What happens when bollinger bands converge

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Analysis of seasonal price patterns and tendencies helps you to confirm where buying and selling opportunities are likely to occur. Review past cycle trends or identify a current market cycle with easy to use tools. Display past cycles as a chart overlay while reviewing a current cycle trend or review past cycles in terms of percent change, ratio, bar number, composite and more. Filter trades, search for leverage, and find single or complex pattern cycles for any market you desire.

Be on the correct side of the trend. Know in advance exactly when a market trends higher, lower or sideways. Take control of your trading plan now, and get more consistent winning results. Verify the effect of seasonal trends on any market. Use the seasonal library as a filter and then apply your favorite technical indicators and trading methods. Before committing precious capital, know the bias of the market. Increase your trading efficiency and accuracy. These strategies are designed to give increased insight into proven techniques - all formatted to fit seamlessly within your Trade Navigator.

Gain efficiency using dependable techniques and reliable strategies that will perform time after time, with organized performance with minimal effort on your part. Witness trading concepts in action by applying strategies to your chart. Uncover new ways to augment an existing trading strategy to increase profits and limit loss. Run reports on any or all of the included strategies to review performance.

Learn new ways to combine indicators and concepts to enhance strategy creation and trading skills. Add new concepts to your arsenal of strategy creation, pushing your trading skills to new levels. Each strategy is ready to perform, right out of the box, with the ability modify each to meet your individual needs. Isolate areas of interest with performance reports.

Complement forex indicator 99 accurate current trading strategies with elements of any of the Advanced Traders II mechanical strategies. Review equity curves by day, month, year — or even by profits returned per trade. Easy entry techniques are pre-programmed and ready to use right out of the box.

Easy to use templates can be applied to your chart with a click of your mouse. Hone your skills with new tools that plug right into your Trade Navigator software. Identify turning points in any market by tying together three essential pieces of information —the direction of price movement, its extent and volume. Differentiate between sleepy, quiet periods and hot episodes when market crowds become excited. Quickly adapt what happens when bollinger bands converge trading to the current environment.

Identify whether sellers or buyers are weaker. Track volatility, along with price. Delve into the work of Dr. Alexander Elder, as interpreted by Trade Navigator and put his ideas to use in your trading This innovative library plug in gives you a start to finish set of trading tools that will take you from scanning for potential trades, to identifying opportunities to trade execution. Use criteria and filters to scan the markets for potential buy and sell setups.

Identify trading opportunities based on volume, moving average, momentum and price movements. Step up to the plate and look for Stock what happens when bollinger bands converge Futures market trading opportunities that will give you the results you need. This library is designed to take the beginner trader to the next level of strategy development, with more advanced techniques Use criteria and filters to scan the markets for potential buy and sell setups.

Get in with the current momentum, with range buy and sell signals. Use these new tools out of the box or modify them to fit your existing strategy Designed in collaboration with John Bollinger for maximum flexibility, the potential of the Bollinger Bands Tool Kit is unlimited with tools that can be used on their own or in combination with other analytical tools.

With so many different features, The Bollinger Bands Toolkit is one of the most extensive libraries available. The Bollinger Band Tool Kit for Genesis ptu trading system created for investors and traders wishing to unleash the powerl of Bollinger Bands. If you do not already have a copy, you can order an autographed copy at oparty.ru?

There is one strategy included in the tool kit that is not discussed in the book, Method IV. This method requires that volatility be relatively low--in the lowest quartile of the immediately prior six-month range. Then we look for the following breakout sequence: Day one, a close inside the bands. Day two, a close outside the bands. Day three, price action that exceeds the close of day two for an upside breakout or undercuts the close of day two for a downside breakout.

Method IV conditions may be tightened by requiring that the high of day two be exceeded, or the low undercut, rather than the close. Method IV may be of special interest to shorter-term and swing traders. These tools have been designed to offer the maximum flexibility and therefore the greatest potential. Some of the tools are free standing and can be used on their own, while others are of greater worth when combined with other tool kit elements or other analytical tools.

While there are four example strategies included in this tool kit, this package is not and was not meant to be a trading system. Rather it is a tool kit that allows you to create your own trading systems and analysis. We have tried to imagine everything you might want to do with Bollinger Bands and cara trading forex di hp for any eventuality. However, the possibilities are literally limitless. So, if there is a tool you'd like to see added to the kit, or something you feel should be changed, feel drop us a note with your suggestion at bbtk oparty.ru.

Candlestick signals hold an immense amount of information in their formations. Used for centuries, Japanese rice traders have made fortunes by recognizing reoccurring patterns in investor sentiment with candlestick signals. Candlesticks offer a wider range of information than traditional bar charts, making them very useful in selecting entry and exit points. Eastern and Western trading methods combine with the addition of support and resistance to the Candles Library.

Make better trading decisions when you know what the next bar will likely bring. The great thing about many trends and cycles are that they generally repeat and have fairly well defined tops and bottoms. Sometimes though it is easy to get caught on the wrong side of the trend or cycle, having taken a position when closing or staying out would have been best. With the DSS indicator, you can reliably identify expected cycle lengths and when the trends are going to hit their tops or bottom out.

While a standard stochastic oscillator can often get stuck in bull or bear markets, the DSS is an enhancement to the performance that one may see over the standard stochastic. Combine the indicators from this library with your own designs for more jp morgan forex trader turn out. Test the included strategy on the default markets or add your own. Take control of your trading plan now for more consistent winning results.

Choosing between different trading strategies can be a difficult decision. You hear the news chatter trumping them up, even when their income levels do not look good. When share prices continue to rise, you wonder, where are they getting their momentum? Is there a measuring stick, an indicator or a sign of expectations that you should be using? See quick improvements in your trading with this premier set of tools designed to help you analyze and select trades.

He was in the middle of a world tour, dancing before sell-out crowds. At the very same time, he was on his way to becoming a Wall Street legend, buying and selling stocks in his spare time researching only in Barron's weekly newspaper and using telegrams forex history database download communicate with his broker. Plug in and get started. Discover stocks that are breaking up and out, or down and out.

