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The next review coming up is on the SBR due to all the complaints. Companies that do business internationally commonly need to pay or receive payment in currencies other …. Its True, signal losses often, but at the End of the week, I Earn more than I lose. Hi watchdog is omni app and fintech-ltd a scam what legitimate trader should I register? See the very last page for what. Our team is also here to support and assist everyone who had trouble with OptionsXO in the past. The good news is that many services are offering a free trial membership, no registration or payment required in many cases.

What do you think about the payouts of Binary Options? Omni Capital LTD still owns and operates the website according to their homepage and Terms And Conditions. The address in Romania corresponds to their Operations Center according to their Contact Us page. The brand was owned by one of the binary options pioneers, who managed to irritate many traders and establish an unfavorable reputation.

Under the new management and team of investors, the company has established itself as an up-to-date technology providers. The new website is astonishing, really a delight for our eyes. The support team over at OptionsXO finally came along with our demands and will resolve any issues occurred under the first owner. Our team is also here to support and assist everyone who had trouble with OptionsXO in the past.

We still see complaints, therefore we urge clients to avoid managed accounts. This forex peace army marketsworld be just a regional problem, generated by technical reasons but we have to remember that some of the brokerages that closed their doors forever, experienced this type of problems as well. I cannot make any speculation, I am just stating the fact that is not accessible at the moment, from my location.

We will keep monitoring and will update this review if the website becomes accessible again. Check out our Recommended Binary Options Brokers OptionsXO have made a very impressive turnaround, and turned back time and time again. Sorry, but their forex peace army marketsworld looks like an advertising for a tropical trip. The design is quite similar, but this is no surprise as both brokers are using the innovative Tech technology. Other than that, the website is beautifully built and well organized and all the needed trading tools are easily available, this being one of their strong points.

Well, would you like to have complaint when applying for reliability certificate? Intraday expiry is available for most options. All this is thoroughly explained on the website with the use of a lot of pictures forex peace army marketsworld examples. OptionsXO offer four types of accounts, with different advantages and extras. There is no VIP account but it was probably replaced by the Platinum.

Check out our Recommended Binary Options Brokers Looking for a new broker? The first thing you should do is to look for complaints. Round here, we do the research for you! You can read more complaints right here, in the bottom of this OptionsXO review page. Other than the usual first deposit bonus, OptionsXO offer special promotions and bonuses but those are not fixed and can differ from month to month so you will need to contact them to get information about the current promotion.

Some bonuses come with time limits so be sure if one will be applied to your account or not before you accept it. In order to withdraw funds, you will need to fill a Withdrawal Request and submit certain documents to confirm your identity, nothing different than anywhere else in the industry. The High Yield options are a potentially profitable addition and other than that, they have a Blog that can be considered an Extra feature.

In terms of trading tools they have early closure, rollover and double up features to help maximize profits and reduce losses. The platform is laid out well and tends forex peace army marketsworld cater more toward short term traders than not but long term traders will find what they need here as well. The support is pretty quick to answer and moderately helpful. The major downside is the fact that OptionsXO does not offer a refund. Deposits can be made via Credit Card, wire transfer and e-wallet MoneyBookers, Liberty Reserve, CashU, etc.

A Credit Card withdrawal cannot exceed the initial deposit amount and any sum exceeding it must be withdrawn via wire transfer. They also have special promotions. The High Yield options can become extra-profitable if used carefully. Rollover, double up and early closure round out the extra tools for traders. Another thing we liked is the OptionsXO blog, which has a lot of valuable information and resources.

Dear Christopher, My name is Adam Wilson and I am a senior Customer Support manager at OptionsXO. First I would like to thank you all for sharing your comments and feelings with us. In order to be able to further investigate your claim, I will need your full OptionsXO account details. I truly look forward to hearing from you soon and assisting you resolve any outstanding issues.

