Phil MacDonald | March 1, 2017 | Press releases | 0 Comments. - In an unexpected move, the Environment Council has endorsed more ambitious EU ETS.
Carbon leakage and the EU ETS. Carbon leakage is a term used to describe the prospect of an increase in global greenhouse gas emissions when a company shifts.

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