Easily analyze price charts. Turn indicators and conditions into the criteria you need to pick a market. The most popular analysis tools, for hundreds of years and counting. Fibonacci Pattern analysis can require a great deal of patience and calculating. Trade Navigator identifies and calculates the patterns, eliminating the guess work and saving hours of time spent trying to determine whether a current chart pattern adheres to the Fibonacci Patterns.

With a simple click on a market high point or low point, the Fibonacci Clusters will automatically plot everything you need from that point on the chart. Automatically find support and resistance points. Save time analyzing the markets, Trade Navigator identifies and calculates patterns for you. Anticipate where the market is moving through the use of Fibonacci formulas.

Discover where Fibonacci ratios line up into clusters on the chart with just a few clicks. Easy to modify settings for customized analysis. Mechanical back testing of a trading idea is a great way to validate research and strategy ideas. The Highlight Bar Reporter allows you test your ideas using the highlight bars you have created before putting them to use in your what happens when bollinger bands converge. Quite possibly the most underutilized tool available in Trade Navigator, The Highlight Bar reporter gives you the ability to test individual highlight bar signals to determine how each would perform based on market position, number of days held and more.

The Highlight Bar Reporter helps to take the guesswork out of when to exit positions. Review optimizer style reports of each test, with the ability to pull up the individual performance reports or view details as a chart. Check winning percentages, details of the average trade and more. With easy to use settings, turn on the criteria that matters most. Create what happens when bollinger bands converge test any bar pattern. Use the Highlight Bar Reporter in any timeframe.

Performance review allows you to find optimal trading opportunities, and eliminate some of the bad opportunities. Create a dominating effect on your charts to show trend direction, momentum and direct trading foto forex zwart with the Ichimoku Cloud Library of templates, studies and indicators.

The Ichimoku Cloud, is also known as Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, which translates into "One glance equilibrium chart. It can also be used with western indicators to help confirm their signals. The Ichimoku Cloud is straightforward, the concepts are easy to understand, and its signals are clearly defined. Overall market trends can be identified at-a-glance, based on where the Ichimoku cloud is in relation to the current market price.

When the market is above the cloud the overall trend is bullish, and when the market is trading below a cloud formation the gbp fx options is bearish. That is why the numerical formations and patterns recur on a constant basis. He noticed conditions where a lack of capital existed to buy stock.

Accordingly, he predicted that there would be a sharp drop in prices when many speculators were simultaneously forced to sell by margin calls and a lack of credit. What happens when bollinger bands converge the lack of capital, there would be no buyers in sight to absorb the sold stock, further driving down prices.

TM — The Market — Check the line of least resistance to establish the overall current market direction. Be sure to check the exact market the stock trades in for instance: Dow, What happens when bollinger bands converge, or Amex — before executing the trade. It is essential to make sure the lines of least resistance are in the direction of your trade before entering the trade.

TIG — The Industry Group — Check the specific industry group, if you are considering a trade in ATT check out the telecommunication Long Distance Group. If you are looking at a trade in Halliburton, check out the Oil Well Drilling Group. If you are looking at a trade in Harrah Entertainment check out the Gambling Group, make sure the group is moving in the correct direction, the line of least resistance to provide a profit for you on the trade you have selected.

TT — Tandem Trading — Check the stock and the Sister Stock and compare them. If you are going to trade General Motors check a Sister Stock like Ford or Chrysler. If you are going to trade Best Buy then check out Circuit City — a Sister Stock. Tandem Trading requires the trader to place two stocks of the same group next to each other. TDT — Top Down Trading — The final step in top Down Trading is to examine all four factors at the same time — The Market, The Industry Group and the Tandem Stocks and the actual stock in one glance.

At Trading Educators they believe in simple concepts. They don't believe in extended periods of backtesting, because markets change over time. They believe in watching the markets, and in trading what they see. The reality of trading is in what happens when bollinger bands converge is happening now, not what happened months and years ago. As you'll see, it's an approach that raises avoidance of loss to the highest pinnacle of decision-making. It's an approach whose chief characteristic is avoidance of over-trading, and an almost forex traders new zealand avoidance of loss of capital.

Perhaps most surprising of all, this approach, which has kept me very safe in the markets, has also been unusually profitable year in and year out. It is a safety-first style of trading that allows me to sleep comfortably at night. How can any style of trading give me what I love about trading and eliminate what I hate about it?

Picking the strongest stocks fundamentally proves to maximize returns and with the pre-built filters, you will pinpoint the hottest stocks which maximize returns. Choosing the same stocks everyone else is using would still do well. But by picking the best stocks, profits are far more likely. Focus in on market setups to lock in exceptional timing for optimal trades. Being able to identify the best timing for setups is integral for consistent trading success.

Combining this with proper exits, allow firing what happens when bollinger bands converge at the right time on the chosen market setup to keep rewards higher and risks lower. The Laser Focus library puts together the strengths of fundamental analysis and technical analysis on multiple time frames to better understand the markets you are trading.

This allows you to easily focus on long and short term market directions. Gain a better understanding of the nature of trend activity on an end of day, or intraday basis with the Moving Averages Heat Mapping Library. Reveal vital information regarding trend strength, both short-term and long-term, as well as pullbacks within a trend and potential impending changes in trend.

The Moving Averages Heat Mapping is a technical analysis indicator which is used to analyze trends and to identify trend changes. Short term moving averages show short term trends or trader sentiments, while long term moving averages which show long forex rates history india trends or investor sentiments. While the periods and number of Moving Averages of both groups can vary according to your trading goals, generally a bullish trend is identified when short term moving averages are above long term moving averages and bearish trend is identified if the scenario is just opposite.

The closing in and intersection of two groups of Moving Averages are considered an indication of trend weakening and trend changes. Similarly, convergence and divergence of Moving Averages within a forex 8h chart also can also indicate trend changes. MVWAP is the acronym for the Moving Volume Weighted Average Price, widely used by traders binary options daily rainbow strategy the years as a benchmark of price.