He never help me when i ask him to solve forex peace army marketsworld problem. Perhaps there was a miscommunication with the account manager. Linking between you and your account manager is sometimes part of the process in order forex peace army marketsworld give you the service you need, however repeating it and not having the manager call you back is out of order. Please give us your user name, or mail us to support so we can assist you in the best manner.

I opened an account at your platform because I am a member os signalsbinary,and I needed a further sigbin. I did this because he said that this will be a secure trade and I could withdraw my money each time. This happened at Christmas called me and chatted with me via skype and gave the instruction to trade with the whole amount because it is insured!!

Trade was lost, assured me, that I will get back my money after the holidays,wished me a Happy New Year and gave me no response until now,so the support and so the financal does your company work with such liar? Of course I saved the whole proofs! I actually stumbled on your site by accident and ive been trying to get my money back from them since i started NO one will communicate with me and im so mad now.

I had issues with them from the start. My card was maxed out so I demanded to get the money back. After some discussion he convinced me that he can help me to get profit equivalent to deposit in a week and I will have all the money back. It should have been warning for me already. They only called me when I requested withdraw. Then my broker changed promising profit on high value trade with over a month expiry. I was naive enough to believe in it.

He actually put the trade for me. All the investments is gone and they never even contacted me to say anything. Over last month i got to know better technical analysis and the trade they put for me was doomed from the start. Monthly graph was showing Candles out of Bollinger bands for few consecutive months and they still traded in the same direction. I understand risks in investing but I would be very careful with them. There are better brokers out there.

Optionsxo gave me a crocked broker I took money out of my account five different times and my broker cancelled my withdraw each time and made trades for me I did not forex peace army marketsworld each time I told him I want out and not to make any wore trades, I got ahold of his boss and told him this so he checked the Skype account and the phone records and sent a copy to the police that control brokers licences and they took his licence sways.

The company he worked for file a multi millio dallar law suit against he for laundering for his cliant. I would like to start a class action lawsuit against him and the company he works for do you have any advice on how I can do this. If you have had this happen to you let me know so we can get together for this lawsuit. Your truly Paul Collins Ive been trading binary options for almost a year now and I had that problem in a few platforms too.

Thanks for pointing that out. However, a google search for Dolce Formula Ltd doesnt return any results. Check out their website. Would you care to elaborate? They are not a good broker to invest in, the manager insulted me when I complaint because I lost most of my money due to a bug — which they say that never happened. This company should be ashamed. We apologise if one of our account managers insulted you. Sometimes while trying to motivate people, some account managers in the whole binary options field tend to insult the client over the phone, thinking that will somehow put the right spirit in them.

I lost thousands in optionsxo. At the same time this started to happen to my account, they were calling my phone and sending messages to my xo inbox to deposit more money so I can get a bonus. They are not even a regulated company. However, that does not sound like the typical method in which we work. They send it to you or not? After doing a few trades, which did not net me any returns, I decided to withdraw some of my funds, to which I was met with an Emailed request for documents, which I provided.

I received an Email then claiming that my documentation was accepted, but no money was refunded to my account, so I tried to contact support for the site, and this is where I have been disappointed with them. I do not appreciate any organization that forces you to leave messages, instead of directly speaking with you, and this seems to be a trend with OptionsXO, as they never seem to have anyone available to chat with you, and you ALWAYS have to leave a message!! We have a brand new website and soon a brand new chat support.

We see how you stressed the time factor in your case, and therefore we apologise for replying at a time that might very well be irrelevant now. Of course there have been ups and downs but overall i earned a reasonable profit and i withdraw part of the profit every month. The company is developing and getting better every day, now they also established forex trading function for silver accounts which i might use some time. Do you have an actual physical presence at your London operations centre?

