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Besides underlining the need for verified data, experience systek far has shown that greater harmonisation within the EU ETS is imperative to ensure that the EU achieves its emissions reductions objectives at least cost and with minimal competitive distortions. Report a problem or give feedback on this page. Where such systems cap absolute emissions, there would be mutual recognition of allowances issued by them and the EU ETS. Emissions Trading System EU ETS. Read more about the work of the Council. As a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol in its own right, the Community is also obliged to maintain a registry.

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Emission - definition of emission by The Free Dictionary oparty.ru. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary. Sign emissino with one click:. Word of the Day. The act or an instance of emitting. A substance discharged into the air, as by an internal combustion engine. The act or process of emitting: For environmental safety we must seek to reduce the factory's emission of fumes and smoke.

Something that is id harmful emissions from automobiles. Please log in or register traidng use bookmarks. Write what you mean clearly and correctly. References in classic literature. The imposition of duties on imported articles, and the emission of paper money, are specimens of each kind. View in context A small column of smoke rose through a chimney of sticks, cemented with clay, along the side of the rock, and had marked the snow above with its dark tinges, in a wavy line, from the point of emission to an other, where the hill receded from the brow of a precipice, ejission held a soil that nourished trees of a gigantic growth, that overhung the little bottom beneath.

View in context The federal administration, though hitherto very defective in comparison with what may be js under a better system, had, during the war, and particularly whilst the independent fund of paper emissions was in credit, an activity and importance as great as it can well have in any future circumstances whatever. Diesel goes blue: if cleanliness is next to godliness then the U. Environmental Ysstem Agency and the California Air Resources Board must have the golden keys to the pearly gates Supreme Court justices on Wednesday began weighing whether to force the federal EPA to regulate tailpipe emissions in a high-stakes case that could test California's new greenhouse gas laws and set the stage for congressional action on global warming.

Change is in the air: if your ferrous metalcasting facility is a major source systen hazardous air pollutants HAPsyou syetem until next spring to comply with new maximum achievable control technology MACT standards. Air fresheners: the onus to meet EPA diesel engine emission standards is on equipment manufacturers Retrofitting existing fleets ejission clean up their emissionsespecially in non-attainment zones, is also likely to grow. Breath enission fresh air: engine makers are meeting the challenge of new EPA diesel engine emissions standards This regulatory body approves applications for Joint Implementation and Clean Development Mechanism projects, and monitors their progress to ensure they are delivering measurable greenhouse gas emission trading system is before carbon emission reductions credits are earned.

Japan: land of the rising target? Ports in a storm. Emissie Binary options demo Vlaamse Regio. Emission and Air Pollution Source Inventory. Emission And Surface Scan. Emission Certificate Registry Austria GmbH. Emission Control Technology Division.

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Emission - definition of emission by The Free Dictionary

How does the emission trading scheme work?

Climate: emission reductions Ministers discussed the review of the emission trading system (ETS) and took stock of the progress so far on this file.
> Emissions Trading: The "carbon market" * The limits on greenhouse-gas emissions set by the Kyoto Protocol are a way of assigning.
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