Strengthen your trading and realize the most optimal plan of attack, knowing when an investment is favorable or unfavorable. Use MVWAP as a means to determine the markets average trading price during a given period by taking what happens when bollinger bands converge account both the price and the volume or number of shares being traded during the same period. Speed your progress from novice to experienced trader with the Perry Kaufman trading library.

Kaufman is a market strategist known for his knowledge and experience in computer-based trading systems applied to world futures and financial markets. His publication, "Trading Systems and Methods" has become the technician's required reference. Why not look into some of the most popular Forex trading ideas around the industry. These ideas are popular for a reason, and they are now available to the platform to what happens when bollinger bands converge your trading toolbox.

The library comes with great ideas to improve your Forex learning or add to your own techniques and tools. Each of the strategies can be fully customized to fit your exact conditions and specifications. Momentum Trading is designed to assist with making trend trading easier for Forex trading. Using a combination of the MACD and Moving Averages, the strategy will help identify when a trend is starting or ending.

OAS-Order Angle Separation uses moving average crossovers to help identify opportune points of entry. While borrowing from the same concept of trend trading, the moving averages assist in picking valuable trades. The strategy looks for the averages to turn over and separate instead of staying tangled together when looking to make what happens when bollinger bands converge. Contrarian Trading is a concept that is not exclusive to the Forex markets, but lends itself very well to the market.

Why would we want to follow the trading public blindly when most of them lose? So instead of going with the trend, go against it when the odds are in your favor to do so. Let all of the other traders take the losses and reap the rewards. Originally used by floor traders, pivot points provide advanced signaling of potential new market highs or lows within a given timeframe. Using the previous day to calculate potential turning points for the current day, pivot points give you the ability to forecast market direction and sentiment.

Gain more consistent results in any market with the planetary library of astrological tools. Designed to help you define planet positions and lunar cycles, this collection of functions, indicators and highlight bars allows you to compare planetary motion and market moves. Based on the concept that the planets have cycles and formations that affect and change the markets direction, the Planetary Library is a collection of functions that are ready to use for planetary motion in comparison to market moves.

The functions can be utilized in their current form or as building blocks for other functions. The library includes the basics of the planetary ideas. Is there a Full Moon or a New Moon, what is the current Planet Position ratio currently? Are you tired of hunting down lunar and planetary positions on internet sites and in library books, then trying to match them to market moves on your chart? As price and the indicators that are based upon them start to draw apart or move in contrasting directions, this is considered Divergence and can drastically impact trading outcomes.

Divergence is often the sign richemont stock options an up coming price change. Combining Divergence with what you are doing is a wonderful way to get more out of your indicators when looking for indications of future price changes. Being consitently profitable means being able to pick the right strategy for the market price right now as opposed to picking based upon what is expected for the prices future direction.

Enter the markets with higher reward to risk ratios. Recognize divergence and increase profitability by being aware and protect profits or look for a high reward trade with very low risk. Manage your trades with better timing. Evaluate price momentum and know before the trend changes to understand when to get out of long or short positions to maximize your profits. Add a powerful tool to your trading without having to master Divergence as it is clearly identified for you. Find divergence in any time frame and market on various indicators such as MACD, RSI, Momentum or simply choose your own indicator for which you wish to find Divergence.

The oscillator tools you need for analysis and strategy development are ready to use right out of the box. The strategies included in the Power Plays library have been designed to teach you how to use oscillators to make trading decisions and increase profitability. RMO Oscillator — Developed by Rahul Mohindar of VIRATECH, the RMO Oscillator was designed to identify bull and bear trends in the markets. Designed to work on any market, oscillators when combined with bullish or bearish trends can prove to be big trade makers.

Both oscillator concepts have great benefits when used on their own or as a part of your current strategy. LSS Oscillator was developed by George Angell and is a great short term indicator when used correctly. With the LSS Oscillator you will look to break out above or below the Pivot lines as long as the oscillator confirms the movement.

LSS also has a strength Index indicator which gives a rating to show strength of confirmation. Use the probability band to define your likely reward in combination with high probability trading strategies for optimum results. Every trader is different -- each has his own risk tolerance, trading ability and analytical skills. Knowing who and what kind of trader you are, is key to determining what type of indicators or trading systems you will be comfortable using.

For example, many people hate to lose. But because losing is an inevitable part of the game, this is one of the worst characteristics a trader can possess. Although you cannot completely escape losses in trading, the probability bands, used in conjunction with some high probability trading strategies can help minimize the number of losing trades you may make. The percentage of price oscillator and the introduction of the NYSErSI Indicator combine to bring you a unique ability to identify bullish and bearish divergence in the markets.

Each strategy is fully customizable to meet your exact specifications and conditions. When combined on the chart with a smoothed RSI of price, some pretty powerful signals between the two indicators emerge. Percentage of Change Oscillator or PPO is based on the difference between two moving averages. With practical application of the trend analysis techniques of Ian S. Notley already programmed, plug in the Rate of Change library and get started. This is not a library for the short term trader, and the Rate of Change strategy does not take a lot of trades.

Maximize gain and minimize your losses with instant notification of possible reversals in the market. Get instant notification of possible reversals. Know consistent bias in the markets before committing precious capital. Break down every trade and review comparisons with multiple reports at one time. Be on the correct side of the trend, knowing the seasonal probabilities in advance. Seasonal patterns are some of the most powerful and least understood forces in financial markets.

The markets are controlled by the collective human emotion which operates within its controlled environment. Outside forces that affect humans, therefore, has an affect on the markets. Weather and other seasonal changes can trigger market changes for better or worse. Experienced traders know that different market conditions call for different approaches to trading.

Being aware of historical swings in market behavior from season to season can give you a distinct advantage. Level the playing field with the trading tools you need to succeed in any market. The Street Smarts I library brings the techniques of Linda Raschke to the individual investor. Analyze the markets using swing trading techniques to determine support and resistance points, with tools to show trade setups and lock in profits.