Are you employed by Dolce Formula and based at that address? Yes that is true Dolce Formula is the company as stated on our website as well OptionsXO is the trade mark. We have physical presents only in the UK, the numbers on our site are used in order for our clients to be able to contact us VIA phone without making over seas calls. Why is Dolce Formula Ltd not registered at the UK Companies House? They stole my money. Try to get an answer whithout success. Every investment companies has different strength and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages.

OptionXO maybe not a perfect company but it can provide us also the benefits of other companies. Trading binary does not means that we can be rich right away, but it can help us grow our hard-earned money if only we know what we are doing and I believe OptionXO provides me that. If others win using OptionXO, maybe I can also. So i made so many research, reading different opinions and comments before actually investing in OptionXO, then I decided, I know this company has something that can help me.

I believe in this company, so I open an account, after a year in optionXO, I can say that it is a worthy company. I can now support my family financially. If you believe in yourself, and the company you invest in, all your dreams will come true. And I am thankful that I believe in OptionXO a year ago, because if not, maybe today I keep on regretting it. Thanks OptionXO… Hi ya! Im one of their invester would like to know more about your experience with them!

I planned to follow with a larger investment soon after. Jeremy Briggs promised to work with me to increase this. If the trading success continued, and the withdrawal process proved trouble-free, I then planned to deposit larger follow-up funding soon after. After this, the OptionsXO broker failed in his promise to do more trading with me to increase my account. I initiated a withdrawal. They did forex peace army marketsworld answer my phone calls.

The funds in my trading account vanished off their website. My complaint is too long. They have excellent service and they forex peace army marketsworld with me all throughout the process since it was my first time. Really did earn some money then. I love trading with them! Go on and move forward! I got into working with optionsxo a couple of weeks ago, and so far so good. The platform is pretty easy to get used to if you have experience, but they gave me a walkthrough of how everything works on the website as a first lesson to bring me up to speed.

Support-wise, the brokers they have there seem to know what they are doing, most of the advice I took from them ended up being pretty helpful. I spoke to th support team a couple of days ago, and they helped me sort it out. All in all, I would recommend giving them a shot if you are looking for a good place to start trading. Please explain to me HOW at all it is possible? Hi Andrius I am moving against OptionsXO in an official and legal pathway,share me your case and i will pay on behalf of you the solicitor fees and get your money back from such scam firm.

Please contact us immediately at support to investigate this further. When I phoned them up to remove the bonuses, they also removed all my winnings for that week. Spend three months back on the forth on the phone but never rectified the problem. In the end I asked for my account to be closed and deposit returned to me. They did this but then charged a withdrawal fee. Never got this money back either. Mistake after mistake after mistake.

Stay well away from these jokers. They also ring you up every month to try and get you custom back. This sounds like a common misunderstanding concerning the rules applied to various kinds of bonuses. Please email us at support fur further consultation concerning our bonuses policies. Moreover, ask any one in OptionsXO are you registered with FCA?

With all the identity theft this is a red flag. Why would they allow you to open an account, deposit money, make a few transactions and then shut the account down holding your initial deposit ransom until they confirm your ID? Should not the Credit Card info they have be enough? This is a standard procedure in order to keep the transaction legal and legitimate on both ends, and is necessary for us to have should and problem occur.

Initially I disagreed with the critics but did take a pinch of salt on what UI can see to be a balanced ranged of comments. Coincidentally they also place complete restrictions in withdrawal of my hard won funds with the age olde greed factor conversation. Now they probably have my number and IP address marked to not answer opr they have been shut down.

Is there a consumers affairs equivalent in the UK that would deal with such outrages this type of service providers, now knowing that they are not regulated as well. If this case is real and still relevant, we urge you to contact us and give us the details of your account manager that will be held responsible. We have blocked my account to give my money they gave me a bonus.

If a bad site constantly people deceiving anyone, after the oldum. Perhaps your credentials were lost or misplaced and our account manager could not reach you. Please contact us at support if no one has yet to contact you, and please state your user name, phone number, email address, and broker. I have not asked for the money to be traded either so im not sure what has been done to my money.

