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Most edge providers have automated rules set up to block attack traffic from unspecified IP addresses. Continuing yesterday's Forex Industry Review, we take a look at the other events of the just concluded month. Advertise With Us You can Call us or simply leave your details and we will get back to you shortly. Barry Bahrami is CEO of Commercial Network Services. NFA also believes that the following technical amendments will provide greater clarity in the forex registration area.

Please advise if your firm solicited business for, or introduced customers to, a forex dealer. If so, please describe the due diligence your firm undertook to learn about the forex dealer. Please advise if your firm retained anyone to solicit forex customers for the firm and, if so, what due diligence your firm undertook to learn about whoever was soliciting the forex customers for your firm. Please provide any documentation obtained as a result of the due diligence.

If your firm utilizes exception reports retail forex industry supervise forex trading, please identify the reports, including the parameters that are used and who generates the reports. Please describe how the reports are used to supervise forex trading, and identify the person s responsible for utilizing the reports. Please provide a copy of the portions of your firm's Anti-Money Laundering AML Program that addresses the risks associated with forex trading, and that addresses monitoring, detecting, and reporting suspicious activities associated with the forex transactions.

Please provide a copy of any such request, and a copy of FINRA's response to the request. Please indushry how, if at all, the firm accounted for forex transactions in its calculations of net capital and reserve formula since first engaging in forex trading. If the firm did not account for forex transactions in its calculation of net fored and reserve formula, please explain why the firm did not do so. Has your firm received any customer complaints or arbitration claims concerning the forex activities?

If so, provide a copy of the complaint s if written or a report of the complaint s if oral, state when made and to whom. Provide copies of account documentation and account statements. Provide documentation regarding the firm's investigation into the matter sthe firm's answer or response with exhibitsand copies of any adjustment, settlement, court order, or award resulting from the complaint s if resolved.

Provide any other information or documentation you believe might be appropriate for a retail forex industry understanding of the forex trading by your firm. Office of the Chief Economist. Central Registration Depository Web CRD. FINRA Institute at Wharton. Key Topics Advertising Regulation. Anti Money Laundering AML. Firm Gateway Sign In. FINRA's Industey Department is conducting an inquiry with respect to forex trading.

Describe the capacity in which you participated in each forex regail, e. Identify the parties to each forex transaction, i. Please provide this response in a sortable format, such as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Provide whatever documentation you have concerning each forex transaction. Provide a copy of any documents given to the forex customers that retaip the firm's capacity in the transactions. Please tell us when, relative to the particular forex transaction, the documents were provided to the forex customer.

Provide a copy of any documents given to the forex customers that disclosed the risks associated with forex trading. Provide a copy of any examples, retail forex industry, or demonstration accounts provided to customers related to forex trading. Provide a copy of all advertising and sales literature sent to forex customers or potential forex customers. Office of the Ombudsman.

File a Regulatory Tip. Initiate an Arbitration or Mediation. FINRA is a registered trademark of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.

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Sean Lee: Making a living in the retail FX industry

Regulation of Retail Forex. will both provide important protections to retail customers and bring greater regulatory certainty to the retail forex industry.
The retail forex trading industry needs to improve their education and trading systems to make traders more successful.
How the SNB Could Change the Retail Forex Industry for Good. It’s coming out of the woodwork that a number of retail brokers are going bust due to losses.

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