Gain confidence as you learn to identify when patterns are beginning to develop using the Street Smarts I library in a simulated trading environment, then put your knowledge and confidence to the test with live trading. The variety of available strategies gives you a well-stocked arsenal of techniques that can tackle the majority of market trading situations.

This powerful library of strategies contains everything you need, whether you want backtest an out of the box solution or the ability to customize, create and auto trade your own trading strategy. With open code, you can view all of the parameters of each strategy in detail. Strategy rules may be copied or modified, which may lead you to discover a set of unique trading rules.

Maximize your swing trade opportunities with the ability to confirm signals with volume breakouts and reversals. A symbol group is also included for quick basket testing of multiple markets at one time. Please note, the author uses the trading strategies outlined in the book as learning examples only. As a result, the strategies are not intended to be applied to real time trading.

Does forex worth it valuable time, by learning to optimize and alter this diverse collection of prebuilt trading strategies based on a variety of successful traders and their most reliable, market tested techniques. Each rule is fully visible and can be adjusted and manipulated to your specifications. Gain efficiency using dependable techniques and reliable, organized performance. Benefit from the experience, knowledge and insight of some of the most successful traders in the world with Trade Secrets of the Masters.

Own the tools the professionals use. Find more profitable trading opportunities when you apply Advanced Techniques to your daily trading. Use indicators to quickly identify bull and bear pressure in any market. The Pressure Measure Indicator is another valuable indicator, helpful in revealing accumulation and distribution pressures in the market. Studies can be used on their own or in combination as a part of criteria and strategy rules in system development, or simply to serve as an example of how to create your own code.

Using the trends in this library will allow you to focus on perfecting your ideas without getting bogged down in the details of defining trends in a manner that a computer can understand. Designed with the sole purpose of showing you how to incorporate and identify many of the most commonly used and looked for market trends, the Trend Outlook library also includes open source code for a closer what happens when bollinger bands converge at how the formulas associated with each of the studies and functions.

Breakout trend trading is the most robust form of systematic trading that exists. For nearly a century, the most profitable traders have used a trading style focused on entering trades with minimal risk and riding out the trend for greater profits. Trade the Volatility Breakout Strategy on any market futures, forex, stocks and any time frame.

Capitalize on dramatic market moves by riding the trend. Minimize risk by entering the market at the right time. Define volatile markets to protect precious capital. Customize the strategy parameters, including range values and time period to meet your exact specifications. Clearly defined entry points make knowing when to get into the market easier. Take the guesswork out of when to buy and sell, by predicting volatility rather than price.

Use with minute, daily and tick bar chart time frames. The Volatility Breakout trading library is ideal for a beginning trader who enjoys fast moving markets and is committed to protecting capital and trading with long term success in mind. Developed by the minds of some of the most experienced technical analysis traders in the business, prebuilt strategies. Check out each Minimize risk and identify trends with the Zone Trader library.

Discover safe trading zones for optimal order entry. Avoid trading during dangerous market periods. Customize Zone Trader strategies to meet your exact specifications. Open code allows you to view forex hd wallpapers of the parameters of each strategy in detail. What happens when bollinger bands converge efficiency using dependable techniques and reliable strategies.

The Power of Awesome! Trading Software Market Data Plug-Ins Support Blog Partners About Us. X Register Your Free Trial Now. Built in Strategies for Every Style Proven Trading Strategies That Keep You Ahead of the Market. View our Advanced Seasonal Cycles Video. Trade Navigator Chart Pattern Plugins. Knowing is half the battle. Increase accuracy by knowing the bias of the market before committing precious capital.

Find your trading sweet spot Discover market cycles and analyze the results your way with custom inputs in the Advanced Cycle Finder. Cycle Composite Creates a composite cycle from multiple sine wave components for a smoother trend. After specifying the length, height and phase of each of the component cycles, the resulting composite cycle can then be shifted vertically and horizontally.

Determine how certain periods of time fit into the cycle trend under review. In this example, a specific year has been selected to highlight how it fit into the overall cycle trend. Easily identify where the market is following or breaking the trend for possible entry and exit opportunities with built in templates. Bullish and bearish trends and average price change are visually confirmed with the indicators, templates and pages included in the Advanced Seasonal Cycles Library. The Presidential Cycle Trend template provides practical application and analysis of the theory developed by Yale Hirsch, which outlined that the markets would follow a distinct pattern in the years leading up to and after a Presidential election.

Explore the correlation between moon phases and market prices. The Moon Cycle Trend Template displays market price in conjunction with moon phases, allowing you to determine whether the next lunar cycle will affect your buying and selling decisions. With the at-a-glance template display, just select your cycle template of choice and begin analyzing right away.

Compare and contrast cycle movement to determine if one trend or cycle is a standout among the group with the overlay feature. View the current active trend in comparison to the overall trends, giving you the information you need to make decisions that count. ATS Intermarket Analysis identifies profitable moves, making this strategy a very useful tool. Traders may select either a trailing stops or end of day exits. ATS Price Gaps on Opening This intraday strategy shows how to reference a market opening gap and can be traded on any market.

Long entries are made at a certain number of ticks above the gap open and trades only once per day, with short entries made a certain number of ticks below the gap open. Simple Dollar limit exits capture profitable trades and standard stop loss exits to limit losses. Trailing stops, breakeven stops, and profit targets are also included, but not enabled unless specified. The strategy uses set days and times to trigger trades. Exits include both a day after Stop loss and a profit exit.

Exits used in this strategy are the generic market on close, allowing for stop loss exits to be enabled. ATS II Dynamic Break This Daily strategy introduces a pair of deviated moving average indicators called the ATS II Dynamic Upper and Lower Bands. The short entry is simply reversed. The strategy includes multiple exit options. Two exits are provided in this strategy, a standard stop loss and an end of day exit.