Hope the new managrment acts quickly and responsibly. I have written in your contacts since then to get help to access my account but no response. DO NOT contact them!! Oh, and another funny thing, that your account brokers are always different with different names…. Here are the details of my unfortunate experience with Options XO. I saw a video online that looked impressive and filled in a form to open an account.

There has been no phone call or any software download at any time. Michelle said that if I had any problems that I should email her, so I asked her to call forex peace army marketsworld, or arrange for the phone call that I was promised, but no reply. I also emailed the Support team twice, and I eventually recieved an email with some very basic instructions on how to trade.

Needless to say, I followed the instructions on the email, and lost all my money. I will do all I can to make this information public. I forex peace army marketsworld been dealing with options xo for over a year now. I made some money and was even allowed to withdraw once. However a new broker was assigned to me and he took money from my credit card without my knowledge.

He lost the money on bad trades but gave me a bonus which I could not withdraw. When I complained to the head broker he told me they had fired the guy and the only way to get my money was to make trades using the bonus. No one will contact me. I have tried forex peace army marketsworld times to phone them. They never get back to me.

What can I do? Half a dozen representatives of our company were in contact with you by email and phone despite the inaccurate phone number in your record when you initially registered with us during the two-week tenure of your account with us. All of the money invested by your son has been returned to your family. Best regards, original complaint: BEWARE — further to my recent complaint of fraud — their holding company has forex peace army marketsworld into liquidation and has been dissolved.

Complain to CySec and demand licensing is revoked — they have a forex peace army marketsworld application. A blatant internet fraud operation. Hello, As I read a lotall the complaines are in the withdrawsas simple as I can see this, it took most people no more than an hour sometimes even minutes, to deposit some money on a freshs account. Its even nothing more than connecting to accounts to transfer, wright…. WHY is this the frustation of most traders!!!

BECAUSE IT SHUT BE ,exactly the same time limit the way back. OptionsXO — Customer Care I have enough evidence on them including recorded phone calls, email exchanges and Skype conversations,and I will post it anywhere I can on the Internet. Until I receive every bit of my money back, I will not stop spreading all their lies on the internet.

They will do anything to take your hard working earned money. Having a lump sum of money and wanting to invest it, a friend suggested investing into a binary trading company called OptionsXO. We started communicating with Peter Shaw, a senior broker with the company, first by email then on Skype. He seemed very knowledgeable and even used to work as a broker at HSBC. Unfortunately, the wire was delayed by a week by my bank because they too had some questions for the binary trader so we missed out on the guaranteed trades.

We preferred to use the money we had in the account and work our way up slowly. He pushed so much that my husband asked for all of the money sitting in the account. I asked Peter Shaw to return ALL of the money and he agreed. This is when the story turns ugly. Several days later I Skyped Peter Shaw asking when we would be receiving the money but we received no answer until he was showing offline.

We even asked if we could speak to his manager or a different broker. Then all of a sudden someone was trading in my account! We immediately requested a withdrawal but the withdrawal was cancelled with no message explaining why. He responded but this time different, cold and calculating not like before chipper and asking for money. I asked Peter Shaw if my account was on automatic trading and he said no so then I asked if he was trading on my behalf and he responded yes.

Not to mention, what guarantees do I have if I continue to trade with them that my money will be returned since my withdrawal was cancelled??? This has SCAM written all over it and I will stop at nothing at getting my money back!!! Can on one card. The apparent ceo called me and after many promises of some money back I agreed to withdraw my charge back.

I did a fair bit of trading on my own and Mark did as well. USD in wagered bonus money which should have been returned to me. The broker took it off saying I had to send them proper documents which I did. I then put in my withdrawal request. I got another call from an apparent CEO whose name does not mater as they do not use their real names.

They said they had some up and coming good trades if I removed my withdrawal. I told them I would but kind of smelled a rat and did not do it. My brother passed away several weeks later I was back in Ontario and got another call to remove my withdrawal as they had trades to make me major profits. I admit At the time because of my brother I was vulnerable. I told them I did not want those kind of trades and they assured me that would not happen. I put in another withdrawal of my remaining balance and the next trading day my ballance was almost nil.

I have proof of all that I am telling you so do not under any circumstances use these low life thieves. I am sending to Cysic a report on this firm so they will not get there regulation which they do not deserve at all. It has left me very upset and distressed. I have acomplish with all the required docs at the startup and now. I read and heard a lot of bad expiriences, and I wanted to try what people was complaining about: withdrawing funds… so the problems started.

Trying to contact Customer Service on the phone and wait for hours with no one answering…. I will now try all the forums to see if I can get some atention, as now one can answer me, there are no contact phones or emails on the plataform. Must admit I was surprised. Got many phone calls but it seemed always at the wrong time and they ended up waisting so much time on me that Forex peace army marketsworld actually feel sorry for them. The poor guy earned his money.

Must be a nice guy. I read every one of the comments and complaints and was wondering just what the hell have I got myself into. Then I realized that I was prepared to lose my investment when I started. When I was a teen a wealthy investor told me to never invest more than you are prepared to lose. That was good advice. After reading that the new management seems to trying to resolve all the issues I felt better but then I see there are some fresh ones.

They do a lot worse than that. They withdraw money without authorization from visas and they do not return it. They also refuse to return the balance forex flex ea free download the money in the account. Exercise caution do not give your visa numbers, they steal money and then ignore you. They should be stopped. Mr Shaw is not serious about the broker profession he is a scam artist in the industry of scams in the Internet.

Bottom line Optionsxo is not certified, not regulated, and the self proclaimed rich Senior Broker Peter Shaw proved first hand that forex peace army marketsworld are not professional. I would advise not to use this platform. He was ok until he withdraw more money from my Visa without my authorization.

Visa block my account. He invested all the money. I was not VIP any more, he stop talking and trade for me. He get me new broker Sam!!! I been fool to invested hard earned money like you say Mark. I will never trust Optionsxo They ruined me financially and emotionally. They getting rich from trusting people like me. However, after I rejected him, he missing. Wanted to check with the customer service, none reply. After read all the comments I knew that my hard earn money just gone like that.

Till then Ken Tour forex peace army marketsworld me several times a day. Now does not respond to my emails. Hi I like to know if I can use this broker for millionaire blue print as a safe broker as far as you say it is new management but I still not sure if forex peace army marketsworld my account will be safe for South African guy like myself? Then they did nothing about my money.

I got frequent phone calls but I have told the Optionsxo initial contact that I am deaf and require communication only through email. To date, I have NOT received the money. As a matter of fact…I think my calls have now been blocked. Topic: Hi…anyone online for me? A representative will be connected, please be patient. Jamie Andrews enters the chatroom. Please check and let me know the outcome…I will stay online for you? Please advise my expected payout date before I escalate this?

I advised him of this. Expected pay out date please? If not…give me a contact number and person responsible for the payout and I will take from there. Also…include contact details the Manager in Accounts. I need to know is accountable and responsible here? The issue is I need to know the expected payout date? I was hoping on support to assist me…obviously not the case?

Please advise the details of the manager in your Accounts department. I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK TO THE BROKER…what is so difficult to understand. I need to speak to accounts! Your Accounts department…what is so difficult to understand here? I have not been called as yet? If you have further questions please leave a message: Leave forex peace army marketsworld. To date…no response from any of the guys.

I am still waiting and believe I will not see my money. I opened the account. The profits of trade he claimed as his and said he was the one who managed to get the profits so he will keep it. If this is not THEFT…not sure what you will call it? Since they are not regulated, you cannot benefit from support from a regulatory watchdog. You could visit and file a complaint there. However when he sent me a form to sign and I read the conditions I decided it was far too risky as even if I made a profit it would be a long time before I could withdraw any money and I was looking for a regular income.