Short entries are taken when the price crosses below the low of the bar. ATS II Fond of Bonds Designed as a learning tool for the beginning strategy writer, this simple bond strategy combines what happens when bollinger bands converge bond entry rule with dollar stop loss and profit target exit rules. A combination of the ADX and RSI indicators are used to establish the trend. ATS II A Day Trading Shorty Using the ADX as confirmation for a gap open above the high, this strategy is a great example of techniques used in many popular day trading strategies.

Multiple exit rules are provided, including dollar profit target, dollar stop loss, range stop, and a day after stop loss. Temperature Template A measure of volatility, the market thermometer helps differentiate between sleepy, quiet periods and hot episodes when market crowds become excited. The thermometer can help you adapt your trading to the current environment.

Smooth ROC Template Calculate the exponential moving average with the smoothed rate change indicator, available within the Smooth ROC template. Bear Power The difference between the closing price and the exponential moving average. Bull Power The difference between the closing price and the exponential moving average. Chandelier Stops Template Track volatility as well as prices, as its distance from the peak grows with the rise or fall in volatility with the Chandelier Long and Short indicators.

Channel lines mark the normal limit of market optimism and pessimism. Well drawn channels help to diagnose mania and depression. This innovative library plug in gives you a start to finish set of trading tools that will take you from scanning for potential trades, to identifying opportunities to trade execution. The reverse is taken at the current low when an iSLAND potential sell signal is recognized. Quiet Explosions Strategy Quiet explosions are fairly rare, but tend to be profitable when they occur.

This is a low risk strategy with exits based on either low or high values and will also exit when what happens when bollinger bands converge desired profit is reached. Range Benchmark Strategy Get in with the current momentum with this, primarily short term profit taking strategy. This is another strategy with tight risk controls and good profit potential. Bollinger Band Toolkit Plugin Start Trial Add To Cart Download the PDF Unleash the power of Bollinger Bands.

Trading ftse 100 options in collaboration with John Bollinger for maximum flexibility, the potential of the Bollinger Bands Tool Kit is unlimited with tools that can be used on their own or in combination with other analytical tools. A note from John Bollinger The Bollinger Band Tool Kit for Genesis was created for investors and traders wishing to unleash the powerl of Bollinger Bands.

The concept of the ANTI Trader is that the setups must also be preceded by a short term Impulse move for the proper results. Intermediate The basis for a buy or sell is centered around price retracement with an already confirmed trend. Next, look for the price to come back to the EMA at or near the time the Three Ten Oscillator retraces below the zero line. Look to combine this with Bull or Bear flags or even with the ADX making a significant high in order to get some of the best setups.

RSI Retracement The RSI Retracement looks at momentum. Buy days can be found with regard to a market declining for a couple of days, followed by a covering of the decline, while a rally for a couple of days would produce a sell. Short Term Forecasting Quick scalp trade possibilities in the direction of the short term trend are the focus of short term forecasting. A trade will work best when entered before price begins to move back toward or with the original market trend.

The best trading points tend to appear while the price is near an upper or lower Keltner Channel, as it corresponds to a nice price swing. Access to dozens of the most commonly used Candlestick patterns with just a few clicks. Visual cues make understanding price movement easier. Give emphasis to the relationship between the closing and opening price. Quickly identify different types of price action. Predict reversals or a continuation of the current trend.

Filter and find any market setup with the current candle pattern. Use candle patterns to build specific mechanical trading strategies. View and modify any of the Candlestick patterns to meet your exact specifications. Indicators which are ready to go. Help identify when the EMA lines or the DSS is showing possible opportunities.

The proof is in the reports. Using the prebuilt strategy, the potential profits are quite easy to identify. Take the step of testing your favorite market or modifying some of the values to see if what happens when bollinger bands converge can improve performance to greater levels. Divergence can be associated with possible direction change, giving advanced notice of price reversal. The institutional Oscillator is a helpful tool to cope with modern, active, volatile investment policies.

If the price falls too much, it can be a signal of a false breakout, otherwise the lower price is used as the bottom of the box and the high as the top. Ready-to-Use Strategy Review performance of the Darvas Box strategy, and then apply the strategy as is or make changes to suit your individual what happens when bollinger bands converge needs. Fibonacci Clusters Use this advanced tool for finding confluence of price and time extensions and retracements, ideal for finding support and resistance points in any market under any time frame.

Fibonacci Clusters help to determine the probability of a trend reversal for each price level. Gartley Butterfly Drawing Tool Gartley is a leading indicator, which displays where and when the markets will turn. Once drawn, it will show convergence of a retracement and extension level at the D point, thus indicating a higher probability pattern. Gartley Butterfly drawing tools serve as a very powerful visual trading aid including both price and time.

ABCD Drawing Tool Sometimes known as the lightning bolt pattern, the ABCD Drawing Tool provides another statistical edge in trading profitably as the geometry of charts shows patterns developing from one price to another Schiff Pitchfork and Modified Pitchfork Dynamic support and resistance levels are key for trading any market, and on any timeframe. This tool allows you to find these key levels and more with custom parallels and time intervals.

Highlight Bar Reporter Review performance in an easy to read report, including details about overall profits and number of trades. Performance can be further broken down and reviewed by winning and losing trades, giving you the complete picture on how each trade contributes to overall performance. Review the details of any performance as a chart, allowing you to visualize the results of any pattern you create.

Validate research and strategy ideas. Ichimoku Clouds are extremely versatile in function for futures, forex and stock traders. The market has broken above the cloud and Span A is rising above Span B, creating a bullish trend in the market. The market has broken below the cloud and Span A is falling below Span B creating a bearish trend in the market. Much like the MACD, what happens when bollinger bands converge lines are useful for showing momentum in the market. The theories behind these lines are used much like a crossover in the MACD.

The forex pairing of the U. The first crossover of the Tenkan line below the Kijun line occurs at the top of the cloud. Once the market closes outside of the cloud a downtrend is confirmed. This chart options trading podcasts Verizon Communications Inc. Trade Navigator Symbol: VZ on a daily bar. The overall trend in the market is up with the market being above the green Cloud.