I am now getting the press involved in order to warn others about this company and does not pay out! I am at risk of eviction within the next week but Optionsxo do not care. I have made them aware of this several times. I was making great progress and thrilled with the results but when it came to trying to withdraw money, it never happened. I could never contact anyone. My broker disappeared and I was assigned another couple of brokers. I then read this page and realised I had been scammed.

I was convinced I had lost all my savings. I then contacted Winchargeback and they managed to get almost all of my funds returned. I cannot tell you how relieved I was. Thank you Megan, Rebecca and the team at Winchargeback! Can someone help me? Than he made a large profit with this new account also, I requested to withdraw some money and was denied, and then they disappeared.

I tried to contact the company, but it was months before they responded to me. And than months later the company contacted and said that Nathan or John or Ken no longer were with the company. And they set me up with a new senior broker named Sam. He said forex peace army marketsworld did not wish to hold my funds hostage. So he than set me up with what he said was one of his best sienor brokers John L who would handle everything. John than contacted me and said he was taking over management of my account.

I tried to contact David with info he gave me, but all of it was invalid. So I continued to try to work with John. And than he dissappered. I once again took over a month to get a hold of someone. I said its a managed account and you were supposed to be trading for me. My account had even been blocked for over a month. John said this was the only way I would have a chance to get my investment back. I pleaded with him many times to please let me withdraw my funds and every time he denied my request.

The broker told me to trade and that I had nothing to lose but to try and reach the volume needed. During this period forex peace army marketsworld trading many of my larger forex peace army marketsworld were lost because mysteriously my account would be blocked and only reopened once the trade had lost substantially. He is saying I owe them that bonus amount. How can this be possible? I was always told that I could never lose more than what I had originally invested?

I opened an account with Optionsxo. I only invested a few hundred pounds initially but they were ever asking for money because what use is it in the bank, not making anything in there I was told they would make me rich. I then invested more money so I could have a managed account. I was lead to believe they did all the trading and just spoke to me once a week to let me know how I was doing. No the account manager phones and tells me what to trade on.

I was then phoned by my account manager, he told me another analyst would be ringing me to do the trading. As you can imagine I was elated. I told him not to ring me anymore. That did not materialise so he said forex peace army marketsworld would have to make a correction. By this time I really had had enough. Then the next day he phoned laughing saying that he would build it back. This made me very ill and has made me a bag of nerves. I cannot look at the trading platform and if my mobile rings and I think it is my account manager I just have an anxiety attack.

I have since been told that the analyst would have done this on purpose to make money for his company. How could he be so right for over an hour then get it so wrong! I have the same plight with this broker. They insist that you put more and forex peace army marketsworld up losing all of it.

Stupid on my part trusting that they know what they were doing. They are worst like a newbie. Ended up in debt instead. Account managers keep changing, they tell you they are more senior than the previous ones to get your trust. Now nobody cares to call because I have no more money to put in. For newbies who want to invest with this broker make sure you know how to trade on your own.

Account managers are there to sucked you in to putting money in to the market not for your benefit. Both were phoning a lot at the start and offering me trades after trades, when I was starting to lose money, I was persuaded by them to invest more money, which I would go on to lose it all. We hate Spam, we'll not promote or share your information.

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Is OptionsXO a Scam? Read this Binary Options Broker Review

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Some Claim OptionsXO is a Scam? Also think OptionXO is a Fraud? Check out this Binary Options Broker Review and decide for youself: OptionXO, scam or not!.
Editor’s Note – Why CTOption DOESN’T Suck in 50 Words? CTOption is based on PandaTS, a leading provider of software and platform solutions for Forex and other.
A hedge is an investment position intended to offset potential losses or gains that may be incurred by a companion investment. In simple language, a hedge is used to.

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