The market then pulls back to the Cloud and closes below the Kijun line showing the market has reached a short term oversold area. The overall trend in the market is down when the market reaches a tipping point. The market then crosses over the Kijun line, signifying an overbought area. Soon after, the Tenkan line crosses below the Kijun line to confirm the bearish move. Livermore Lines Up Trend Livermore Line indicator The current stock symbol is in an upward trend mode. Natural Rally Livermore Line indicator The current stock symbol is in a natural rally mode.

Natural Reaction Livermore Line The current stock symbol is in a natural reaction mode. Down Trend Livermore Line indicator The current stock symbol is in a natural reaction mode. Livermore Lines Computer Page Layout Upper left quadrant — Market chart Upper right quadrant — Industry group chart Lower left quadrant — Tandem stock a. Sister Stock chart Lower right quadrant — Target stock Livermore Highlight Bars Green highlight bar — Indicates the displayed stock, index, or market is in upward trend.

Red highlight bar — Indicates the displayed stock, index, or market is in a downward trend. Personal message from Joe Ross: "Dear Friend, my approach has enabled me to trade with very low risk, often much lower than you can imagine. Joe Ross Template It contains all of the classic Ross conditions: RossLedge, RossCongestion, Ross Volatility Stop, and more. Joe Ross Gimme Bars Template This comes from one of the oldest formations known to traders, the reversal bar at the end of rising or falling prices when a market is seen overall to be going sideways.

The Joe Ross Gimme Bars is a fantastic pre-built template that makes it easy to identify these important, time-honored points. Setup Trades with Laser Focusing Using the setups within the library, winning percentages are dramatically increased for Futures or Forex trades. Focusing with Fundamentals With the addition of a specially configured MACD to create a fundamental setup zone for stocks, this library showcases great times for stock trading periods.

Display What happens when bollinger bands converge Average heat without any programming required. Reveal long or short term bands in your desired market with a single click. Identify a changing trend with heat mapping. Visually display trend strength and pullback. Use indicators to uncover buy and sell signals. The relationship between the two sets of moving averages is used by traders to determine if the outlook of short term traders aligns with investors who have a longer term outlook.

Changing trends are identified when the two groups of moving averages intersect. Measuring Short Term Trend Strength With stronger moves, the averages will generally line up and point in the same direction, and will eventually change over or flip one at a time at highs and lows, until price finally proceeds through in the other direction of the trend. Long Term Moving Averages Long term moving averages will miss important data and tend to lag during current events.

The Long term average may miss a buy or sell signal, due to the trend already having passed its end. Confirm your trade is inline with price and volume Use MVWAP with tick, intraday or long term charts Confirm hidden support and resistance, when used in combination with standard deviation. Use MVWAP as a measure of efficiency of your trades. Apply a standard deviation of the MVWAP to the charts to see how far away from the average price the market has moved. Each standard deviation is plotted from the MVWAP, therefore, the chart will have three lines above and three lines below the average price, one for every standard deviation.

The deeper the market goes into the standard deviations the more extremely the market is under or overvalued. MVWAP is most frequently used during intraday time periods, allowing you to see the volume and average price during shorter time periods. One drawback to an intraday review is a lag in the indicator, because with a larger time period you see a larger lag time.

Many suggest using tick bars for looking at the MVWAP in the calculation. This gives a clearer picture to the overall volume and helps shorten the lag with the indicator. Standard deviations can often act as a hidden support or resistance. Much like John Bollinger's idea of selling at the top Bollinger band and buying at the lower Bollinger band in range bound markets, the same can be used with the MVWAP with standard deviations.

Gain a valuable understanding of movement pattern recognition. Use templates for instant visual confirmation of market movement patterns. Apply one or more of the available studies to an existing chart for endless analysis possibilities. Identify possible entry and exit points with easily identifiable highlight markers. An upward reversal day, displayed in this chart is a new low that will be followed by a higher close. Upward reversals help to identify important signs of change in market direction.

It is very likely to see a reversal day right after a long up trend in the market or peak in volatility. It just takes the right tools to get in at the right time and get out before your advantage turns against you. When the prices start to change trend, averages will follow as well. By combining short and long term averages, the right trade can be made during a strong trend. We right when others are wrong. Applying the Contrarian strategy to a chart will give visual evidence that thinking for yourself instead of following the crowd can be quite profitable.

Use pivot points like support and resistance to repeatedly test price levels. Avoid unnecessary risk, while uncovering trading opportunities Combine pivot points with your current trading method to confirm your trades. Forecast market direction and sentiment. Display pivot points for daily, weekly and monthly timeframes simultaneously to reveal how all of the pivot time frames have coincided with the market.

Pivot Points make it simple to know which way the market is likely headed for the day, based upon the activity of previous days. The design of the strategy holds true regardless of time frame. Strategies can be modified and copies of strategies made to preserve the original settings. Automatically locate phases and planetary positions. Create Highlight Bars or boxes to view when the last full moon started or when a new moon began. Quickly bring up lunar or planetary cycles values in just a few clicks.

Display planet position ratio. Trade Navigator reviews the data and does the calculations for you, saving you hours of time. Bradley Siderograph This stock index forecasting tool was designed by astrologer Donald Bradley. It is not meant for forecasting the direction of the what happens when bollinger bands converge. To bring up the Planet Data window, simply click on the Planet Data icon yellow Saturn planet icon in the toolbar. Create your own planetary functions by using the Planet Combo indicator category.

Discover cyclical patterns of increase or decrease when Winter or Summer begins. Planetary Earth Heliocentric Template Magenta lines mark the points at which the Earth is closest to the Sun, or farthest away. When Mercury is in retrograde, the market tends to make a short fall and then a reversal. Powerful Highlight Patterns Using the preconstructed indicators and templates, the software will do the hard work for you.

Let the program identify the Bullish and Bearish points of Divergence for you. The Profits of using Divergence Divergence can be a very powerful tool in implementing your strategy correctly. With the included strategy you can get an idea of the true potential. New Oscillators: RMO Oscillator — Developed by Rahul Mohindar of VIRATECH, the RMO Oscillator was designed to identify bull and bear trends in the markets.

Test the readymade strategies found in this library and run them against your favorite market, or even a basket of market RMO Oscillator The RMO is an oscillator which identifies whether the market is in a bull or bear trend. PGO Oscillator Colored highlights on the PGO will indicate buying and selling opportunities. Of course not all instances are perfect, but with the right market filters alongside the indications, you can make some really Powerful Plays in the market.

Point of Balance Oscillator measures the strength of the current trend. The color green indicating anything over the midline, with red used to indicate an area under the midline. The bottom pane of the chart contains the LSS Strength Index, which gives a rating to show strength of confirmation. Point of Balance Oscillator The Point of Balance Oscillator, displayed in the bottom pane of the chart, is used as a measure of the strength of the current trend. The color blue indicates a strength measurement above zero, while red is displayed when the measurement is below zero.

Power Plays Chart Template Buy and sell signals are easily visualized with blue highlight bars to indicate a buy signal and red bars to alert you to a sell forexpros gbp aud. The Power Plays chart template also contains upper and lower power signals, which uses the high and weighted moving average to display a green line. PBS Bands Financial stocks tend to oscillate well, which makes probability bands a very useful set of tools.

Outside bands are particularly when the volume is low. Hit the Surf Easily identify buy and sell zones when you know where the market is what happens when bollinger bands converge to ride the market wave up or down. NYSErSI Strategy The NYSErSI strategy identifies areas where the Smooth RSI and the NYSErSI are the furthest apart to search for possible entry conditions. Convergence of the NYSErSI and the Smooth RSI also present possible entry conditions.

The type of entry condition depends upon if the smoothed line is above or below the NYSErSI as they diverge or what happens when bollinger bands converge, with the red and blue highlight markers on the chart template used to help identify. Quickly identify cycles and directional change. Spot investment trends and turning points. Confirm trades with Rate of Change functions. Market structure analysis allows for long or short position setups.

Rate of change is included as part of market structure analysis. The markets have long term cycles, intermediate cycles and short term cycles. The basic tenant of this library is to identify these various market cycles and help traders identify possible market directional change. Be ready for market reversals. Easily apply using intraday, daily or weekly data Great for both day, swing and long term trading strategies Combine with your existing strategy or use reversals on their own Pivot Reversal This reversal pattern as with most comes after an uptrend or downtrend.

The close must be above the previous bars close. Key Price Reversal Key Price Reversal Up - The close must be greater than the previous close and the open less than the previous close. The current close must be in the upper third of the current range and the current bar must make a higher high and lower low than the previous bar. Key Price Reversal Down - The open must be greater than the previous high, the open must be in the upper third of the current range, and the close must be less than the previous close.

The current close must be in the lower third of the current range, and the current bar must have a higher high and lower low than the previous bar. Reversal Reversal Up - Uk option traders current bar must have a lower high than the previous bar, and it must have a higher low than the previous bar. The current close must be in the top third of the current range, and the open must be in the lower third of the current range.

Reversal Down - The current bar must have a lower high than the previous bar and a higher low than the previous bar. The open must be in the top third of the current range, and the close must be in the lower third of the current range. Seasonal filters provide you with the same tools to discover market bias before committing precious capital.

Direction - Apply filters to review only long or short positions Report Date Range - Specify beginning and end date to filter all trading days outside the specified range Number of Trading Days Held - Review only those trades held for a specified period of time. Number of Trades Years - Filter the number of trades in to a given year.

In this case, the number of years to filter is equal to the number of trades. Soup Strategy Another new strategy idea is the Soup, generally referred to as Turtle Soup, which aims to make profits from false breakouts. The Soup is a Stop entry strategy that looks to enter after the confirmation of a trend hitting support for long trades or resistance for short trades.

This market close strategy seeks to determine the trend change by looking for a divergence of a bars direction versus the recent trend. ROC in RSI Strategy The Rate of Change ROC in RSI strategy is a stop entry strategy that uses the RSI to determine the trend. Wait for your moment to strike. If you trust what you are using is a tested way to make money, stick with it.

Rei or Respect - Multiple tools and techniques will often line up to show you the way. Basically respect the market and combine those tools and make sure most of them are all pointing in the same direction. Be honest with yourself and choose when to bow out. Depending on hope is not a great investment. Meiyo or Honor - If it looks like a win, then proceed. Conduct your trading with honor and glory. Chugi or Loyalty - Remember to always practice in order to keep your skills sharp.

CST based on the size of the binary options brokers to avoid at the beginning of the trading day. The trade will enter at half of the range of the gap, holding the position until the profit target or stop loss is reached - or at the end of the day trading session.

The gap between the open of the day and the close of the previous day is compared, followed by a comparison of the open to either the high or low of the day. Positions are held until the profit target or stop loss is reached — or at the end of the day trading session. A comparison of what happens when bollinger bands converge gap between the open of today with the close of the previous day is examined and trend is confirmed.

The strategy looks at the entry value blue line and the exit value red line with the inclination to make a long sangmane forex when they are both greater on the current value than their previous bar value. The opposite is true for short entries. Look for opposite conditions when attempting to make a short entry.

Strategy This simple daily reversal strategy was designed to guide the new strategy writer through the process of using some of the more powerful features of Trade Navigator Platinum. EZ Bonder Strategy The EZ Bonder strategy is a complete daily bond trading strategy. This strategy buys on a stop at the current close plus a percent of the current range, while the opposite is true for short trades.

Several exit strategies, including money management stops and all of the old standards such as trailing stops, breakeven stops, and dollar profit targets are available in this strategy. Japanese Yen Strategy This David Fox strategy buys when the close is greater than the highest high of a set number of bars. The strategy also takes short positions what happens when bollinger bands converge on the above criteria.

My Long Term Trend Rider includes dollar stop loss, dollar profit targets, and trailing stops. The exits in this strategy include a special Pathfinder stop loss rule, in addition to other exits. Pound Trader Strategy This Cynthia Kase strategy buys at the highest high value of a time period, plus a full point move when the smoothed SMA crosses above another smoothed SMA of the closes.

It shorts the market what happens when bollinger bands converge opposite conditions exist. Stuckey JY Trader Strategy This simple strategy buys when the current close value is greater than the highest high of what happens when bollinger bands converge certain amount of time. The strategy sells the market when the close is less than the lowest low of a certain amount of time.

Standard trailing stops and exit with profit orders are used to offset open positions. Real Big Fish Strategy This daily trading strategy bases buy and sell signals on the TAT Big Fish Buy OK and TAT Big Fish Sell OK patterns as well as a current close value being greater than buy or less than sell the low of the two bars before the big fish pattern presented itself.

The exits used in this trading strategy include exits with profit, and dollar stop losses. Trend CCI Study The Trend CCI Study contains both the Trend CCI Long and Trend CCI Short Highlight Zones. Trend Close Relationship Study This study contains both the Trend Close Relationship Long and the Trend Close Relationship Short Highlight Zones. Trend High Low Study The Trend High Low study contains both the Trend High Low Long and Trend High low Short Highlight Zones.

Trend MA Study This study contains both the Trend MA Long and Trend MA Short Highlight Zones. Trend MACD Study The Trend MACD study contains both the Trend MACD Long and Trend MACD Short Highlight Zones. Trend Momentum Study This study contains both the Trend Momentum Long and trend Momentum Short Highlight Zones. Trend Parabolic Study The Trend Parabolic study contains both the Trend Parabolic Long and Trend Parabolic Short Highlight Zones.

Trend Regression Slope Study This study contains both the Trend Regression Slope Long and Trend Regression Slope Short Highlight Zones. Trend Slope OfMA Study The Trend Slope OfMA study contains both the Trend SlopeOfMA Long and Trend SlopeOfMA Short Highlight Zones. Trend Volatility Study This study contains both the Trend Volatility Long and Trend Volatility Short Highlight Zones. The Volatility Breakout strategy is based on average range values over a specified period of time.

The strategy trades based on whether or not prices break above long positions or below short positions its average range values. A breakout of its range values, for some, means that the volatility has increased. When average range values rise, the market is making more dramatic moves price fluctuations in a shorter amount of time. The blue line represents the prices at which our Volatility Strategy will enter the market long, while red line represents the price at which we will enter a short position.

By combining the ADX and RSI indicators to establish the trend, this bond system is an excellent example of a trend following system. Volatility stops are used to exit long positions, a momentum crossover to exit short positions, as well as some of the old standards to enable as you see fit. For long positions the current price must have crossed above the first bars high value, retraced back down through it, and then crossed above it a second time.

Numerous exits are available within this strategy, including dollar stops, end of day exits, breakeven stops and more. Fond of Bonds uses the standard dollar profit target and dollar stop loss exits. The short entry uses opposite conditions. The exits are a standard opening profit limit, and standard dollar stop loss. The strategy will sell short when the current close crosses under the Adaptive Moving Average AMAusing decreasing momentum values for confirmation.

The sidewinder takes short positions when there is a decreasing ADX and an RSI rising at the current low price. This strategy takes long positions when the AMA crosses up through its Keltner Custom Band. Exits within this strategy include an RSI direction change exit, highest high exit, and a simple profitable exit with a confirming RSI signal. Two-Bar Breakout Strategy This is a daily stock strategy that trades based on the two bar breakout conditions outlined in Active Trader Magazine.

The strategy takes a long position at the high plus a desired number of ticks once a down bar occurs, while the short position is just the opposite. Trailing stops with a variable dollar amount are included with this strategy. The only exits that are included are the special exits with ADX rules. Average Channel Strategy The Average Channel Strategy consists of two entry rules and two exit rules.

Bollinger Band Trading Strategy The Bollinger Band Trading Strategy is a great strategy for those who would like to learn more about the Bollinger Bands and how they work. This strategy also has two unique and profitable exits included. Buy Low Sell High Strategy This contrarian strategy uses the current price in correlation to the Bollinger Band, this strategy buys at new lows and sells at new highs.

King Keltner Strategy This simple strategy is a great example of how to use the Keltner Bands within your trading strategy. Once the trend is established by using moving average forex trading in hubli, this strategy takes a long position at the Keltner Lower band on a stop. For short positions, it simply reverses the long conditions above. My Mom RSI Strategy This daily strategy places long and short trades based on the momentum of a particular market.

Once it establishes where the momentum is taking the market, it will also confirm it with the RSI oscillator. This strategy uses dollar stop losses and trailing stops. Parabolic with CCI Strategy This daily Euro FX strategy is based on the reversal principle that when the price crosses completely above a particular indicator, a long position may be considered.

This strategy takes that idea one step further by using the corresponding What happens when bollinger bands converge values in order to confirm the direction of the trade. Seasonal Soybeans Strategy This daily strategy uses seasons to judge when and at what what happens when bollinger bands converge to place buy or sell orders in the soybean market. Mostly designed for position traders, this strategy works very well for patient traders, using the standard dollar profit targets and trailing stop exits.

Swinger Strategy This daily strategy provides an example of how a strategy writer can use swing points within a strategy. Minimize risk and identify trends with the Zone Trader library. High Zone and Low Zone Highlight Bars Located on the High Low Zones template, the Low Zone highlight bars are used to easily identify when the High Low Zones indicator is at very low values. When in a low zone, we know that prices are low based on higher demand.

Conversely, the High Zone highlight bars easily identify when the High Low Zones indicator is at very high values. When in a high zone, we know that prices are high based on lower demand. The Trade Navigator Trading Software comes jam packed with chart pattern recognition plugins to make market patterns easily recognizeable, and actionable. Our chart pattern recognition plugins give you the edge you need in volitile markets to make your trades count.

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The Trade Navigator Trading Software comes jam packed with chart pattern recognition plugins to make market patterns easily recognizeable, and actionable.

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